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Easy Sudoku for 25/November/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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You are right. That is the biggest problem in self-editing. When you read through you tend to over-ride mistakes you made. My poor eyesight doesn't help - 'term' looks like 'tern' to me and then there is that wretched auto-correct - not to mention hackers.
25/Nov/07 5:52 AM
Then of course there is FOOTBALL - GO BRUINS!!!
(Lose this and they are below 500 and headed for their worse season in years). I know the DUCKS are awesome this year - at least they are at home, however they have loss to the Ducks the last 4 times they have played them in the Rose Bowl.
25/Nov/07 5:53 AM
It took me forever to read yesterday's and todays posts!
"A father is someone who carries pictures where his money used to be".

Munch Chew Peach Chew in Pear-u!

25/Nov/07 5:57 AM
Eve, I totally agree with you. Many people on this site DO MAKE HONEST MISTAKES when they are posting. That should not infer they are attacking anyone or anything. There are some on the site who jump all over something like that and make an issue out of it (spelling mistakes, wording mistakes, etc.). That shouldn't happen. Girls (and boys) just want to have fun!
25/Nov/07 5:57 AM
Jamie, a note about not having grandchildren yet . . . I'm so sorry for you! But how can I be a judge of that, I am soooo in love with my one and only grandson! He is sooo adorable and perfect! About the same as Karen's girlie-girl! Hopefully I'll have more, I know that love can stretch and stretch and stretch!!! My heart can hold more!
25/Nov/07 6:00 AM
Hey, CG, Eve, we just have fumble fingers! Not that I have made ANY mistakes !!!
25/Nov/07 6:02 AM
Kathy - LOVED MUNCH CHEW PEACH CHEW! And now I'm going to prepare lunch - Deviled Fish - just for the halibut.
25/Nov/07 6:03 AM
As for Word Check, my dear friend Monica's computer always wants to correct her name to Maniacal. I've told her if the name fits, hey!
25/Nov/07 6:04 AM
I've started my Christmas decorating. Check out my page.
25/Nov/07 6:04 AM
To you Auusies. I don't know much about Kevin Rudd, but I hope that he will do your country well. As a Canadian, I did like much of Howard's approach over the last 10+ years. I do hope the change is for the best.
25/Nov/07 6:10 AM
25/Nov/07 6:11 AM
As I have told my students, after you write something, wait and read later in the day. I have often been horrified at my own writing. When I was angry at my son, I wrote a letter and never sent it. Not only was it chockful of errors but I had calmed down!
25/Nov/07 6:11 AM
I have heard that products made in Australia are of good KOALA-TY!
When we were in Mexico, we drove down a JUAN way street!
Donuts are made in Greece.

Help! I can't stop!
25/Nov/07 6:17 AM
CG: With rewspect to John Howard, did you do a 'did' instead of a 'didn't'? (lol)
25/Nov/07 6:26 AM
25/Nov/07 6:27 AM
shosho - your feelings for your grandson are fairly evident from your picture on your page! I suspect I don't have too many more years to wait.
25/Nov/07 6:41 AM
Kathy - I'm afraid you've got an acute case of twisted verbitrae, the only treatment for which is a good tongue twisting.
25/Nov/07 6:54 AM
Someone just forwarded me an e-mail called the "Capuccino Coast" with lots of pictures of mountains of seafoam along the coast off Sydney. Amazing pictures. Did any of you Assies witness this event? It supposedly occurred in August of this year. Here's a website I found on this: More...
25/Nov/07 7:01 AM
Jamie run out of Cheerios--what a thought--the poor girl would starve.

For the wonderful comments about my girlie-girl thank you. I swell up with pride.

Girlie-girl is her pet name, like my husband is Man, I am Woman, we have Dog, and Cat. Her name is Kendall but she probably does not know that name, since we call her Girl.
25/Nov/07 7:03 AM
Ah, Cheerios! Mom's best friend! Karen, I used to spill them all over the high chair tray because it took so long for the little sweetie to get them all from tray to mouth! I even had a little "traveling" Cheerios container shaped like a Cheerio. I think it dispensed them one at a time!
25/Nov/07 7:59 AM
Happy Happy Joy Joy
25/Nov/07 8:07 AM
Talking about proofreading, I just re-read my post regarding the "Capuccino Coast" and saw that instead of "Aussies", I wrote "Assies"! Yikes! Sorry about that!!!!!!!!!!!
25/Nov/07 8:08 AM
Back to an earlier topic: Who on this site has not made a typo? Who cares? Wongerful, hocolate, heyello, great new words added to "Sudokuspeak". I was asking my hubby about a problem I was having on my computer, why it wouldn't do something. He said he thought the problem was probably between the keyboard and the chair! LOL
25/Nov/07 8:08 AM
Oh Jane! Another word for the Sudokuspeak dictionary! HAHAHAHA
25/Nov/07 8:09 AM
Kathy thanks for the 10 best puns - I'm still smiling
25/Nov/07 8:15 AM
25/Nov/07 8:25 AM
Kathy Cheerios was a great invention, they taste great and my girl will not have high chlolesterol. She may have other problems though.

I would love one of those dispensers. She was eating goldfish crackers in the car one day, I do not think one goldfish made it to her mouth. I have been finding goldfish all over the backseat and her seat for two weeks now.
25/Nov/07 8:34 AM
BTW it has been mentions a parents page, I have been looking in the forums but have not come across it yet. Am I just over looking it or is it true, I am blind in one eye and cannot see out of the other. Or will this be said, " If it were a snake it would have biten me."
25/Nov/07 8:36 AM
I am procrastinating again, so bare with me I will be leaving soon. Good news is that I do not have to go into that room where food is prepared. And the girl is getting something besides Cheerios. She is with other grandma eating goldfish. Boy are we teaching her nutritious values or what!
25/Nov/07 8:38 AM
Karen, for the PARENT'S PAGE, go up to the right under EASY, MEDIUM, HARD, TOUGH. It's under KIDS SUDOKUS.
25/Nov/07 8:45 AM
Thank you Kathy, since I am procrastinating I will go now.

I have to go to my MILs, but rather do anything else. Not that I do not like my MIL she is wonderful. I just don't want to go over and stay the night--but that is where the girl is so I am on my way sometime soon or maybe later.
25/Nov/07 8:51 AM
Oh look--in nice big blue letters it says Parent's Page--Duh

Thanks again Kathy.
25/Nov/07 8:52 AM
1.38 sweet smiles of someones family
25/Nov/07 8:54 AM
For Karen of Texas:

Little Irvin came home from his first day in school. His mother lavishes her love over her son, "Oh Bubbeleh, my darling child, you made it home! My little Bubbeleh, how was school? Did they treat you right, Bubbeleh? What did you learn today?"
"I learned my name was Irvin, not Bubbeleh!"
25/Nov/07 9:07 AM
Bubbeleh, Yiddish for darling, honey
25/Nov/07 9:09 AM
Cheerios reference: When I was little my mother gave me small sweet sembeis (rice crackers). These were usually given to babies because they were small and melted in your mouth and not too sweet, rather wholesome flavor. I gave them to my sons. My younger son remembered them and now asks me to send them to him for his son!
25/Nov/07 9:13 AM
2.25 today. Congrats to Kevin 07.
Loving the puns.
To all you grandmothers or would-be gm's, I have just loved being a gm for 9 years now and my heart has stretched to fit each new one in.
Busy day today, so I'm off with one final thought about chocolate:
Every time I hear the dirty word "Exercise".
I wash my mouth out with chocolate.
25/Nov/07 10:19 AM
Shosho I loved the Bubbeleh story. That will probably happen with the girl.

Well worldly people I have procrastinated as long as possible and now I must be off. We are celebrating another Thanksgiving with my in-laws. Hope this year someone remembered the vegies, last year it was 5 More...
25/Nov/07 10:28 AM
Okay, before I head home, I must
25/Nov/07 10:38 AM
send us on to
25/Nov/07 10:38 AM
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