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Easy Sudoku for 24/January/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Maybe the jammies can stay for one more minute.
24/Jan/09 12:55 AM
Now I can say Good Day to All! And Happy weekend to all the Aussies.
24/Jan/09 12:56 AM
Hi, everyone! Hope you're all having a wonderful day. It looks like our "big chill" is over. The house temp was only 53 when I got up this morning. It has been 48 the past two days!!!
24/Jan/09 12:58 AM
Have a great Australia Day weekend, all you dugs and blokes!!! I was going to say "sheilas", but I love the new (to me, anyway) term!
24/Jan/09 1:00 AM
Jane - That is chilly, even for this "northern" gal!!!! I hope it warms up soon for you. We have another blast of cold air headed our way this week-end. It was so nice yesterday to have it warmer.
24/Jan/09 1:01 AM
I hope all has a safe and relaxing week-end, especially those of you celebrating Australia Day!
24/Jan/09 1:04 AM
Good Maen, everyone!
Cute, cute puppies!
24/Jan/09 1:16 AM
Debby - Because we have the fireplace going in the evening, we don't have the heat on during the night (the heat would all go up the chimney, and we can't close the damper until the morning or we'd be asphyxiated!) The solution, of course, would be to get glass doors for the fireplace, but we like More...
24/Jan/09 1:29 AM
I should make mention that this extreme cold weather we've been experiencing is very rare. Thank goodness!!!
24/Jan/09 1:31 AM
Good morning worldly people another clothes optional day for one last time.

It has only been a mere 12 hours since the girl was sick, she is making up for laying around all week. Her first demand of the morning was a rotten banana, why rotten I have no idea, second demand was an Italian More...
24/Jan/09 1:32 AM
Somebody shoot me! I've just gone and added words to this darn thing. I'm going to call it quits for tonight and then print it out and work on it the old fashioned way tomorrow. You know - with a pen... that thing with ink... oh, never mind.

Thank you all for your words of encouragement.
24/Jan/09 1:46 AM
cute doggies
24/Jan/09 2:00 AM

Jane, where "South" came from, I don't know! Yes, I am well aware that we are going to "Central" I guess I can blame it on my frenzied cleaning and packing...why I feel the house has to be clean when we're not in it, is another thing I don't know.
24/Jan/09 2:34 AM

Enjoy your weekend celebrations!
24/Jan/09 2:37 AM
2:13 Maen! Fuzzballs on the attack!
24/Jan/09 2:48 AM
Kathy - I know what you mean about being frenzied! When Jaime and I traveled for our business, we'd be gone for months at a time, so I had to clean the house for the catsitter! The worst part was pre-paying bills (didn't have internet bill-pay back then), so I'd just send lots of money to More...
24/Jan/09 2:52 AM
Happy Celebrating to our Australian friends!
Great dog photo--who wouldn't be happy in Vermont? It's a beautiful state, and I would move to Stowe in a heartbeat.
24/Jan/09 3:06 AM
Oh, good! I'm not the only one.
We decided about two months ago to get a new ATM card. Two days ago we got the card. BUT NO PIN NUMBER! We called and they said they could send one by next week! Hubby has just left for the credit union....
Off to vacuum...
24/Jan/09 3:11 AM

Good Maen all! Love that "wind do" on the pups - so full of spunk!
Wishing all our friends down-under a wonderful weekend celebration!
24/Jan/09 3:11 AM
Oh Kathy - don't hurt yourself...dangerous job!
24/Jan/09 3:12 AM
Beautiful cleansing rain here...wish it were snow, but just grateful for real winter weather. If we are lucky, we may get snow over the weekend as the temps drop.
24/Jan/09 3:13 AM
The one on the right is about ready to pounce.
Happy Australia Day weekend. I can smell the barbies from here.
24/Jan/09 4:08 AM
I wonder what they're going to eat, Keith - cooked kookaburra, roasted roo or maybe a nice plate of platypus?
24/Jan/09 4:20 AM
24/Jan/09 4:32 AM
Then again, a nice bowl of "mar STEW pial" would be mighty tasty!
24/Jan/09 4:40 AM
Rain, Rain, Beautiful rain!! Now if it just continues. Cute dogs. Getting ready to jump on you?
24/Jan/09 4:45 AM
2:21 just came back from a homeschool co-op class on "Travel to Oz," so for an hour today, I was "in Australia." Daughter has to make a mock itinerary for a personalized trip to Australia over the course of the next few months, so I will be asking questions relating to her interests so you all can help her get an "A." lol
24/Jan/09 4:54 AM
Good afternoon to all! Professionally posed dogs. Now that's a change.
24/Jan/09 4:55 AM
We have a red alert weather wise for tonight with winds in excess of 135kph with very heavy rain for the third night running 4 inches last night.
Not a good time for sleeping in a campervan!
24/Jan/09 4:58 AM
Devastating New Zealand Earthquake.....
A major earthquake, measuring 9.1 on the Richter scale has hit New Zealand this morning. The country is devastated with 350,000 New Zealanders missing, and over 100,000 injured.
The country is totally ruined and the government is so overwhelmed that it More...
24/Jan/09 4:59 AM
As I rowed my little boat,
Toward the river shore,
A small black bird kept me from landing,
Quoth the raven, "never moor."
24/Jan/09 5:00 AM
Fiona if you look in, take care. Looks like you are going to get the worst of it down south.
24/Jan/09 5:26 AM
I think we are going to camp down here in the house and keep the wood burner going. Shame the electric blanket is up there.
24/Jan/09 5:27 AM
Stay safe, Mo and Fiona.

Since we will be spending time there, I've changed my YouTube to "Rain Forest Sounds and Piano Music"
24/Jan/09 5:37 AM
Now there's a dog photo I really like! It captures the spirit of the moment.
24/Jan/09 5:57 AM
Attention Florisudians/Floridasudokuists/Pseudokufloridians/whatever:

Jaime and I will be meeting up with Kathy and Rob at The Surf Restaurant in Fernandina Beach at 3 pm for a late lunch/early dinner this Sunday (January 25). If anyone else would like to join us, please do! Sunday is $6.95 lobster day. Yay! If you need directions, let me know!
24/Jan/09 6:04 AM
Kathy(MD) - I checked out your itinerary, and your trip sounds very interesting. I'll be anxious to get your full report!!!
24/Jan/09 6:06 AM
$6.95 for lobster? Please can you doggy bag one to me, please?
24/Jan/09 6:15 AM
Jane, enjoy your rendezvous with Kathy and Rob. Mar-stew-pial? You must be stopped! (Ever seen a platypus? They're the cutest things ... right up there with wombats.)
24/Jan/09 6:15 AM
Mo - if you want to see where we'll be dining on our $6.99 lobsters, go to Google maps and type in 3199 S. Fletcher Ave., Fernandina Beach, FL 32034. Then click on "street view". We'll be sitting at the bar at the far right (past the flag). If you look closely enough, maybe you'll see us!!!
24/Jan/09 6:25 AM
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