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Easy Sudoku for 23/June/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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23/Jun/09 3:20 PM
Errhhh! Saylz!
Every time you turn the page I need to rush off to go to the loo !
23/Jun/09 4:24 PM
Ian, I'm not talking about man's safety re nuclear power - that's obviously like the plane/car accident stats; ok there are plane accidents and when they happen they are huge BUT they don't happen just that often - I was talking about the effect of all those millions of litres of uncooled water More...
23/Jun/09 5:27 PM
Given the indignation aroused by my statistics, I shall ask the teacher who supplied these figures to justify her sources - I too would be interested to see where they came from. As they have been presented, there is no explanation of what the figures correspond to - human consumption etc. What has More...
23/Jun/09 5:34 PM
Where's Ian?
23/Jun/09 6:33 PM
There is a technical difference between 'statistics' and 'data', which is colloqially not often appreciated (respected)
Thus, here, are you complaining about the accuracy of the presented figures, or, about the way in which figures are being manipulated?
23/Jun/09 6:52 PM
People so often slag off 'statistcs', when actually they should be slagging off bad data, or, badly planned data collection. The result is that 'statistics' is brought into disrepute - quite unjustifiably. Still I suppose that's because 'statistics' means hard work - and most people don't like hard work.
23/Jun/09 6:55 PM
I think I'll post something about this in the maths forum
23/Jun/09 6:58 PM
It seems there isn't a maths forum (any more?)
23/Jun/09 7:05 PM
I'm on a water meter...
23/Jun/09 7:09 PM
not literally...
23/Jun/09 7:09 PM
As all of us are here in France
23/Jun/09 7:15 PM
Rayray go to the forum page and click on the title in the blue block of each type of forum. That will show you all of the forum threads. They may not have been in use for a while so remain hidden until you click on the whole list.
23/Jun/09 7:15 PM
We receive quarterly accounts which include water consumption, water service fee and sewerage service fee. Our water consumption last quarter totalled just over 1/7 of the account - $1.57 per day. I think people would be more inclined to address their water usage if the charge was higher.
23/Jun/09 7:37 PM
"We never know the worth of water 'til the well runs dry"
Thomas Fuller, 1732
23/Jun/09 7:48 PM
I have been interested in this site for some time but I would urge you all to take a look, read, and, if you feel able, to sign the petition to stop the ariel hunting of wolves in Alaska,
23/Jun/09 7:51 PM
Hello everyone, I was reading the comments and when I went to page 4 I got booted off and had to sign in, first time its ever happened. When we first moved back up this way we were horrified to see people washing their cars week after week we still don't do it once a month is enough except for the windows and headlights.
23/Jun/09 7:58 PM
Amelia I had to sign in on my second visit here this morning. I haven't had to do that for ages.
23/Jun/09 8:44 PM
Gmo I've never had to sign in on my own pooter before only if I was using someone else's. How are you going with the tradesmen you were waiting on?
23/Jun/09 8:52 PM
23/Jun/09 9:16 PM
Hello everyone.
Wishing all of you a very nice day wherever you are.
23/Jun/09 9:26 PM
Hi Wagdy.
Amelia , the roof has temporarily been patched or covered with a tarpaulin. Don't know how successfully as it hasn't rained since. Steven is off to the architect this afternoon with the 3-D plan we have drawn up of the new kitchen and the number of electric points we want in there. More...
23/Jun/09 10:10 PM
My wife has left to bach for the evening. Toasted corn beef & hot english mustard sandwiches, vanilla ice cream with hot caramel sauce and finished with the remains of the after dinner mints. All are calorie free as it is not Fat Tuesday. This is a useful dietary note as there is only one Tuesday in each year when you have to watch what you eat.
23/Jun/09 10:32 PM
Another interesting but useless sociological fact, is that Tuesday in Australia is known as tighta*se Tuesday due to the fact that most cinemas & restaurants give substantial discounts.
Looks a beautiful sunny day in Marseille and Docic seems in trouble at Wimbledon.
23/Jun/09 10:37 PM
Interesting conversation about water. We are hooked up to rain water tanks and only use 'town' water for the toot. Desperately low in summer time but tastes better than heavily chorinated muddy water than is dumped at the end of the Murray River. I guess I should be grateful its not salty More...
23/Jun/09 10:42 PM
I have checked and there is no maths forum thread anymore. I wonder why.
23/Jun/09 10:43 PM
Another interesting fact about Tuesdays. It seems it is statistically has the highest rates of suicide.
23/Jun/09 10:44 PM
Do wolves in Alaska fly? (I joke)
23/Jun/09 10:44 PM
Shocking use of the English language - sorry! Didn't proofread that.
23/Jun/09 10:45 PM
Was watching a lifestyle program earlier and was advised that one must eat more wet foods to help digest the dry foods (carbs and meat). I always wet my chocolate before eating and have water in my Canadian Club.
23/Jun/09 10:46 PM
I've heard of the possibility of flyinmg pigs (e.g. the flying squad); Santa's reindeer glide through the sky; birds, bats and many insects have wings - as did pterodactyls of yore; but wolves????
23/Jun/09 10:47 PM
Do you think that is because Monday is the day before, and Mondays can be a disaster (via the post). There is always a slight lag in reactions (straws that break the camel's back) I suppose.
23/Jun/09 10:49 PM
[Bunionated fingers again today]
23/Jun/09 10:50 PM
Rayray try this link


Hope that is the one you want.
23/Jun/09 10:54 PM
That's why it's called swine flew and not wolf flew.
23/Jun/09 10:54 PM
Rayray - I think that by Tuesday you have generally sobered up and realised its a long way to the weekend. Work will do that for some people. Its a very slippery slope.
23/Jun/09 10:54 PM
Message to Karen
Hi All Haven't posted in a long while. just take the time to do the sudoku and get back to my renos.
Karen It is my birthday today and not wanting to jinx things for you I didn't put a guess in before but if all else fails and the doc hasn't contraindicated how about sex If More...
23/Jun/09 10:54 PM
andrè - Those water pumps can really do some damage. Best to keep off.
23/Jun/09 10:56 PM
Karen (Texas), just remember, there is no such thing as a water shortage when you're in labour. Hope it comes soon for you. Get a natural prostaglandin injection.
23/Jun/09 10:59 PM
Important Message Re: CHATROOM

I wish to advise you that I have been informed by the powers that be, that the "Chatroom" has been decontaminated, all pests have been irradicated, never to multiply again. All graffiti has been removed and subsequently never to be seen More...
23/Jun/09 11:03 PM
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