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Easy Sudoku for 23/June/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Wet - soap - rinse Vicki!
23/Jun/09 7:10 AM

In Northern California (Marin County, just over the GG Bridge from SF) in the late 1980's, there were lots of water restrictions, but many individual actions as well. The saying was "If it's yellow, let it mellow. If it's brown, flush it down", which people did with plastic buckets More...
23/Jun/09 7:20 AM
OMG! Fiona! I actually figured out the geometry riddle!
Thank you, Mr. Saunders (geometry teacher) wherever you are
23/Jun/09 7:23 AM
Fiona, I'm not sure where you are getting your numbers from or how they have been calculated. The average water usage per day here in Canada is 380 litres per individual. 40% of our water usage is for creating electrical energy, much of that of which is being sold to the US, most notably from the province of Quebec to northern US states, especially New York. Where have you found these figures?
23/Jun/09 7:24 AM
By the way, how was Carla's birthday party?
23/Jun/09 7:25 AM
Hi Canuk Greg!! See you are online at the same time I am (or nearly so!!)
23/Jun/09 7:27 AM
I lived in California from 1989-2004...I remember LOTS of summers having to conserve water. The state also restricted lawn watering. We've been on lawn watering restriction here in Utah every summer since 2004 when we moved here. Only 2 times a week UNLESS you have new plants or a new yard. Then you can water every day for a week...
23/Jun/09 7:29 AM
Hi Suzanne. Good to see a newcomer enjoying the chatter on the site.
23/Jun/09 7:31 AM
This is from my daughter's science lesson today CG! And it's all in French so some froggy bureaucrat will have written it making sure that France is neatly placed 7th down the line after the big bad America, then Canada,(we should have kept Québec), Spain (surprise surprise, the Spanish get More...
23/Jun/09 7:33 AM
Karen, if you are still at home, keep in mind the sign on the maternity room door which reads: “Push. Push. Push.”
23/Jun/09 7:34 AM
Scotland NEVER had Quebec Fiona!
23/Jun/09 7:37 AM
Darn Man Told me No again.
I fell in love with this man 3 years ago when he delivered our beautiful little girl, thought he was the most wonderful man I have ever met. No he is now a sadist. Telling me More...
23/Jun/09 7:37 AM
thank heavens!!!!
23/Jun/09 7:37 AM
I see you had a good day at the doc's Karen.
23/Jun/09 7:38 AM
Ha. After he told me no again he started pushing on my belly. That is not a nice thing to do. Other than ruining my mood, he did say everything looked great and we listened to that wonderful sound of the baby's heartbeat. Oh, that is glorious sound. I could listen to that all day.
23/Jun/09 7:41 AM
Now, off to a nap. MIL comes tonight for a sleep over.
23/Jun/09 7:42 AM
How fast was the heartbeat Karen?
23/Jun/09 7:42 AM
The way things are going Karen, you may be listening to that heartbeat through a stethoscope for many more days to come!
23/Jun/09 7:44 AM
She's gone - dammnit - the heartbeat is important in knowing whether it's a girl or a boy. Anyway it's for the 26th Karen, so you'll just have to bear with us a bit longer girl!
23/Jun/09 7:46 AM
Time for bed here, bonne nuit sudokoland.
23/Jun/09 7:47 AM
Karen: I hope the baby comes sooner (rather than later)!! Good luck sweetie!!
23/Jun/09 7:57 AM
2:23 Hi to all.
23/Jun/09 8:03 AM
Thought for the Evening:

Voluntary simplicity means going fewer places in one day rather than more, seeing less so I can see more, doing less so I can do more, acquiring less so I can have more.
23/Jun/09 8:04 AM
Awwwww... Looks like I missed the water discussion. I will dump in my 2 bits worth.
I am a farmer. I have beef cattle, sheep, horses and lots of other animals. The cattle alone drink 25 gallons (95 liters) of water EACH per day. That adds More...
23/Jun/09 8:49 AM

Fiona, why is nuclear power "extremely detrimental to the eco-system?"

Granted, it has the potential to damage a lot more than the environment, but as one wag said, "More people have died in Ted Kennedy's car than in nuclear accidents in the US."

23/Jun/09 8:49 AM
Good Morning everyone..
23/Jun/09 10:29 AM
everyone! Today was the last official day of teachers' school year but I still have to go back until I have packed everything away for the summer.
23/Jun/09 10:54 AM
Morning all.
I found the discussion on water restrictions interesting. As Vicki said, we here in Qld had very stringent restrictions put on us in recent years while El Nino was in effect. The drought has broken now and most dams are in good shape. However, despite the easing of restrictions I More...
23/Jun/09 11:05 AM
Karen - sorry that nasty old Doc was unco-operative. Maybe I didn't channel well enough. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
23/Jun/09 11:07 AM
OK, that room is cleaned, the laundry is finishing, baby and the girl's bags are packed, mine still needs some more stuff along with stuff for hubby, bottles boiled, bathrooms cleaned and I think there supposed to be a full moon tonight-what is left to do?
23/Jun/09 11:15 AM
According to our most recent water bill, our average consumption through the autumn quarter was 224 lt per day, for a household of two. Of course, it was a little higher in summer - 305 lt per day, partly due to the use of an evaporative air conditioning system to keep us sane.
We've also been More...
23/Jun/09 11:20 AM
Man's Best Friend.
Henry has a death grip on that creature!
23/Jun/09 11:29 AM
I side w Ian on nuclear power's safety. It is also clearly the greener solution.
Nuclear power gives off no carbon dioxide, unlike burning coal, which gives off a lot of carbon. For much of the last ten years, a large amount of the uranium that run US reactors come from decomissioned Soviet More...
23/Jun/09 11:38 AM
23/Jun/09 12:00 PM
The average Aussie using 2,300 litres of water each a day!!! Where is that figure coming from?Brisbane City Council estimates that 1,100 litres are used per day by an average Brisbane family (two adults and two children. - that's only 275 l/h/d, and that includes ALL water. 180 l/h/d is the average More...
23/Jun/09 12:08 PM

Ah, statistics, don't you love them.

Remember, statistics are like bikinis. What they reveal is enticing, but what they hide is vital...

23/Jun/09 12:12 PM
Ian: LOVE the statistics/bikini analogy!! Too funny!!
23/Jun/09 12:25 PM
23/Jun/09 1:54 PM
I haven't any idea where the 2,300lpd figure comes from but presumably it relates to all water including industrial and farming. This would mean less than 10% is used domesticly. I know when we went first went on metered charging our household consumption dropped from about 700klpa to about More...
23/Jun/09 3:19 PM
Don't get a chance ofter.
23/Jun/09 3:19 PM
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