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Easy Sudoku for 24/May/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Jano from Lebanon - hope you are well and safe. Hate to hear that you are feeling sad - anything we can do?
24/May/07 7:03 AM
Morning everyone Mamacita enjoy your day. Jano glad you are safe hope things improve for your country soon. Hugh will we see more jokes when you retire or will you be toooo busy gadding about.
24/May/07 7:15 AM

Happy..Happy...Happy Birthday Mamacita
24/May/07 7:19 AM
I have downloaded some photo's on my flickr site if anyone is interested. Cheers.
24/May/07 8:02 AM
everyone! Would anybody here happen to know who took the beautiful photo of the tulips on Hard today?
Nice to see more photos of pets showing up as avatars! I was so disappointed that Ebony had not one, but two accidents in the house last evening, but then we put her to bed & More...
24/May/07 8:03 AM

Jano, I hope you and any other sudoku friends we might have in Lebanon, can feel safe again soon.

24/May/07 8:14 AM
The Platters are entertaining , on my page, especially for Mamacita, but you are all welcome to come along and listen to 'Remember When'

24/May/07 8:35 AM
interesting photo
wishing you a very happy birthday

24/May/07 8:47 AM
haven't been around for awhile, so what has been happening??

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Mamacita
Happy Birthday to you
24/May/07 9:02 AM

Liverpool lost - booo hooooo
not a happy chappy...

Have a good day/nite all x
24/May/07 9:08 AM
24/May/07 9:12 AM
I don't know where I am!?
24/May/07 9:16 AM
that was me i was just having fun.
whats up rola? having a gum-tastic day?
24/May/07 9:18 AM
How is the thumb Master Gumball, still sueing the Doctor !!!
24/May/07 9:22 AM
no, we settled it out-of-court i won a free trip to the dentist!
24/May/07 9:34 AM
Dentist hey. well lucky you !!!
24/May/07 9:40 AM
new youtube on my page. A tribute by one brilliant Texas singer/songwriter to another. Lyle Lovett's tribute to the late, great Townes Van Zandt.
24/May/07 9:48 AM
Happy Birthday Mamma

Jano - thought are with you.
24/May/07 10:29 AM
Thanks Angie!!
24/May/07 10:36 AM

Jano, glad you're safe. Try to find a safe place in your home and hide. Bring the computer in the hidden place and stay with us on site!

Hugh you're as funny as ever!

Judy, drop that stick!!!
24/May/07 10:49 AM
It's 1/2 time in the soccer match at the Giants Stadium,New Jersey. Ireland 1 - 1 Ecuador. Come on the bhoys in green.

Congratulations Milan (European Champions) commiserations Liverpool.

Today (it's 2am Thurs here) we go to the poles to elect a new governments. Well, when I say new ........
24/May/07 11:07 AM
Good morning all. Nothing much happening in my world today, I have a day off and haven't made it out of my jammies yet.
24/May/07 11:11 AM
Do the Poles oversee the Irish elections? Was that a UN mandate? Is Jimmy Carter involved?
24/May/07 11:11 AM
New Youtube - courtesy of a link from Kia
24/May/07 11:25 AM
Interesting reading on the site today.
MAMACITA - VERY Happy Birthday if you are still around the site.
CG - I saw Carol King and James Taylor in concert back in the early 70's - it lasted over 4.5 hours - incredible!!
KATE - I used to go listen to Lyle Lovett when More...
24/May/07 11:25 AM
Jano. stay safe, thoughts and prayers are with you
24/May/07 11:55 AM
Match ended in a draw, Ireland 1 - 1 Ecuador.

JANO, hope you and yours stay safe.

MAMACITA; Happy Birthday
24/May/07 12:09 PM
24/May/07 12:34 PM

To One and All! This has been a most wonderful day indeed. Every day is a gift, but today's gift was made special by the world-wide greetings, poems, photos, cards, and such thoughtful you tub selections dedicated to me. I've cried tears of joy, More...
24/May/07 12:43 PM
Jan, amid my joy on this day, I remenbered your plight and sent up a prayer for your continued safety. May you find pace amid the fighting.
24/May/07 12:47 PM
What a wonderful day, Mamacita. Good for you to have such joy in your life. The rest of us should be so lucky, but then I know it is not so much luck as it is an awesome outlook on the world that has brought you such a rich fulfilling life.
24/May/07 12:54 PM
Hope you are all having a great day/night where ever you are.

Emels.. looking Good

Youtube for today is: Elton John and Kiki Dee
Don't go breaking my heart.
24/May/07 12:54 PM
Did you have champagne, MAMA? Did it work? :)
24/May/07 12:54 PM
And I've changed back to my beloved dog Simon in honor of Kathy's avatar and new puppy, Ebony. If they could meet, they would probably hit it off.
24/May/07 12:55 PM
My last comment was for jano/Lebanon....I hope my typos didn't detract from my message.
Angie/Dallas,Tx...I was o sorry to hear that you were not up to par for your special day, and on top of that to have a sick child, what a double dose of misfortune. I do hope the healing will come soon for More...
24/May/07 12:56 PM
Behave Judy...Go find that stick and chase Hugh some more..lol
24/May/07 12:59 PM
stay safe, cant comprehend what it must be like to live in a country affected by war.
24/May/07 1:34 PM
About that green tea. I've tried green tea from the supermarket a number of times, and to me it tastes like tobacco. (I'm an ex-smoker.) Is it just that I'm the cheap stuff?
24/May/07 1:52 PM
And so long as we're telling groaners. I've probably told these before. My apologies to the devout.

The last time I was in Kansas, I saw a bunch of people walking on their knuckles, protesting against evolution.

Tah Dah!

I've never been there, but I heard that at the chapel at Disneyland, the body and blood of Jesus Christ are made of a Twinkie and a cherry Coke.
24/May/07 1:56 PM
Michael from Boston-Green tea is extremely high in vitamin K and can interact with medications (blood thinners espec) so check first before intaking.
Green tea IS nasty tasting by itself. Its better mixed with another tea (like jasmine) or having a juice mixed into it.
24/May/07 2:06 PM
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