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Easy Sudoku for 26/November/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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and Happy Thanksgiving all.
26/Nov/16 12:00 AM
Visiting Austin, Texas with my four children for Thanksgiving. Wonderful to get together when they live all over the country. I hope everyone is having a great weekend.
26/Nov/16 12:13 AM
Hmmm. Thought I'd fixed that.
26/Nov/16 12:53 AM
Good Maen, good people.
26/Nov/16 1:40 AM
A bit quiet around here...
Are they out taking advantage of Black Friday deals???
Or enjoying leftover turkey with visiting family?
26/Nov/16 2:04 AM
26/Nov/16 2:32 AM
Happy day-after & all it entails!
26/Nov/16 2:39 AM
Still giggling from your joke, Peter - thanks!
26/Nov/16 2:42 AM
a beautiful day in OK
26/Nov/16 2:43 AM
Had an enjoyable yesterday. As always too much food, up side spent it with people I love.
26/Nov/16 2:46 AM
1:31. Good morning everyone.
26/Nov/16 3:36 AM
Thanks for the joke Peter. I sent it on to others.
26/Nov/16 5:32 AM
Morning all, if that is Mimi's puppy I would hate to see it fully grown.
26/Nov/16 6:10 AM
Our day to go visiting my Aunt and my youngest daughter will get a surprise visit today.
26/Nov/16 6:17 AM
I wonder if Mini is the dog and the child is her puppy.
26/Nov/16 6:58 AM
Good morning all.
26/Nov/16 8:01 AM
A lazy Saturday here for a change.
26/Nov/16 8:02 AM
A bit of housework, a bit of gardening and maybe even a bit of sleeping us in order for the day.
26/Nov/16 8:03 AM
Asparagus picking is very tiring, but possibly only 1 week to go.
26/Nov/16 8:05 AM
Hopefully will pay for a new camera .
26/Nov/16 8:05 AM
You're running late Keith!
26/Nov/16 8:06 AM
What the heck - I'll claim it in Keith's name!
26/Nov/16 8:07 AM
26/Nov/16 8:07 AM
Topsiders obviously over indulged yesterday and are sleeping it off.
26/Nov/16 8:07 AM
Hi shosho - you're awake!!
26/Nov/16 8:08 AM
Enjoy your day folks!
26/Nov/16 8:08 AM
Our grand daughter Laura is going to be junior bridesmaid to her cousin today (other side of Laura's family) so we will go and watch the wedding. It is a nice sunny day.
26/Nov/16 8:22 AM
Good afternoon to all! A mild day here and some of our snow has disappeared.
26/Nov/16 9:23 AM
I hope all celebrating Thanksgiving had a great family day yesterday, and for many of you I'm sure, that will continue through the weekend!
26/Nov/16 9:25 AM
Good morning all. Here is today's fore and aft puzzle. I managed 23/26 this time. Your task is to take a row of letters from column D and place it between a pair of letters in columns A and B to make a word used in the English language which is similar in meaning to the word or words in column C. More...
26/Nov/16 9:40 AM

As the great man himself (Lawsie) would say,

Hello world.
26/Nov/16 10:10 AM
Hello Mr Cee, great to see you posting.

Good morning one and all!
26/Nov/16 11:32 AM
26/Nov/16 11:34 AM
Would that be John 'Lawsie' Laws, Mr Cee?
26/Nov/16 2:12 PM
Yes it would, Hal,
26/Nov/16 2:35 PM
Good afternoon.
26/Nov/16 5:02 PM
Home from Wagga a few hours ago.
26/Nov/16 5:02 PM
It was a nice trip, a proud auntie moment watching my nephew march out....
26/Nov/16 5:06 PM
And the joyous reunion with 2 little girls who hadn't seen him for 5 weeks. Girls are 6 months old and 2 and a half.
26/Nov/16 5:11 PM
26/Nov/16 5:12 PM
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