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Easy Sudoku for 24/December/2008


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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Here comes Santa Claus!
24/Dec/08 1:06 AM
Oh, oh ... "Tequila makes her clothes fall off ..."
24/Dec/08 1:07 AM
Mo - that Christmas Cake post is a recipe for disaster! ...or a least a headache in the morning! - couldn't resist another smilie in honor of the loo!
24/Dec/08 1:09 AM
Whose clothes would that be Judy?
24/Dec/08 1:10 AM
I thought maybe Karen from Texas might find it interesting.
24/Dec/08 1:11 AM
Well, GMo ... YOU are the Party Girl talking tequila! If you have never heard that song, check it on on YouTube!
24/Dec/08 1:16 AM
Posted a couple of pictures from my family Christmas brunch in SF on Sunday. Of course, being there I was thinking of our wonderful meet back in November. One of the pictures was taken at the ice rink in Union Square.
24/Dec/08 1:27 AM

Northpole Standoff

Dec. 23, 2008

A fierce battle ended in a stand-off today as a multi-jurisdictional task force of federal law enforcement agents tried to arrest the leader of a militant doomsday cult, who call themselves "Elves," living in a heavily fortified More...
24/Dec/08 1:33 AM
Northpole Standoff (Part 2)

The cult's fortress, called "The Toy Factory," is dominated by a tower with lookout windows facing in all directions. Guards reportedly patrol the 77-acre grounds at night. Attorney General John Ashcroft ordered the raid after cult members refused to More...
24/Dec/08 1:35 AM
Northpole Standoff (Part 3)

Mack "the knife" McWarty was seen strolling across the White House lawn, chuckling to himself as he read what inside sources say was a copy of the naughty/nice list. One highly placed government official was found dead in Marcy Park. His name and the More...
24/Dec/08 1:36 AM
2:42 Maen! Gannie Mo, I jusht tried dat reshupee and the cake wuz... wait, wot cake? (thump, I just hit the floor) :)
24/Dec/08 1:39 AM
CynB sent me the following recipe (which I have added to the Recipes page and will include in the next revision of the Sudokudos Cookbook), but since it is a Christmas cake recipe, thought I would share it with you now. (Note: since I've been "out of it" for several days, this may have More...
24/Dec/08 1:53 AM
The previous recipe would be a good way to use up GannieMo's leftover tequila.

Leftover tequila? What am I saying???
24/Dec/08 1:56 AM
Daplap - !
24/Dec/08 2:01 AM
Have made it home - yay!
I was originally scheduled to work to 2130 last evening, but at the last minute several things happenend, someone came in in an ambulance, and it looked like things were going to blow out in a big way workload wise. So, I agreed to stay on for a double shift. But after a More...
24/Dec/08 2:05 AM
Have yet to make a Christmas cake this year - CynB's recipe looks just the thing, will try it out later in the morning.
24/Dec/08 2:06 AM
Don't think I have the stamina for Mo's cake.
24/Dec/08 2:07 AM
And with a CP, CP is off to bed - goodnight!
24/Dec/08 2:07 AM

Christmas Songs For The Mentally Disturbed

SCHIZOPHRENIA: Do you Hear What I Hear?


DEMENTIA: I Think I'll Be Home for Christmas

MANIC: Deck the Halls and Walls and House and Lawn and Streets and More...
24/Dec/08 2:23 AM
Bells jingling? I thought I had tinitus
24/Dec/08 2:31 AM
24/Dec/08 2:33 AM
Good Morning Worldly People

Yes, Gannie Mo I enjoyed the cake recipe, must try Christmas 2009--Grief do you realize that is only 12 months away. Gee where does the time go?
Your loo comments interests me more, we had one break last week, was not in any hurry to fix it because we have a More...
24/Dec/08 2:37 AM
2:10 to you all from snowy Portland.

Thank you all for the good wishes. Our son had driven north from Portland to Vacncouver BC Sunday; he lost his chains near Tacoma when he did a 270. The cold winds in the Columbia gorge turned Portland into sea of snow, ice, and snow More...
24/Dec/08 3:06 AM
Good Maen to everyone!

Love those colorful birds!

It is snowing here again!
24/Dec/08 3:07 AM
Welcome Home, Jim!!!
24/Dec/08 3:09 AM
Good morning!
Glad you and your son made it safe and sound, Jim!
OMG, Karen! No time for you to be without a "facility"! Have a seat.
24/Dec/08 3:29 AM
Daplap: WHEW!! I believe that is the longest post in Sudokuland history! Funny, though
24/Dec/08 3:32 AM
All is well ... Jim is back in the arms of his beloved ...
24/Dec/08 3:32 AM
Good morning everyone, we had lots of excitement here last night. We had a water pipe break, I now have one bedroom, the entry plus the closet completely flooded, also half of the den has water. This all happened after 10:00 pm, had a hard time finding a plummer at that hour. So I had a plummer More...
24/Dec/08 3:36 AM
Welcome back Jim, I am sure the drive through all the snow was worth it. Glad you made it home safely.
24/Dec/08 3:40 AM
I now have used our facility
I always knew that smilie would come in handy! Unfortunately the water heater doesn't appear to be working and I was so looking forward to a Christmas shower. Oh well, next year.........
24/Dec/08 3:41 AM
Oh Sue go have another cup of coffee and start the day over.

Oh what a mushy feeling hearing how Jim's son went out in those conditions to get his father to bring back home to his mother. And now Jim and Maureen are together. Makes a person want to weep with joy.

Thank you Kathy for More...
24/Dec/08 3:45 AM
Oh GannieMo we must have details of your experience. You know this is the place to share. I am so so happy for you.
24/Dec/08 3:47 AM
Great read so far today. I want some of that cake.
24/Dec/08 3:49 AM
Sue, what a nightmare!! Sooo sorry! I hope by now the clean up people have arrived and are mopping up and clearing away.
24/Dec/08 3:49 AM
Poor, poor Mo! A cold shower is better than none.
Also has the advantage of keeping the libido in check! In you go!
24/Dec/08 3:56 AM

Kathy - sorry, I thought it was the 22 minute post - not the 22nd post. Too much cake???
24/Dec/08 4:07 AM
Oh Sue, it sounds like a nightmare and here at the Holidays! I hope they can fix it quickly!
24/Dec/08 4:11 AM
Snow is falling, the tree is lit and the Christmas music is on. It really does feel and look like Christmas. Christmas carols anyone? Dan?

Have a great day everyone!
24/Dec/08 4:14 AM
Important information for all--
24/Dec/08 4:34 AM
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