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Easy Sudoku for 23/July/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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23/Jul/08 5:03 AM
Here we go....
23/Jul/08 5:03 AM
Jamie wheeeed on me! He must be feeling better!
Crutches or wheel chair, Jamie?
23/Jul/08 5:04 AM
Kathy - not weight machines! I have one to flex my knee - 6 - 8 hours a day PLUS all night. That one is gradually increasing my degree of flex to 90 degrees by next Monday. Then I have an ice machine 3 - 5 times a day.
I am doing GREAT - no pain pills (except for headaches, drat), I can put all my weight on the new knee, nice looking scar developing, etc.
23/Jul/08 5:05 AM
Walker for another few days, then a cane.
23/Jul/08 5:06 AM
Now I AM going back to the flexing machine.
23/Jul/08 5:06 AM
Jamie - so good to hear that you're doing well. We were concerned! Keep up the good work!
23/Jul/08 5:23 AM
Candace, you're right, André came up with a darling one this time. No problem doing the last part, I have a penchance for that one!
23/Jul/08 5:27 AM
Now I'm going to do that last part, taking on Jerry. I do so like discussing things with Jerry because he is intelligent and calm. I may disagree but I feel comfortable with Jerry because he stays on the issue and does not get on a soap box!
23/Jul/08 5:32 AM
Kathy, Greg's OK.
23/Jul/08 5:35 AM
Now Jerry look at http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Image:Us_unemployment_rates_1950_2005.png and you'll see that the unemployment rate has been higher under a Republican president. Which means we paid less for unemployment, more taxes paid and also we have less scandals like the savings banks collapse and big loss of air controllers under Reagan and the homeowners foreclosure rates under Bush.
23/Jul/08 5:36 AM
Ian, is CG on vacation?
23/Jul/08 5:36 AM
Rayray - great sentiments about those cats who own us (as Kathy so wisely put it)...mine hunts, she was ferral and doesn't really like any food we give her. As she gets older I notice she is slowing down some (as am I )
Jamie - keeping good thoughts about your knee!
23/Jul/08 5:52 AM
I got to take a pic with President Bush (41) a few years ago at his Library here. I need to scan that one in so I can submit it! ;)
23/Jul/08 5:59 AM

Two redneck farmers, Jim and Bob, are sitting at their favorite bar, drinking beer.

Jim turns to Bob and says, "You know, I'm tired of going through life without an education.

Tomorrow I think I'll go to the community college, and sign up for some classes."
23/Jul/08 6:04 AM
Wow, Jamie! I thought you'd be wheel chair bound or at least on crutches!
You are Superman!
23/Jul/08 6:05 AM
Hey Keith,
Yes, we have been having a great time with the new motorcycle. We have taken some great side trips all over the northwest. We stayed in Yellowstone for two days and rode all over on the bike. Can't begin to tell you how wonderful the riding was. Being out in the elements, you experience so much more and what better place than Yellowstone.
23/Jul/08 6:21 AM
1:55. all.
23/Jul/08 6:27 AM
Hi everyone, I have no time to stay and chat. Very busy at work. We are moving our warehouse next week, so everything needs to be wrapped, looked at, boxed or disposed of before Monday.
At home, my SIL who lives in China, arrives tomorrow to stay for a week. I'm looking forward to her visit as we haven't seen her since January. Break out the champagne!
Have a great day.
23/Jul/08 6:41 AM
Here you go, Vicki
Enjoy your SIL's visit!
Off to see a baseball game
Have a good everyone!
23/Jul/08 7:20 AM
It's raining its pouring,the old man is snoring....rain at last....wonderful rain.
Good morning all isn;'t it a wonderful day ???
. Vicki have a good day and don't work too hard. Enjoy your sil visit..and the champagne.
23/Jul/08 7:25 AM
Kathy, just love your smilies.
23/Jul/08 7:26 AM
Hi everyone,
Sorry I haven't been in contact for a while but my Mum had a fall on Saturday night. Didn't get hurt, but couldn't get up. She didn't want to call the ambulance for something so trivial, so she called me. Did the mad dash over the ranges (1 hour) only to find that I had taken too More...
23/Jul/08 7:38 AM
After so long with temps in the upper 90's, and no rain, with the grass crunching under the feet, THE SKY JUST OPENED UP, AND IT'S POURING OUT!!!
Broni.... Bella does one hell of a great rain dance!!!
23/Jul/08 7:53 AM
Wooohoooo Heidi, bring on the rain! Do I need to keep her dancing?
23/Jul/08 7:57 AM
Good evening to all! Does anyone know who this couple is? I have them beat anyway, as I planted myself in a lawn chair last summer and had a planter's punch in a GREENHOUSE.
23/Jul/08 8:11 AM
2:21 Morning all.
23/Jul/08 8:12 AM
Hey you US members ... politics are supposed to be a non-topic on this site. Watch out or I'll start talking about Joe Clark, our 9 month wonder Prime Minister!
23/Jul/08 8:15 AM
A belated comment, but I notice that no one mentioned and congratulated Padraig Harrington on his win at the Open. I'm sure all of Ireland was celebrating, just as they did last year when Paddy helped Team Europe beat Team USA in the Ryder Cup. I'm sure you were watching it Corky, and maybe you More...
23/Jul/08 8:17 AM
Mo: Yankee Oscar Uniform Whiskey Hotel Echo Romeo Echo Alpha Romeo Alpha Radio India Oscar? Charlie Oscar Oscar Lima!
23/Jul/08 8:32 AM
nice summer day here but my son is still without power and the line remains down in his backyard. I had some garlic spicy chicken for dinner so enjoying a seagrams escape - margarita to cool my mouth down. enjoy your nite, I am, Mary
23/Jul/08 8:33 AM
Hi everyone!
23/Jul/08 8:37 AM

Enjoy a super piece of music.... Billy Preston (with Eric Clapton, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, Dhani Harrison and many others): My Sweet Lord (from the concert for George Harrison)
23/Jul/08 8:38 AM
Good maEn to everyone!

This must be a fellow Sudokuist!
23/Jul/08 8:45 AM
Angie, you night owl!
I love that you are up to post when the puzzles first come out at midnight (your time)...wish I could stay up to visit with all of you when you get on to chat...but I'm an early bird (I'm not so sure this crane is interested in worms
23/Jul/08 8:45 AM
Morning all. Welcome back CG
Glad to hear you have some rain there Heidi
and in Queensland.
Nice to see you are back to Jamie.
Sounds like all went well for your operation.
23/Jul/08 8:46 AM
Greg, the ONLY reason US politics were brought up is because of the picture of a rather controversial US President on the jigsaw. If there is a picture of Joe Clark used, you may comment on HIS politics. OK?
23/Jul/08 8:47 AM
I had an interesting afternoon. The Senior Citizens needed a piano player in the next township over so I went over to help out. What a great group of people. They even had a drummer! The fun part about them was they played any kind of music, both old and new!
23/Jul/08 8:47 AM
Hey all...just put up a "youtube" on my page about friendship. I think it's an old one, but I had never seen it before - stop by and watch it...it's only a couple of minutes and is way cool
23/Jul/08 8:48 AM
Debby - that sounds so neat - I bet they loved having you come play with them. kudos!
23/Jul/08 8:54 AM
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