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Easy Sudoku for 22/December/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen, good people. Late start to the day.
22/Dec/17 12:13 AM
36 hours left on the Holiday Quicktionary. Because of this week's busyness I'm keeping my poozle open until Saturday noon site time. So give yourself a break and enjoy!

(1) Give me a word that is associated with traditional holiday feasting that has at least two different vowels and 'No L' More...
22/Dec/17 1:12 AM
A man with a bald head and a wooden leg is invited to a Xmas fancy dress party.

He doesn't know what to wear to hide his head and his wooden Leg, so he writes to a fancy dress company to explain his Problem.

A few days later he receives a parcel with a note:

Dear More...
22/Dec/17 2:42 AM
22/Dec/17 3:00 AM
22/Dec/17 4:21 AM
I'm having mixed emotions with the holidays. It's a wonderful time to gather my extended family and friends under my roof for the the two celebrations. But the prep part is wringing me out!
22/Dec/17 4:22 AM
so close . . .
22/Dec/17 4:23 AM
22/Dec/17 4:23 AM
And another before I go to clean up my home and buy the foods. . . for a CP!
22/Dec/17 4:24 AM
I feel fine jumping in, now that shosho's got her due.
22/Dec/17 4:55 AM
Morning all,lovely father and daughter photo.
Shosho, the family come to be with you they won't care if everything isn't perfect.
22/Dec/17 4:55 AM
Good Maen all - I have 1.5 more days of babysitting math kids that have finished my final. Then it is off to New Mexico. Unfortunately, it looks like a Christmas in the mountains with no snow. But the kids and 5 grandsons will make up for that.
22/Dec/17 5:00 AM
Good afternoon everybody. I want to thank all of you for the birthday wishes. It was a good day. We normally have snow and gloomy skies at this time of year. Instead it was very sunny and the snow all melted away, except for some piles where it was plowed. Temperature was above freezing most of the day. That makes it very nice here!
22/Dec/17 5:11 AM
another 58 minutes before Happy Thursday!
22/Dec/17 6:03 AM
22/Dec/17 6:25 AM
Had cataract surgery on my right eye this morning. Glad that's over.
22/Dec/17 6:53 AM
Ok, let's have a game of Hide and Seek.......Hal, you're IT!

Hal, hope all is well and not a lot of pain.
22/Dec/17 9:23 AM
Where's Keith?
22/Dec/17 9:25 AM
We are soon finishing our shortest day; tomorrow we start adding seconds to our days of sunlight - yay!!!

Happy, happy Winter Solstice and cheers to all!
22/Dec/17 9:25 AM
C,mon mate, it's nearly here.
22/Dec/17 9:26 AM
Hmmmm - what's happening here?
22/Dec/17 9:26 AM
22/Dec/17 9:26 AM
Oh, hi there Peter! Too much amblin' not enough pouncing!
22/Dec/17 9:27 AM
In the interests of Christmas goodwill, I was going to leave that for Keith.
22/Dec/17 9:28 AM
Tara is beckoning - time for a walk.
22/Dec/17 9:29 AM
How very noble of you, Peter!
22/Dec/17 9:30 AM
......plus, thanks for the 'answer'! heh heh heh
22/Dec/17 9:30 AM
going out on a limb, here - - - -

My small grandson got lost at the shopping mall……….
He approached a uniformed security guard and said,
‘’I’ve lost my grandpa!’’

The guard asked, ‘’What’s his name?’’
The guard smiled, then asked, ‘’What’s he like?’’
The More...
22/Dec/17 9:49 AM
Oh DoA You're asking for trouble on a couple of fronts!
22/Dec/17 11:35 AM
I'm going away for the Christmas holidays so can I wish everyone on the Sudoku site a very happy Christmas. For the New Year I wish everyone a peaceful new year that brings much contentment and that in turn you give contentment.
22/Dec/17 11:38 AM
22/Dec/17 12:20 PM
Haven't heard from Wombat recently......hope he's OK.
22/Dec/17 1:49 PM
Well, would you look at that......beer o clock.

I do believe I'll have a cold James Squire!
22/Dec/17 1:51 PM
ECCO poozlers this Christmas week were Sarah, Plum, Judy, Arachnid, Joyce and DOA.

22/Dec/17 1:55 PM
Thx Peter. Sorry I wasn't around.
22/Dec/17 3:28 PM
1:27. Good afternoon everyone.
22/Dec/17 3:31 PM
1:57 Good afternoon all!

Our local freebie newspaper prints sayings among the news and adverts so I thought I'd pass a couple on......
22/Dec/17 5:44 PM
You know, somebody actually complimented me on my driving today. They left a little note on my windscreen, it said, 'Parking Fine.' So that was nice!
22/Dec/17 5:45 PM
I refused to believe my road worker father was stealing from his job, but when I got home all the signs were there!!
22/Dec/17 5:46 PM
I went into a pet shop. I said, 'Can I buy a goldfish?' The guy said, 'Do you want an aquarium?'
I said, 'I don't care what star sign it is!'
22/Dec/17 5:47 PM
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