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Easy Sudoku for 26/March/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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the page :) got the trifecta night all
26/Mar/11 2:11 AM
Good morning people of the world.
26/Mar/11 2:19 AM
International Waffle Day
26/Mar/11 2:20 AM
I'm waffling on that.
26/Mar/11 2:33 AM
Hello Keith! good one!
26/Mar/11 2:35 AM
Hoorah, Keith is back after being absent without leave
26/Mar/11 2:38 AM
Hilarious summary, Phantie Pantie ... but, well, I got no rocks to get off!
26/Mar/11 2:51 AM
Did anyone explain Catholic soup to the Phantom? The Wednesday Eve was refering to was Ash Wednesday, a day of fast and abstinence in the Catholic tradition. Catholic soup would have no meat.
26/Mar/11 2:54 AM
I chuckled last night when the weatherman stated that the rain we are having right now "might be the last storm of the year." That could be an incomprehensible comment to many of you here. His statement doesn't just mean that the big storms have passed, but that we might not have More...
26/Mar/11 3:06 AM
Sarah Beth: The soups were last week (the day before St. Pats). Have you ever heard of the battle between the Orange & the Green. The corn chowder had small carrots (Orange) - the split pea soup (Green). For years I would send my best friend an orange card for St. Pats and where orange (with More...
26/Mar/11 3:07 AM
Today's History Lesson

The Year Is 1947

Some of you will recall that on July 8, 1947, a little over 60 years ago, witnesses claim that an unidentified flying object (UFO) with five aliens aboard crashed onto a sheep and mule ranch just outside Roswell , New Mexico . This is a well More...
26/Mar/11 3:20 AM
No idenity crises on my part Kathy. Maybe an ADD on Fiona's part though.
26/Mar/11 3:23 AM
Guess that should be ADS. Whatever.
26/Mar/11 3:26 AM
Good mAen, all! A beautiful day here, but I am smelling smoke. Smells like the wildfires we had three years ago. Hope I'm wrong.
26/Mar/11 3:29 AM
Hal, have a great time in Savannah!
26/Mar/11 3:29 AM
I just survived an amazing exercise program that I wholeheartedly do not recommend for the faint of heart. Receive a reverse 911 call that basically says "GET OUT NOW!!!!!!" And then not only be home alone with no transportation, but also be just about the only one in the More...
26/Mar/11 3:34 AM
Jane , I will hope you're wrong too. I just heard that ususally in March we have 2 fires...we're already at 28 and the month isn't over. It's going to be a nightmare year I'm afraid as we are tinderbox dry and the winds have been strong and non-stop. Our saving grace was it started to snow 2 More...
26/Mar/11 3:38 AM
mysterious, oops. Thanks Eve for yesterdays quake info.....
26/Mar/11 3:39 AM
We live about 50 minutes from Fort Knox. They regularly have training flights over out farm, and the fighters and helicopters come over the house so low that I feel like throwing something at 'em for disturbing the peace so much. Maybe they just like looking at my animals.
26/Mar/11 3:40 AM
That would do something shocking to the heart rate, Shannon. We're all grateful that nothing happened to you or your home.
26/Mar/11 3:43 AM
DevilOrAngel..... That is a politically inflammatory joke, and being a Democrat, does not make me pleased. Nor are they allowed here.
26/Mar/11 3:45 AM
HalT..... Are you going to visit any historical sites, like Johnny Mercer's gravesite or home?
26/Mar/11 3:47 AM
The smell, which said bush picnic's when I was a child, now says bushfire. The big fires in Canberra had the sky too black to see at 2 in the afternoon. The fires were within 1 kilometer of the house, 200 metres of my mothers just down the road, and in adjacent houses of my in-laws home. Large More...
26/Mar/11 3:47 AM
The patron saint of animals was definitely with me Heidi as two of the three dogs weigh about as much as I do and the third was not familiar with me. I just yelled "boy's, everyone play nice" as I opened the door and shoved another one in. So it's not my car and I can now smell urine More...
26/Mar/11 3:50 AM
Shannon, I'm glad you had a car available to you, and I'm sure your neighbors were glad you were there to rescue their babies. I looked online, they said the fire near Golden was human caused. Have they said what caused this one?
26/Mar/11 4:09 AM
No, Sarah Beth..I keep looking for info on that. That other fire is The Indian Gulch Fire burned about 1700 acres over the last 4 days. Mine is Burning Tree Fire, same amount of acreage in 6 hours. Yes, one neighbor I finally hooked up with - her husband is out of town too, so she asked me to More...
26/Mar/11 4:37 AM
It was weird because I had been smelling smoke but thought it was from that Golden fire when it seemed to really intensify. I was calling around the 'hood to see if I was the only one who was just a little concerned and no one was around. With that I got the reverse 911 call. It hadn't even dawned More...
26/Mar/11 4:52 AM
Good afternoon to all! a fairly straight forward puzzle today but I don't use the timer.
26/Mar/11 4:57 AM
Sorry to hear about the fire threats some are experiencing. Stay safe.
26/Mar/11 4:59 AM
Devil/Angel: Quit bragging. Just because you were born in April 1948 is no reason to gloat.
26/Mar/11 5:03 AM
Tricia, Shannon & Jane - Forest/Brush fires have a distinctively different smell than house, electrical, car fires or BBQs. When I get a whiff - I'm out looking around for smoke - then try to determine if it is a burn or a fire. Often a call to 911 is required - and they will just say that it More...
26/Mar/11 6:12 AM
All the talk about fires reminded me, I saw the smoke from a fire on Wednesday. It looked to be north of town. Read in the paper today, there was a brush fire[s] just north of the small airport here in town. People burning fields, I wish they would not do that.
26/Mar/11 6:26 AM
It's a beautiful day here 60+ degrees sun shinning and the best part is there is no wind. Too bad I am stuck inside finishing the taxes, we even get some money back.
26/Mar/11 6:29 AM
Kathy, another famous misquote is in the song Auld Lang Syne, last line as witten by Robert Burns is " For auld lang syne" not " For THE SAKE OF auld lang syne.Riles my Scottish blood every time I hear it sung incorrectly
26/Mar/11 7:38 AM
Oh Eve, I definitely knew it was a brush fire. Just the winds were swirling so bad it was hard to tell where it was coming from. I am usually cursed by water - every place I've lived I've endured a water event of some sort. When you've lost things numerous times to Mother Nature you lose an More...
26/Mar/11 8:00 AM
The photo is one of mine (I think!!!!) Taken on the beach at Waratah Bay. They are not contrails, which is why I was curious about them. Maybe Ian can explain the phenomenon.
26/Mar/11 8:18 AM
Sarah Beth... Did you notice that Wisconsin lost like I thought they would?
26/Mar/11 8:35 AM
Tonight's games are:

(11) Marquette vs ( (2) North Carolina
(1) Kansas vs (12) Richmond
(1) Ohio State vs (4) Kentucky
(11) VCU vs (10) Florida State

They start at 7pm, EDT
26/Mar/11 8:39 AM
Good morning.
26/Mar/11 8:42 AM
Looks like I got here just in time.
26/Mar/11 8:43 AM
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