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Easy Sudoku for 22/September/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Given below are the Travel Brochures decoded for u
As you know there is art of writing - and a matching art in reading. When this art is applied into travel brochures you might find the following terms to be of very amusing...............
Pre-registered rooms-- Already occupied
Deluxe More...
I love these action photos because the players always look like they're about to fall over! When you watch the game, they never look that way.
To the Ladyhawke fan . . . we think alike. My license plate on my car reads: LDHAWKE

It's one of my favorite films too.
I highly recommend it. Was that Matthew Broderick's first appearance on screen? Good day to all!
Nick From Blackpool, England - if it (soccer/football whatever)wasn't so boring William Webb Ellis might not have picked the ball up and ran with it, thus giving us rugby. So thanks for that.
4:03 today. A good lunch coming up for me. I get to go down to the 'caf' as they like to call it here in Boston. They like to call a water fountain a 'bubbler', and rubber bands 'elastics'. When I first moved here a year ago, I had to listen pretty hard to figure out what was going on. But it's fun..
At first I thought they were dogging it but then I thought no, their just beong catty. I don't see why we keep having dog and cat pictures.
Girls - sshhh keep it quiet but GLENN has a private jet with would you believe it bolly and hocolate!!!! Oh boy cruising and jet streaming here we come!!
Watch out, Blackie. If you don't agree with the Sudoku Stepfords, you may get blasted. I did, and was accused of trying to overthrow the government!
Judy, there ya go! You got played like a harp, girl.
Karen From Boston - have you had your first 'frappe' yet?
It's a bit long, but some of you might enjoy it !

State License Plate Mottoes
Alabama: Yes, we have Electricity
Arizona: But It's a Dry Heat
Arkansas: Litterasy Ain't Everthing
California: As Seen on TV
Colorado: If You Don't Ski, Don't Bother
Connecticut: Like More...
Good mAen everyone soccer in the usa football other places good picture.
like the idea of a privite jet with the amenititys
orlando isnt that where all the mgm studios are? maybe we could get a screening of ladyhawk? an oldie but goodie
rotten privite airline joke

One day John decides to invite Mark on a trip on his private jet. Whilst on this luxury aeroplane Mark asks where the toilet is. John shows him and says to him 'inside there are 3 buttons, whatever you do don't press the third one.' Mark proceeds to the More...
I go on here everyday around lunch time and do a puzzle. How do you all do this soooo fast? What am I doing wrong??
Lisa, you're just not using the force...don't look with your eyes, feel the numbers. Do not try, there is no try, there is only do...

Ladyhawke, the best part was Mathew B.'s running commentary to God. Loved it!
or should it read: 'there is no try, there is only sudoku'
Good mAen everyone. This is a nice sport picture.

I can't believe my hummingbirds haven't left yet. Does anyone else in this part of the country still have hummingbirds?
Debby, still have TONS of hummingbirds here....ususally here til mid October-ish. I can't keep my feeders full..they are hogs!
Debby, we still have some here in SE Minnesota, but after this week I bet they are gone, have had frost already.
Good Maen everyone. Distorted time goes along with the distorted picture. It is nice to have something other than cats and dogs.
Good Maen
Hugh -nearly finished? me, not at work tonight just sleepless in the south, I'm on nights from Sunday.
Andre, can you please have Glenn's jet stop and pick me up please, I will bring wine and if Fiona can dig up the credit card, the sky is the limit!
Glenn, if that is okay with you?
Orlando sounds good. Private jet sounds great. Or I'd be in for an extended cruise on the Lady
Sudoku, don't know where I'd sleep but we could work something out. I make a mean chocolate fondue.
Good mAen everyone. It's 1:55 PM CDT here in hummingbird land. This is our best year ever. I have six hummingbird feeders out. At daybreak I go out and hold one feeder in my hand and two or three birds will come to it. It's nice to feel the air moving from their wing beats.
CP - I'm just hangin' in there - first night's always the worst. Another three to go. So Canberra will be safe on Sunday night! LOL
CP - Just don't let them show you the 'golden rivet' on the Lady Sudoku.
Nancy, we went through Alabama in December on our way to Florida. I couldn't believe there were still flowers in the ground! The hotel where we stayed in Northern Alabama had pansies. They were so pretty.

I am on my 5th bag of sugar feeding the hummingbirds this year. I estimate about More...
We don't have hummingbirds here in Aust - where do they go to?
If I understand correctly, they go to North America in the summer. In the fall they go back to Central America, Mexico etc. I don't know if they stay in Florida for the winter? or Texas? or California? Anyone else know?
Debby, where are you in MI? We just about had to move to Ann Arbor. To big of a city for me, I like my little corner of heaven right here.
The mystery has been solved, HUGH! Remember the photo about a month ago with some unidentified food on skewers? Geez, you Aussies even BBQ Hummingbirds?? Just kidding, folks ... bird lover here, too!
And what's wrong with Ann Arbor, LK?? Gr-r-r!!
I'd be curious to know what KIND of hummingbirds are visiting all of you. In the California mountains we get Rufous, Broadtail, and Calliope. North of San Diego, we only see the Anna's. What hummers are coming your way?
LK, we are about 45 minutes north of Ann Arbor. We are about half way between Pontiac and Flint.
We are in the country. We live on 10 acres and see some wildlife. We have deer and for the first time this spring I say a wild turkey.

I didn't say a turkey, I saw a turkey.
I am not sure the name of the hummingbirds. We have some with the green backs and others have black backs. This is the first year that I have seen more than one kind. We usually have only had the green back ones. The males have just a small red marking on them.
Hugh: Know what you mean about feeling the wind from their wings...I've had them dive bomb me when hanging the feeder..they are definitely not shy when it comes to feeding! Judy: All my hummingbirds look the same, males being brighter and more red on throat? Aren't they called ruby More...
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