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Easy Sudoku for 26/September/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Have you all been looking for me?
I’ve been with Drunk Ice of course, at the bottom of the Glass.
I am avoiding Penguin thou as I don’t want to end up on his Barbie.
are you all saying that penguin just ate hugh, who i am guessing is human???
A point you have 'ello 'ello
Rosemary, garlic, a dash of thyme
At least that word is easy to rhyme
We'll roast him slowly over a nice hot spit.
Exotic Diamond tis round my neck
As I wander from every deck
Tonight I party and dance away
Really should be quite a fray
Im in the spa with all that Kalahu, Country Bumpkin please pass those Tim Tams. 'What the' have you joined our cruise?
It's concreting Deb, not cementing. Cement is the powder you use to make concrete.

And if you erected a fence with no concrete, who the hell's holding it up?

I think you need engineering input here Deb, old girl!
Deb that sounds like my kind of house maintenance.
My father was an interior decorator but never had time to do any at home. Mum used to buy everything needed plus an extra roll of paper, then when Dad was due home she'd start hanging a piece, crooked or maybe cut too short (you get the idea). He'd take one look, et voila, a few hours later Dad would have finished a perfect job
And who needs a gate in a fence if you can go through the house? You do Deb, obviously cos you went A over T trying to climb a non creted in, non gate =d ence!
Bloody Hell, check that typing
gotta fly!!!
and yes i have joined the cruise, but no rhyming for me. i think i will go up to top deck and releve my sea sickness!!
And mr penguin, you had better watch out, coz i am very hungry, and i have heard that all birds taste like chicken, if they are smoothered with tomatoe sauce.
everyone i have sent in a couple of photoes. hopefuly they will be up soon.
allo allo. Monsieur Pengweeen what ees this , ow you say, kahlua? I think it is time to rhyme a leetle bit , non?

thees ocolate spa ees very nice
thees kahlua go weeth ice?
I ope Monsieur Pengweeen you are a man,
not some woman with a plan
to theenk I might bat for the other More...
out of the stateroom we did go,
not behind the bar no no no.

country bumpkin is behind the bar
look at me I am the star,
exotic and FiFi are drinking cocktails,
while watching the antics of the chippendales.

i serve bolly, moet, kalula and beer,
everyones having a More...
free emotions for MSN
Oh wakey wakey here I am
eating my toast and jam
Mr Peguin thanks for the ice
it sure did add a little spice
I'm off for a massage with the hands of dreams
I've heard its magnificent or so it seems
Then some bolly and maybe a spa
What is that dark shape I spy from afar
Oh Mr More...
I've built up some layers of frost for today
As we move closer to the amazon no delay
We are having a masked ball on this night
So feel free to give terrible fright
The music is going to be Chopin or Proust
So join in the fun and come for a joust
Deck the cabins with flowers and More...
Oh I have seen some jolly fun
and now the party has truly begun
creaking and shining I will stay right here
as I get polished from all that beer
swishing my decks polished and clean
tread on me carefully I know where you've been
thees ocolate spa is very sticky
it as got in places that ees a leetle bit icky
it as made my skin glow with delight
and now i am ready for tonight
mambo, salsa, tango and the twist
mon dieu thees kahlua as made me, ow you say???...peesed
Oh dearie me, I'm so perplexed
with all that's happening on the decks
ice ball fluff is eating jam
Hugh has turned into roast ham
Lady Ice has put on a mask
and says this cruise is full of class
a black shape creeps beneath the hold
is that sub going to zap us?
would it be More...
a dress-up party,
oh, I can't wait!!
I shall arrive early,
and party 'till late!!!
I'll drink, and I'll eat,
Till my belly sticks out!!
so don't worry I'll be there,
and for that theres no doubt!!!
Here I am sitting at the Bar
Looking at Bumpkin what a star
The Pina colada’s and bolly is nice
And the Chippendales have added some spice.
Look at Penguin what a Fairy
Him and alcohol now that is scary
Overboard the Penguin must go
Common’ Bumpkin your moving slow
Ooops More...
Sir, I spy a ship - the Lady Sudoku. They're doing funny things in the riggin'.

Perhaps we could go along side and store ship - they have a penguin there who's sozzled - poultry for tea would boost the crews moral.

Or we could just sink her - one torpedo wold do!!

Aye Aye! Capt'n

Star pickets and dog fencing Baz. Don't need concrete/cement. It's just a barrier, I don't need to keep a lion in. I rent and I am not spending $$$$$$ on fencing for a place that isn't mine and I also want to take it with me if/when I move on. The gate is second hand (Mark's Mum's)so cost nothing More...
why can't Mark do it?
sorry Deb, don't like to boast but that's a cocky fence, or temporary fence, and I put them up all the time on my own.You can also put in a cocky gate.
CURIOUS...You would have to go back in the archives and read to find out why Mark can't do it. Don't feel like going into it all again.
Hey Celia...a cocky fence? Is that for real? Wow! Where would I get a cocky gate from then? Bunnings?
A touch of hocolate
in my hair
I thought I’d washed
But obviously not there

And look there’s my dress
All clean once more
And hanging up now
Not still on the floor

That Biggles is a sweetie
Looks after me so well
He’s gone to fetch me More...
Oh Yawn Oh Dear!
What a dream I’ve had
Of ice, more ice and icicles
I’ve overslept a tad
Icicles are wrapped in me
Its plain for all to see
I dipped in Jamison theres no doubt
A man esteemed, a man with clout
What goes on on this pleasant cruise
I must find out gently peruse
While turning my full glacial head
I have not long turned out of my fair bed
I will More...
I vote we eat the penguin!!
And every mouthful savour
It's sure to taste of chicken
with a prawn and bolly flavour
Oh Cherry Pie such a tempting name
your scarlet shoe its such a shame
Take one of mine a glacier toe
It'll take you where you must go
I'll see you at the ball tonight
I'm sure your'll overcome your plight
With new shoes your'll find a man
Tall and dashing here take my fan
So i get dressed for this blinding night,
silver and sequined shining bright.
sleek and smooth against my skin,
hollywood tape and safety pins.

my blonde hair so long and straight,
bring it on men; but you will have to wait.
i tend to dance nice and slow,
moving my hips to More...
Biggles, where's my breakfast?
I want bacon and scrambled eggs
And on the plate beside it
I want one of penguin's legs.

A roasted penguin drumstick
and pengiun pate on toast
Let's not waste that flavour
Now put him on to Roast!!

We do not fear the veiled torpedo threat
For we are not done, no not done yet
I have lowered glaciers all around
This dark dark vessel will come a ground
Captain William is in the know
and has been watching from the bow
Riggings set and traps a plenty
Cannons set to fire we More...
allo allo, oo ees thees chip and dale? They ave no cloths on but a small leetle peese of cloth around their boobles, they ave very nice bon bons, non?
pardonez moi Cherie Pie
Poopie as ad too much ocolate and ees not well
but I am drunk and appy as ell
thees ammock is swaying side to More...
2:39 btime ecer, I think Chilly on Philly this morning but still a beautiful fall morning Enjoy all!
Crysophere, Thankyou kindly
For the offer of your shoe
But Biggles will scrub mine clean again
He'll sort that doggie doo

Or else he'll fly to the nearest cobbler
And order another pair
Your shoes blue ice
Are oh so nice
But they hardly match what I wear.

Oh there you are Biggles!
I knew you'd not be long
I see you have my breakfast
with coffee hot and strong.

I see it's missing Penguin
But the toast and eggs will do.
Penguin we can roast for tea
If we can get him away from Fa nny La Rue.

You really are a More...
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