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Easy Sudoku for 21/August/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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21/Aug/14 6:48 AM
A day in the garden/ around the farm is on the agenda today. Enjoy yours everyone.
21/Aug/14 6:49 AM
1:30. Good morning everyone.
21/Aug/14 6:53 AM
Everybody. Sacky - You may be setting the record warmth winter record, but we almost set a record cold winter record last year. And our summer has been much cooler than normal. That saves on the air conditioning bill, but I don't like wearing long pants and sweaters or sweatshirts in the summer!
21/Aug/14 8:31 AM
Hi everyone.
21/Aug/14 9:08 AM
Yippee! I have air conditioning in the Mommy Mobile. Only took all Summer to get it to the doctor. When I took her in for her check up, I was given one quote, yesterday, when we dropped her off, Man was given another. When we got the phone call saying she was ready for pickup, we were given another More...
21/Aug/14 9:33 AM
It was so nice, driving in 5 o'clock traffic, all nice and cool.

Though, instead of 4 speeds, I only have two, high and low. I doubt seriously, if I ever will use low. This is Texas, ya know.
21/Aug/14 9:36 AM
I have decided to end my career as a SAHM. It is highly apparent, that I will go stir crazy and probably drive all of you crazy if I stay at home when my babies go off to school. Now, to figure out what I want to do and if whatever works for school time or my girls schedule. I really don't think I will go back into the classroom. Unless, I substitute.
21/Aug/14 9:41 AM
Silvergal, it is great that you are able to contact your girl, during the day. I may have to change my thinking in letting my elementary girls having a phone.
21/Aug/14 9:50 AM
If Man had his way, the girls would have their own phones and computers. Which they will get, eventually.
I was overruled with televisions in their rooms, but that seems to have worked out, especially since one girl wanted to play games all the time and the other wanted to watch her movies. You would think that I would be able to watch a 30 minute program, uninterrupted.
21/Aug/14 9:55 AM
I think some more thinking needs to go into this career change thing.
21/Aug/14 9:56 AM
Karen, S'Teen didn't get a phone until 8th grade - she believed she was the only 8th grader who didn't have one, though I know of at least two more who didn't. I can't even count how many teens I know break their screens, lose their phones, etc. No smart phones, either - we're too cheap.
21/Aug/14 11:07 AM
Karen and S'gal - Here's a link you might want to see: http://article.wn.com/view/2014/08/18/ignore_no_more_fed_up_mom_creates_app_so_her_kids_can_8217t_/

Check for the occasional space.
21/Aug/14 11:30 AM
(Snicker, snicker) K starts third grade, she is 8, and for the last two years, we have heard how it is unfair that she does not have a phone.
During our move, I came across an old phone, I had when I was in HS and gave it to her. Her reaction, was 'What is it, Mom?'
M is 5 and is always More...
21/Aug/14 11:48 AM
HalT, at the moment, I do not think the girl will ignore a call from me. She just will not answer.
When the phone rings, and I tell them to answer it, they bring the phone to me, even when it is their Daddy. M will answer more than K will. Which is good when we get a sales call.
21/Aug/14 11:50 AM
Actually, Karen, I didn't think that the link would apply to you that much. It was just for future reference.
On the other hand, S'gal might find it helpful.
21/Aug/14 12:12 PM
21/Aug/14 12:32 PM
Another day of too much to do and not enough time.
21/Aug/14 12:33 PM
PT this morning was rough. I was doing a lot of new things and most of them hurt.
21/Aug/14 12:35 PM
Had to ice my shoulder when I got home, some better but when I move my arm the wrong way I am reminded of the pain.
21/Aug/14 12:39 PM
Time to say
21/Aug/14 12:40 PM
Yes, that's an Aussie pic all right! King parrots.
21/Aug/14 12:57 PM
Bed time. Night all.
21/Aug/14 1:35 PM
Afternoon everyone,we had a King parrot come into our garden and take the very top tomato from the bush, it then sat on the stake to eat the tomato.
The parrot allowed me to get close to it until our cat came up to see what was going on.
21/Aug/14 2:30 PM
Oh no, Karen, don't give your daughter a phone! You don't know how much it drives the teachers crazy when the (*$@&*$( thing goes off in the classroom! I've had third grade students with phones. If they need to call home or parents really need to contact their kids during school time, there is the office phone. Really there shouldn't be a need.
21/Aug/14 2:51 PM
If they have to have one put it on silent mode. Text only which can be checked at recess, not during instruction time. Teachers are under a lot of pressure to teach to standards and when a kid thinks that he/she can waste time, forget it!
21/Aug/14 2:54 PM
AMEN! shosho
21/Aug/14 3:16 PM
No fear. I think my darling is too young to have her own phone.
21/Aug/14 3:30 PM
I am in total shock. MIL only kept the girls for one day. We are back to school schedule again.
21/Aug/14 3:32 PM
Good night people of the world.
21/Aug/14 3:34 PM
I will say good night as well. Karen has probably had her sleep and is back out of bed again.
21/Aug/14 10:25 PM
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