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Easy Sudoku for 27/January/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Sorry for the long comment but it saddens me that sudoku friends are cheated by silly cowardly interlopers!!!!
Any tricks or tips to share? I am new to this game--how do you finish so fast...4:14 argh.
Michelle keep practicing you will get faster and 4.14 is not a bad time!!!
3:35 with a laptop touchpad. it looks like deboullie mountian in maine
jack r u here
Hi Warren from Phila., my wife and I moved from Springfield to Fl. July 2005. I agree with Kathy, you made a very good point. Kathy my wife works days, but takes a lot of call because she has 10 plus years on the heart team which is almost unheard-of. We keep saying we must see the Bodies exhibit More...
Hi all! 2 something today - late doing puzzles, too much work, so little time - glad the fires are out in Oz, and I'll second Warren for the good guys list!
Warren from Philly. Thank you for your calming thoughts. The lack of voice inflection and facial expression has been a problem with emails since they became popular. And, it is just human nature that we will get a person coming into our (sudokuland) attempting to disrupt what we do have because More...
dave are u still here
Hi all
Just popped into the chatroom, a word of caution, the discussion is pretty graphic, I just went in and out, it is by 'poop' & 'srx'. I didn't get a hi just 'who's LK' so I guess i disrupted their personal conversation
They have been reported as abusive to Gath and I am sure he will deal with them when he gets up this morning and sees what has been happening. By the way, they are gone from the chatroom.
Thanks for the information. I couldn't believe it when I was there for just a minute, what potty mouths! Think I will go see if nice people are in the chatroom
4:14 Wish my back permitted me to paddle my 'pointy' boat.
Who was posting using my name on page 1? Wasn't me who answered 'gday mate'. Yvette is right - if you're a supporting member, only your own posts will show that.....
I would like to kayak in Costa Rica. My wife went white water rafting for 15 days on the Colorado River with our neice, loved it. She also spent 17 days in Tailand with someone she meet rafting. She also loved that experience. I would like to offer a big thank you to all who care so much about people you have never meet, it's a beautiful thing from beautiful people.
3:35... I am totally warm!
3:06 Getting closer to the 3:00 barrier. From what I've read today and glossing over yesterday's comments I must agree with the protests. It takes a lot to offend me as I've been around the block a few but I will say (for the record) that some of the comments from the offender(s) both disappointed More...
And Oh.... nice pic; reminds me of Lake Conjola on our NSW South Coast although the house is not familiar.
2:12 EASY..............
3:49. A few months ago I wouldn't have believed it was possible to fill in all the possibilties and solve a Sudoku in under 4 mins.
Lk from MN; sorry I neglected you in the chatroom. All of a sudden my cell phone AND the home phone rang. I can't do all that multitasking!
Not a problem, it just me more time to fight with this new program! it still isn't working, I am about ready to give up and call tech support, the HELP category is NO help at all, nothing suggested works!=(
hi suzanne, busy today?
it is very hard to get the answer when I do the hard level.
To Kathy Florida
thank you for your thoughts on My Country the poem and also good wishes for Australia Day it is much appreciated as were all the other lovely comments on yesterday.
the unfortunate imposter last night was really rude both in the chatroom and on the comments page.
Jaz and Maggie and Christina who post on here always would not offend anyone.
yay 10:40!!!!best time ever
tried to mail you - it didn't work - are you a com.au at the end?
I left last night as I was tired of the imposter stirring up trouble between our regulars and newbies alike.
hopefully they have now had their fun and will leave this lovely friendly site for all of us who enjoy each others contact to do so.
have a lovely day/night one and all
ps the fires More...
I could do with a hot sunny aussie summer day
to fiona
yes .com.au
that's what I wrote! It came back! Will try again tomorrow - 10.30pm here and I'm going to bed with a good book - see you later - have a good day.
3.53 - Got a little lost along the way.
to fiona try it with or without the .au and see
check back later for a chat
good night fiona
hey whats up casey i love you so much and you sound mad ok so ont be lol i hope this works
WOW whats up guys ... but casey are u mad at me ... i didnt see anyof my friends and yea so sorry if u are
I was right behind you as soon as I got back, I may check back later
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