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Easy Sudoku for 25/February/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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2:34. Good Sunday Morning, all!
25/Feb/19 12:15 AM
Hello Tom & all who join us later - have a good day!
25/Feb/19 12:21 AM
1:51 Good night all.
25/Feb/19 12:53 AM
25/Feb/19 12:59 AM

Just rain here today. The temps are supposed to go up, so at least it will be a warm rain. With all the moisture and lack of sunshine lately, we have moss everywhere in the yard, especially in the flower beds. It doesn't More...
25/Feb/19 2:13 AM
More snow this morning. Enough snow already that I can't see the moss.
25/Feb/19 2:22 AM
Beautiful Cockatoos! They must be used to human company.
25/Feb/19 3:05 AM
25/Feb/19 3:20 AM
Good mAen, good people. High wind warning and snow but we are south of the actual blizzard warning area. Our power has been out since before dawn. There's a repair crew in our area so I'm risking some time here even though it drains my phone battery.
25/Feb/19 5:06 AM
Skye is at work. It takes more than 50+ mph winds, outages and snow to keep Michiganders from getting their haircuts.
25/Feb/19 5:08 AM
25/Feb/19 5:13 AM
25/Feb/19 5:21 AM
1:29. I love Cockatoos, they have so much character as well as being beautiful.

Good morning everyone.
25/Feb/19 6:09 AM
Good mAen
Hold on to your hats - wind will pick you up and take you to oz
25/Feb/19 7:06 AM
25/Feb/19 8:00 AM
Mymare - what a 'swell' idea! I've been wondering how to get to Australia!
25/Feb/19 8:14 AM
Wet areas are freezing up. Glad to be back home with Skye. AND with power restored.
25/Feb/19 8:17 AM
all. Aren't they gorgeous?! And so intelligent as well. Wish we had them over here. There are high wind warnings at home as well. Our area of Florida has had 24 days of above average temps in February. With the bitter cold and unusually high amount of snow in eastern Ontario, it seems as though climate change is affecting everyone.
25/Feb/19 8:17 AM
I don't live far from Kathy, but apparently 20 miles or so is enough to have different weather. Here, it is not raining any more and it is sunny. The high wind warning is extra worrisome due to the soaked ground, making trees more likely to topple over.
25/Feb/19 8:29 AM
Lucky me, or good planner me. I had an errand to do just a few blocks away. I got there and back in the sunshine, just a few minutes before a massive wind gust arrived, right on the weatherman's schedule.
It is now blowing like crazy out there, but I am snug indoors.
25/Feb/19 10:08 AM
25/Feb/19 11:56 AM
25/Feb/19 11:56 AM
Outsprinted by Keith today, that'll teach me to read the posts first.
25/Feb/19 12:04 PM
How's the treatment going, Keith?
25/Feb/19 12:04 PM
Best wishes Keith!
25/Feb/19 1:08 PM
It was so gloomy this morning and heavy rain. The skies have cleared and we have SUN.
25/Feb/19 4:24 PM
Sorry to take so long to answer, Peter, and thx for the best wishes, Kate. Now 9 treatments done, with 16 left to go. Side effects nothing to complain about, yet.
25/Feb/19 5:31 PM
Hello from Norseman, WA.
Wombat,been trying to do you poozle, I might just have to send in the answers I have as each time I try to copy to notes on the iPad it takes the whole page.
25/Feb/19 8:41 PM
25/Feb/19 8:56 PM
Thanks Amelia for having a go. You are making good time having arrived at Norseman so quickly. How. did you enjoy the trip across the Nullabor. It is quite a breeze these days. The first time I crossed the bitumen finished at Iron Knob and didn't begin again until Norseman. The distance More...
25/Feb/19 9:12 PM
My only trip across the Nullabor was not long after it was sealed. It was hot boring and a bloody long way! Never had the urge to do that trip again.
25/Feb/19 9:44 PM
What is that feeling...
25/Feb/19 9:46 PM
You can get it digging a hole
You can get it crossing the Nullabor
Matter of fact I got it now
An ice cold VB Ahhh

Money on the bar everyone Cheers
25/Feb/19 9:48 PM
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