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Easy Sudoku for 26/July/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Hi all, I'm just about to head off to bed after setting up a new home theater amplifier and speaker system (we already had a home theater set up but got new toys this afternoon.)
26/Jul/10 12:00 AM
Good Maen
26/Jul/10 12:00 AM
1:33, good night all.
26/Jul/10 12:02 AM
Good Maen friends!
Congrats on the new toys, Chris! What are we going to watch first?
26/Jul/10 12:02 AM

About to make and drink a Hot Toddy before heading to bed.
Am up early in the morning, to take birthday boy to the hopsital, he is having all his wisdom teeth removed.
(provided he is well enough, like me he has been suffering from the cold/flu as well)
26/Jul/10 12:05 AM
Love this one, dino - wish this were in the sky over my house right now!
26/Jul/10 12:07 AM
Best wishes for Stephen, Rola...your son the chipmunk for a few days!
26/Jul/10 12:08 AM
Avatar, a great sound with the new amplifier and speakers. I'm just waiting on the new blueray player to arrive and that'll complete the setup.
26/Jul/10 12:08 AM
Jaime and I are going to the Jekyll Island Club Hotel for brunch today. I'll probably have to skip dinner tonight to make up for it!!
26/Jul/10 12:10 AM
I should be in bed, but have been playing a silly game!

Going now - goodnight (again).
26/Jul/10 12:11 AM
I seem to miss days in here sometimes, but it was lovely having the kids over for dinner last night. We had Christmas in July, no pressies or anything, just baked ham and roast turkey with all the trimmings.
26/Jul/10 12:11 AM
1.52 Almost geometric
26/Jul/10 12:17 AM
Beautiful pic.. makes me wish I was at the beach
26/Jul/10 12:17 AM
Hello everyone, have fun I will be back. Goodnight.zzzzzzzzz
26/Jul/10 12:25 AM
2:20 good evening all! They look like storm clouds. We've had some perfect beach weather this past week so I'm sure it's due to change soon.
26/Jul/10 12:25 AM
Another Aussie off to bed. all! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzxzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
26/Jul/10 12:27 AM
Sleep well Anne, Amelia, Chris (Avatar - what a great choice to view in your new home theater), CP, Rolanda, Meg (I assume you are going to sleep) and Gail.
Gail - bet the kids loved the yummy dinner...should help you to sleep tight, huh?
26/Jul/10 12:39 AM
I'm off for a cleaning day at our local animal shelter. They are closed on Sundays and we are hoping to get the place spic-n-span.
26/Jul/10 12:40 AM
WARNING: Reporting a Keith sighting on Facebook. He's on the computer and is probably headed this way soon.
26/Jul/10 12:55 AM
Can we cut him off at the pass?
26/Jul/10 12:55 AM
Naaaaaah. I'll be good.
26/Jul/10 12:56 AM
I've been summoned!
26/Jul/10 12:57 AM
& it worked. Thx Jane. What a pal.
26/Jul/10 12:58 AM
No prob. Happy to help out.
26/Jul/10 1:00 AM

An American tourist asks an Irishman, “Why do Scuba divers always fall backwards off their boats?"

...to which the Irishman replies, "If they fell forwards they'd still be in the fookin’ boat."
26/Jul/10 1:03 AM

I've found a scuba buddy for you for next week, Jane. Never scuba alone! (He claims to be Irish.)
26/Jul/10 1:08 AM
The answer to yesterday's puzzle: U472BMT (you force heaven to be empty)

One of Greg's famous, yummy beaver tailsgoes to: Jane, Greg, June, Anne, The Phantom, and Colo Jim. Bon Appétit!
26/Jul/10 1:14 AM
Thanks, Kathy, I've already got a swimming buddy. Check out my gallery.
26/Jul/10 1:16 AM
I hope that brown stuff is chocolate on that beavertail, Kathy.
26/Jul/10 1:18 AM
Of course. Only the best for my puzzlers!

Speaking of puzzlers....everyone ready?

Can you find the word within a word for each set of clues listed below? The dashes beside each clue tell you how many letters are in the word you are to find. (ex. A young lion...in skin More...
26/Jul/10 1:27 AM
Answers on their way, Kathy. It took longer to come up with a witty subject line than it did to solve the puzzle. Off to Jekyll now. Ta ta!
26/Jul/10 1:45 AM
MAen all....Since we are leaving the morning and just entering the noon hour here, I had to capitalize both the first and second letters of my greeting....see I haven't forgotten everything. I have been enjoying my re-discovery of this wonderful site. I like the new(to me) addition of the Phantom's More...
26/Jul/10 2:14 AM
Good afternoon to all! Nice photo Dino. You do have an special eye with that camera!
26/Jul/10 2:40 AM
Well Ouima, once again you snuck in while no one was around. I DO HOPE you do this on a more regular basis!
26/Jul/10 2:41 AM
The Phantom Has Arisen

Out of the depths of Sudukoland,
A shadowy figure did arrive,
Speaking words that were in demand,
Helping the site to survive.

Initial thoughts were "This is just a joke,"
But as the days continued on,
Suddenly many of the Suduko More...
26/Jul/10 2:45 AM
Kathy, the beavertail I offer up are not quite as tough and are less chewy then that one!
26/Jul/10 2:47 AM
26/Jul/10 2:51 AM
to you,
to you,
to you, dear Rob!!!
to you!
May your day be special with a
and lots of
26/Jul/10 2:54 AM
How very clever, Greg!
26/Jul/10 3:56 AM
26/Jul/10 3:57 AM
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