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Easy Sudoku for 22/June/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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22/Jun/12 1:47 AM
Just wanted to see the dales and moors.
22/Jun/12 1:48 AM
to the new teen, Fiona.
22/Jun/12 1:48 AM
I broke up your CP, CP.
22/Jun/12 1:49 AM
It was rather foggy and rainy.
22/Jun/12 1:50 AM
No you didn't , Heidi.
22/Jun/12 1:51 AM
Kayo..... are you saying that it's my hubby's business to eradicate Parisians? (He's a Parasitologist)
22/Jun/12 1:51 AM
Check the previous page. I did.
22/Jun/12 1:52 AM
It was so wet in Whitby that we took refuge in the tourist information place, then in a cafe.
22/Jun/12 1:52 AM
Nothing wrong with taking refuge in a cafe. I nice warm drink is always welcome on a rainy day.
22/Jun/12 1:54 AM
It sounds like a delightful trip, CP.
22/Jun/12 1:54 AM

We are hitting the triple digits today. It was 95° at 11:00 am!

Fiona, tell Carla I wish her a very
22/Jun/12 2:00 AM
Ah, the teenage years. My daughter was smart enough to keep her mouth shut (usually), but she had the eye-rolling down to a fine science. At times I was surprised they didn't roll right out of her head.
22/Jun/12 2:06 AM
22/Jun/12 2:48 AM
Good afternoon to all! Is that market even open yet?
22/Jun/12 2:53 AM
Jerry, are your fuel costs so high because of the remoteness of your location?
22/Jun/12 2:55 AM
Fiona, belated wishes to Carla for her terrible teens birthday! Now, if it was Carla's birthday, I guess that means your's will be coming up shortly if I remember correctly.
22/Jun/12 2:57 AM
One of my grandsons has also just recently turned 13. It's a difficult age. I spent 9 years teaching that age (middle school), and found it to be way more challenging than teaching high school. Best of luck to you, Fiona.
22/Jun/12 3:16 AM
22/Jun/12 4:33 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Carla !!!
to you!
May your day be special with a and lots of
22/Jun/12 5:34 AM

22/Jun/12 5:35 AM
22/Jun/12 5:35 AM
You should do something to celebrate ... any excuse to celebrate ... but this is actually a pretty big one. Just one piece of advice: try to avoid getting a hangover. But then, what the heck. You only retire once.
22/Jun/12 6:00 AM
22/Jun/12 6:14 AM
A NEW PUZZLE: I have posted a picture in my gallery of an item that, at one time, was very common in the U.S. (not sure about the rest of the world). If you know what it is, send your answer to my Inbox.
22/Jun/12 6:54 AM
Congratulations to Shosho!! And Happy Birthday to Carla!!!
22/Jun/12 6:55 AM
Congratulations Sharon!

Now are you going to pull a Jamie and end up going back to work?
22/Jun/12 7:09 AM
2.26 good morning all
22/Jun/12 7:10 AM
I've been trying to stay in the air conditioning all day. Temperature 34C (93F) and with the humidex factor 44C (111F). Welcome to frigid Canada!
22/Jun/12 7:11 AM
1:45. everyone.
22/Jun/12 7:13 AM
A little catching up to do:
Congratulations, Shosho.
Carla. Enjoy your teen years... they'll be over before you know it.
22/Jun/12 7:17 AM
Hello everyone!
Carla. Have a great time!
22/Jun/12 8:40 AM
Hey, CP isn't Whitby where Capt Cook learnt to sail??
22/Jun/12 8:42 AM
Hi Jane - recognized it immediately. Sent you a message but didn't go into the gallery in case there was an answer there!!!
22/Jun/12 8:43 AM

Yes it is Kate, and it is also Heartbeat country.

Wonder where PC Ventris is?
22/Jun/12 8:45 AM

Welcome to the land of retirees, Shosho.

No more public holidays for you!
22/Jun/12 8:46 AM

I'm with Keith. You ought to celebrate.
22/Jun/12 8:46 AM
, shosho for the rest of your no school hours working life! It's a pity the housework etc doesn't end as well!!!!!!!!!!
22/Jun/12 8:48 AM
Thanks Peter, knew about the Heartbeat connection but was only about 98% sure of the Cook one!!!
I'm extremely pleased about the good progress you're mother's making!
22/Jun/12 8:51 AM
Jane, like Kate I recognised the object.
Fiona, Happy Birthday to Carla. Enjoy your retirement Shosho. When are you coming to Australia? If I remember that was one of your retirement plans.
22/Jun/12 8:53 AM
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