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Easy Sudoku for 27/January/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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You may correct me any time you like.

You may correct me any time you like. English is not my strong suit. Your comment showed me you are a good person who did not mean to upset me. I admire you for that. This is a good ending. I often do need someone to watch over me, we all do.

I'm sorry today hasn't been much fun for some of you but I thoroughly enjoyed the beach party from the sidelines. I hope to join in with some future cyberparty if possible
Thank you Ed.I am stuck at home and up at odd hours of the day and night looking after a baby and missing my work teaching English.Are you sure that I won't take the fun out of commenting?You sound like a very nice man so I thank you for accepting my apology.I think my baby is asleep so I might follow her. I am real tired.
Welcome Victoria from Fernlands Qld! Glad you joined us. Today has not been a good example of our usual banter. But if you've been reading for awhile you know we are usually friendlier & more light hearted. As in real life there are good days & bad days, I guess. Mostly we all just like to relax & have fun here & meet nice people from all over the world.
Welcome to Carli from NSW, too. Will await sweta's reply about pronunciation of MAEN. I'm not even sure how to pronounce sudoku. I hear many different variations. Anybody care to clarify?
I am a 10 year old boy and i can finish a easy puzzle!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Australia day
Congrats. to you Peter. Welcome to Victoria, you can always count on Kathy to offer the best words of wisdom. I have learned from her. Well I am off to bed, I wish everyone a good MAEN.
WOW.I have been waiting to see if any-one would reply and you did!I know sudoku is pronounced soo dough koo with the emphasis on the middle sylable because I looked it up.Many of our firefighters have rushed to Victoria as there are still 15 communities under threat.There wasn't enough rain and More...
6:48 and thats the best ive done yet, yah
Sorry for ignoring you in the chat Dave, a visitor came to the door and by the time I was finished - I had timed out and you were gone.

talk later
Several besides you have mentioned that the fire threat is not over. Am sure this is a scary & sad time for many in that area. Here in Florida we mostly deal with hurricanes, but there are many other kinds of disasters elsewhere in the world that are equally awful. My sympathy to all who are facing fear & destruction.
Hi Carli, Here in Western Vic, we certainly appreciate the assistance from other states. This is a horrific time and unfortunately, the lightning is still striking. As the weeks go on, we will hear many more horrible stories - I have already heard a few stories of callous thieves etc. More...
I have waited up until 11:30 P.M. for today's TV coverage of the Open to begin. I was hoping to see the women's doubles final which Stosur & Raymond are just starting to play right now. But oh no, all they are showing tonight is highlights of the previous matches. So guess I will go to bed & look for the scores on the computer when I get up. Good luck Sam & Lisa! Good MAEN to everybody else.
Thats unfortuante that they are not showing an important match as that. I am watching it. It is 4pm Australian time and Stosur and Raymond won the first set and is leading 2-0 in the second.
Thanks Col for letting me know what happened...no problem. Talk to you later. I was just on Yahoo IM talking to LK from MN about the problems on the chat today. Now I'm catching up on the comments.
how can you still be up after midnite?
I'm winding down and not good for much after 9 p.m. Of course a day of first graders, parent meetings, and a 2-hour doctor visit will do that to you!
I always enjoy your comments, even tho' I'm not a tennis fan, the world-wide responses are lots of fun.
Off and snoozing...
Colleen. I feel for everyone in Victoria affected by the fires having lived thru some of the same kind of lighting strike fires here in the US. The work done by the firefighters and all the volunteers supporting them is just amazing. I have a huge respect for them.
Hung over and did it in 1:34 and people say grog isnt good for you!
Oh, Kathy, bad news. Raymond and Stosur lost in 3 sets. It was probably good that you went to bed instead!
3:50 - Too much time wasted looking for empty boxes!
4:36 How long do you have to play this game to crack 4 minutes?????
Hi Everyone,

Fixed the broken 'Home' link on the chat site. Thanks to those who reported it.

It's too hot here in Melbourne

Happy New Year Wished I could get to San Francisco to celebrate. Enjoy, and have a prosperous new year.
Lamest picture ever. 0:25
3:06 A better time today.
Got on this morning at 8am and there were 4 pages of comments already. Some not very nice ones! Hope it is all behind us now. Have just been to the chat room and nobody there...ho hum..
want a chat deb
2 47
2:24 had a nice day today hehehe..
looks like i wanna play table tennis..
Heyyy..Lots of greetings from Turkiye to all Sudoku fans:)and Depeche mode fans esp.:)
Your are all mad!

Membership all sorted now, Thanks Gath
From now on the only authentic posts from me will be as a Supporting Member.

Tomorrow is a new day. Thank you one & all

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