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Easy Sudoku for 23/April/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Good morning people of the world.
23/Apr/13 12:00 AM
Good Maen, all
23/Apr/13 12:00 AM
National Jelly Bean Day
Earth Day
23/Apr/13 12:01 AM
Miss me?
* Computer died 13 days ago - finally revived!
* Cat died 3 days ago - not revived.
C'est la vie.
23/Apr/13 12:01 AM
Running out the door this morning.
Never fear, I shall return.
23/Apr/13 12:01 AM
Oh, Shiela, so sorry to hear about your cat. Mine died, too. I was so worried about moving her to a new location, never thought she would leave me, this way.
23/Apr/13 12:03 AM
Really, need to get off this machine, and throw a child in the car, and fly across the Texas roads. Thank goodness, they raised the speed limit. Even though, I do not understand why, but thankfull for it today.
23/Apr/13 12:05 AM
So very sorry to hear of your cat's passing, Karen.
Moving is such a stressful time without your added loss. My thoughts are with you.

23/Apr/13 12:17 AM
Pets become important members of the family. So hard to let them go.
23/Apr/13 12:20 AM
Interesting Easy today, requiring techniques I often forget to use.
23/Apr/13 12:26 AM
Earth Day
Please do your part in taking care of it!
23/Apr/13 12:27 AM
How very sad to hear about the loss of your dear cats, Shiela and Karen. Thinking of you both and hoping you'll steal some time to remember how much good cheer and friendship your pets brought to your lives.
23/Apr/13 12:27 AM
A different look to the picture caption. Still no comment, but I get the feeling Gath is working on it.
23/Apr/13 12:28 AM
How remiss....


Shiela and Karen, I'm sorry to hear of your losses. We know from the beginning they will leave us eventually, but that doesn't make it any easier.
23/Apr/13 12:30 AM
Tired of that old mug. Time for a change.
23/Apr/13 12:31 AM
Doody, Keith.

That boat seems awfully close to the other one. I'm not a sailor, so maybe it's no big deal?
23/Apr/13 12:35 AM
I think I have recovered sufficiently from my traumatic time with Mr. Cee's poozle to wander away and look for one for today......
23/Apr/13 12:37 AM
Everybody does seem rather busy on board. Do I see somebody jumping from the ship on the right to the other?
23/Apr/13 12:45 AM
Gonna give me a push, Kathy?
23/Apr/13 12:46 AM
No, probably not.
23/Apr/13 12:46 AM
You're off looking at Cee's puzzle.
23/Apr/13 12:46 AM
Waiting, Keith
23/Apr/13 12:47 AM
23/Apr/13 12:47 AM
23/Apr/13 12:47 AM
Perfect timing ... on your ''wait.''
23/Apr/13 12:47 AM
23/Apr/13 12:48 AM
We were on 17! I looked! I thought I had plenty of time!
23/Apr/13 12:50 AM
I must just stop posting anywhere near the 22 mark. Poor Doody. Sorry
23/Apr/13 12:51 AM

120 quarters are lined up on a table. Every second coin is replaced with a dime. Then, every third coin is replaced with a nickel. Finally, every fourth coin is replaced with a penny.

How much are the coins remaining on the table worth?

Answers to the ''Show me the money!'' inbox, please.
23/Apr/13 12:52 AM
Poor Doody.
23/Apr/13 12:57 AM
Avast, me hearties! Prepare for boarding!

23/Apr/13 1:12 AM
Good Morning all. Shiela, sorry to hear about your kitty.
23/Apr/13 1:23 AM
23/Apr/13 1:49 AM
Today is grabbing someone else's number day!
Karen took Vici's, Shiela took mine, Keith took Anne's, and Kathy took Keith's!
23/Apr/13 1:50 AM
Shiela and Karen. As annoying as they get when they're gone you miss those very same annoying behavior. Especially when you remember those times they curl up next to you.
23/Apr/13 1:53 AM
Heck Kathy, don't apologize. Just say grabbed it for you, dear heart!
23/Apr/13 1:54 AM
And a CP as well!
23/Apr/13 1:55 AM
Heck since I'm soooo close , , ,
23/Apr/13 1:55 AM
I might as well finish off now with . . .
23/Apr/13 1:55 AM
23/Apr/13 1:55 AM
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