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Easy Sudoku for 23/June/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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23/Jun/09 3:33 AM
Hm-m ... has anyone considered that, despite all the talk, it might be KAREN who is the stubborn one? Maybe, secretly, she doesn't WANT that little bun to pop out of the oven?!
23/Jun/09 3:36 AM
Apparently, this child has one of it's father's traits. Stubbornness. I would never be stubborn.

We are getting ready to go to the doctor. I plan to do my best begging and pleading.

Thanks for checking on me.
23/Jun/09 3:37 AM
Are you trying to get struck by lightening, Judy???
23/Jun/09 3:37 AM
Hush Judy--I am not stubborn--never have been!
23/Jun/09 3:38 AM
CG, I do believe that Henry has a squirrel, not a cat!!!
23/Jun/09 3:40 AM
Of all the statements, my hubby has ever read on this site, he had to read Judy's. He is going to use that against me.
23/Jun/09 3:41 AM
Karen, Judy seems to have a habit of attracting men with her char... oops!.... comments.
23/Jun/09 3:58 AM
Ray, I heard that joke with potatoes, but of course I am Irish!
23/Jun/09 4:00 AM
Thanks Shiela. I guess I got a little squirrely looking at the photo.
23/Jun/09 4:02 AM
Hey, I LOVED being pregnant! I just thought that you might be enjoying all the care and attention, Karen ... I sure did!
23/Jun/09 4:14 AM
I love being pregnant. I dislike being bigger than my house. I miss sleeping on my tummy.
Now we are off to the doctors. Wish me luck that today will be birthing day.
May go on a hormonal rampage, if I do not get what I want.
23/Jun/09 4:18 AM

Hi - Henry - what's your friends name?

Almost noon of the second day of summer. Yesterday's high in the 60's. Looks like it may get a little higher today.

Rayray -

Karen - better start posting once an hour, if your husband is More...
23/Jun/09 4:40 AM
warm start to the summer - rode my bike and got some errands done before/after work -- going to settle down tonight to watch "Jon and Kate, plus 8 -- big news tonight - have to see if the rumors More...
23/Jun/09 5:24 AM
HI all! Had a busy few days here with the fairy cake thing and a daughter into double figures - oh Karen I remember the feeling so well of wanting nothing more than to sleep face down! Won't be long now...
23/Jun/09 5:34 AM
The Spoonerisms brought in a few attempts but not every one managed all four. Here are the answers:
1) spoiled Neanderthal child & courageous cougar
2) child of a sorceress & liquid in a trench
3) milk and cheese & fops who are imaginary beings with magical powers
4) fondle More...
23/Jun/09 5:36 AM
And now for a bit of geometry - answers to the three degrees inbox please, oh, precious moments...!
What drink does this represent?

180 degree arc
360 degree arc
180 degree arc

180 degree arc
360 degree arc
90 degree lines
23/Jun/09 5:39 AM
Have just finished watering my plants - outdoor pot plants, not the garden/yard. I used 60 litres of (rain)water just for that; given that in France the average is 1,500 litres a head, I wonder just how many litres I used myself apart from my 60 this evening. I had a shower this morning, did some More...
23/Jun/09 5:48 AM
1,500 litres and 5,300 litres are average DAILY consumption per head.
23/Jun/09 5:51 AM
for taps read faucet!! I'm getting the hang of this second language!
23/Jun/09 5:53 AM

Yes, Fiona, but there are several different ways to define and calculate that number which lead to widely differing conclusions. Some methods only count 'interior' usage, which is showers, toilets, laundry, coffee, all of that. Some add 'residential' usage which includes watering the lawn, More...
23/Jun/09 6:18 AM
I read that too, Ian. Average water usage per person in the U.S. = about 100 gallons a day.
shower (5 min) 25-35 gal.(tap running) Wet, soap rinse - 5 gal.
flush toilet - 5-7 gal. Low flush - 2 gal.
brush teeth - 2 gal. Or 1/2 gal. if you turn off the water while brushing.
The secret is don't let the water run while you're doing this stuff.
23/Jun/09 6:33 AM
The numbers I have (thanks to child number one's teacher today) DO take in agriculture and industry as well as domestic use, but on a national basis. On a regional basis I don't have the figures - down here the agricultural consumption would be enormous as a few years back someone had the bright More...
23/Jun/09 6:36 AM
I was at a friend's house while she was cleaning up the kitchen. I bet she let the water run a full 20 minutes while rinsing the dishes and talking!
I just put some water in the sink and dunk them before they go into the dishwasher. Then I only have to use a 'light wash' cycle.
There are so many ways to conserve if you just give it a little thought.
23/Jun/09 6:41 AM
It seems the Brits are pretty good with water - on the table I have here in front of me their daily consumption is only 800 litres. Wonder why?
23/Jun/09 6:46 AM
That is true in so many areas, Fiona. Why do I have to pay for (and pass) an emissions test on my car while large trucks are tooling down the highway blowing noxious garbage all over the place???
23/Jun/09 6:49 AM
They just pay a bit more to be allowed to do that Kathy!
23/Jun/09 6:50 AM
They don't bathe as often?
23/Jun/09 6:51 AM
something like that, yes!
23/Jun/09 6:52 AM
Morning all!
First time I've been here in a while - life getting in the way.
Karen - sending thoughts and wishes that today is the day, even though that means my guess is wrong...
Kathy, how hard was it not to give her a lecture? Does your tongue have holes in it?
23/Jun/09 6:52 AM
Morning Suzy - I see from my table that the aussies use 2,300 litres of water each a day...
23/Jun/09 6:54 AM
Bit right through my lip, Suzy!
23/Jun/09 6:56 AM
On the other hand, I knew someone who only flushed the toilet once a day, no matter what. That's carrying it a bit far, I think!
They didn't have many visitors.....
23/Jun/09 7:00 AM
Fiona, the situation re: water charges are the same here in Canada. Water rates are a separate billing for each individual home owner and these charges are actually being pro-rated down to renters in apartments buildings, etc. Considering we have the largest supply of fresh water in the world, this More...
23/Jun/09 7:02 AM
Wow Fiona, you "French" sure do know how to use water.
Our current restriction allows us (as a household) between 170 - 200 litres per day. We can use it anywhere in the house or garden. That's a big lift from the days when we were restricted to 125 litres. People learnt to do More...
23/Jun/09 7:03 AM
ewewew Kathy - way too far!

We are BAD then Fiona! In my area we are good though. We use less water normally than the city folk do when they are on water restrictions. I read an article a while ago that said that was because we had a massive re-education program several years ago which the city folk didn't get.
23/Jun/09 7:05 AM
I left that thought hanging. We can develop alternate energy means, but we cannot manufacture fresh water!
23/Jun/09 7:05 AM
Obviously my figures don't take into account industry and farming. I know that industry has also had to look at ways of reducing their water consumption and one of the largest users of water is of course hospitals.
23/Jun/09 7:06 AM
Now I must leave you and have a hot shower and get ready for work. Our hot water system "died" on the weekend and we were without hot water until yesterday. Fortunately we only needed a new thermostat! I just love having to drive 15 minutes to my MIL's unit at the retirement village just to have a shower.
Have a great day everyone!
23/Jun/09 7:08 AM
Canada...4,447 litres per person per day...I'm not going to have any friends left after today!
23/Jun/09 7:09 AM
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