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Easy Sudoku for 24/August/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen
24/Aug/14 12:00 AM
24/Aug/14 12:00 AM
Good morning to all! That horse wants to get down and gallop.
24/Aug/14 12:19 AM
Anyone up for the Weekend puzzle? Here goes....

1. This animal is a domesticated working animal used as a mount in historical warfare –> most golfers have done this with their ball when starting each hole
2. This Australian born songstress recorded hits such as ‘No Way to Treat a More...
24/Aug/14 12:21 AM
In case you are like me and have to know what the rest of the words are, it says ''Robert the Bruce King of Scott 1306 - 1329''
24/Aug/14 12:25 AM
That should be Scots not Scott.
24/Aug/14 12:28 AM
24/Aug/14 12:30 AM

1. villager (GALL - vi_LLAG_er)
2. defacing (CAFE - d_EFAC_ing)
3. restrain (ARTS - re_STRA_in)
4. outwards (DRAW - out_WARD_s)

In the today we have Judy, Kathy, HalT, More...
24/Aug/14 12:34 AM

Thanks, Serena. I was curious about the rest of the inscription.
24/Aug/14 12:38 AM
I am continuing to empty kitchen cupboards and drawers. There are boxes stacked all over the living room and family room. I still have to find places for a large table, hutch, and other pieces. I hope we'll be able to move around when they finally start the reno.
On the plus side, I am getting rid of a lot of stuff I didn't even know I had.
24/Aug/14 12:43 AM
Greg, would the Eucharistic beard be 'whiskers'?
24/Aug/14 1:05 AM
Probably Hal, but my word should have said BREAD. I have to make at least one mistake.
24/Aug/14 1:19 AM
**** CORRECTION To Number 7 in the puzzle:

The second clue should read 'the Eucharistic BREAD'.

Hal always keeps me honest!
24/Aug/14 1:22 AM
Well, darn. I was going for goatee.
24/Aug/14 1:28 AM
I would have accepted 'bushy' but the first answer isn't 'bush'.
24/Aug/14 1:39 AM
When I came here, before I did the puzzle or read all the comments, it was on 15.
24/Aug/14 1:54 AM
I'll try Greg's puzzle after I have had some sleep.
24/Aug/14 2:14 AM

Dont worry Greg, I didnt even see the mistake until I read Hal's comments......hopefully my answer is the one you wanted...suspect #3 is going to cause a few comments too!
24/Aug/14 2:30 AM
Have to get to near Keith's number a bit at a time.

24/Aug/14 2:31 AM

24/Aug/14 2:32 AM

Keith!!!! where are you?
24/Aug/14 2:32 AM
24/Aug/14 2:34 AM
, y'all, from a very hot South Carolina. Started the day off with a 5.45 mile run - ran a little further and faster than I thought I did, so I should be good for next week's 8k.
24/Aug/14 2:40 AM
I'll catch up with Sudokus later, I'm a-gonna-go wallpaper now!
24/Aug/14 2:41 AM
Thx for trying, Lizzy. I went off to have breakfast. Oh well.
24/Aug/14 2:58 AM
Maen,statute reminds me of an old drinking buddy.
24/Aug/14 3:01 AM
You drank with a horse?
24/Aug/14 3:22 AM

Never mind Keith!!Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
24/Aug/14 3:27 AM
Beautiful statue today. They don't make 'em like that anymore.
24/Aug/14 4:08 AM
Is that Keith actually riding the horse statue?
24/Aug/14 4:17 AM
24/Aug/14 5:05 AM
I agree on the subject of the photo today - Nice pic!
24/Aug/14 5:38 AM
1:36. Good morning everyone.
24/Aug/14 7:00 AM
Nice pic but can't do the jigsaw, the pieces don't fit. Done the poozle, thanks, Greg! Time to have a shower and get on with the rest of the day!
24/Aug/14 7:05 AM
Just coming back to the 'easy' page for a quick visit before heading out - I'm going to be setting up then cooking at a fundraising BBQ for the band I play in this morning, and it looks like we're going to have an ideal day for it.
24/Aug/14 7:13 AM
Hello everyone!
24/Aug/14 7:45 AM
Good morning Kate and all who gave gone before.
24/Aug/14 7:48 AM
Robert the Bruce, had only a few years to enjoy being King of the Scots.
24/Aug/14 7:50 AM
Robert the Bruce, 1314, Battle of Bannockburn. An important date in Scottish history! And an easy one to remember!
24/Aug/14 7:54 AM
Everybody and Happy Weekend to All!
Looks like Chris will have fun with his BBQ while Kathy frustrates herself sorting out her kitchen cupboard contents (You did know you had the items at some point, they just haven't been used nor seen in years!) and Silvergal might get some of More...
24/Aug/14 7:55 AM
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