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Easy Sudoku for 23/September/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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23/Sep/19 12:00 AM
1:55 Good night all.
23/Sep/19 12:11 AM
23/Sep/19 2:22 AM
23/Sep/19 2:41 AM
23/Sep/19 3:23 AM
2:11. Good Afternoon?
23/Sep/19 3:38 AM
Beautiful photo!
23/Sep/19 4:46 AM
Very nice photo at dusk
23/Sep/19 4:57 AM
Hello, everyone - have a good day!
23/Sep/19 5:04 AM
Just got back from my Cribbage tourney. Ended up taking third place. Better than usual for me!!
23/Sep/19 6:31 AM
Morning all,what a great spot to take a photo from.
23/Sep/19 7:48 AM
Way to go, Denny! No muggins or stinkholes for you!
23/Sep/19 8:43 AM
Good morning all. Number 13 two days in a row!!!
Where is everyone?
23/Sep/19 9:15 AM
Well done, Denny.
23/Sep/19 9:16 AM
Hi Anne,
Have a good sleep?!
23/Sep/19 9:22 AM
Good work Danny, you must have outplayed a lot of people to do as well as you did. My father used to play cribbage with his mates, but I haven't ever played a game. That is my loss you would say.
23/Sep/19 11:33 AM
Here in Canberra we have two migrations of birds each year, to the south in spring and northerly in winter. We have had some of the smaller birds already, the finches.and pardelots but we are still waiting for the honeyeaters which tend to come a bit later. We also tend to get the occasional Koel, some apostle birds lots of migrants. We never know what will turn up.
23/Sep/19 11:38 AM
We still have our Kamikaze magpie (like the one Anne has for her avatar) and it has decided to nest in one of the gum trees on our 'nature strip', which you would call a verge I think. It has been pulling threads from our cost door mats and collecting twigs, etc.. Magpies are notorious for dive More...
23/Sep/19 11:45 AM
Wearing bicycle helmets is mandatory here, but that is not enough to ensure safety. Some people glue 'goggle eyes onto their helmets believing this discourages attacks, but it is more popular to tie a myriad of cable ties on to keep them at a distance.
23/Sep/19 11:48 AM
We love our magpies, but we also fear them, especially at nesting time when they are at their most aggressive.
This should give me a CP, and bring Kieth closer to 22, but it is more likely Peter will snaffle it.
23/Sep/19 11:51 AM
Nah, I think I'll ''snaffle'' it.
23/Sep/19 12:01 PM
23/Sep/19 12:01 PM
Good on ya, Denny.
23/Sep/19 12:03 PM
I thought that magpies just liked to land on farm animals and relieve them of their ticks! Now I fear them! I have never seen anyone with zip ties in their helmets! That is funny!
23/Sep/19 12:24 PM
Wifeys birthday today. to my wife!
23/Sep/19 12:58 PM
Happy Birthday, Rose!
23/Sep/19 2:10 PM
Happy birthday to Rose
We hope the submariner from the South makes 6his birthday a special one.
23/Sep/19 2:41 PM
Judy, The Australian magpie is unrelated to the English magpie which does hang around cattle, and is notorious for stealing things. Our magpie is much more a ground feeder with grubs being a major part of its diet. It has remarkable hearing and can detect the sound of the grubs underground. More...
23/Sep/19 3:54 PM
I'll bet Tom didn't expect his to be the last post of the day yesterday.
23/Sep/19 4:18 PM
1:34. Good evening everyone.
23/Sep/19 7:47 PM
all. Way to go Denny, congrats! Sending you a pat on the back. And Happy Birthday Rose. Love today's picture - shades of James Bond. It looks like a place which might have a casino with men in tuxes and women in slinky gowns.
23/Sep/19 8:16 PM
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