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Easy Sudoku for 27/January/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Good morning people of the world.
27/Jan/11 12:00 AM
27/Jan/11 12:00 AM
At the moment, I think the square of the day just belongs to my niece.
27/Jan/11 12:00 AM
Good Maen friends!
Remember the kitten Kathy named for me a few months ago?...the one you were all so generously submitting suggestions? Well, PETRUCCIO is on a web site to be voted for.
27/Jan/11 12:13 AM
I will load up a picture of him on my page. I ask all of you who can to go to the link above and vote for him. The non-profit that runs our shelter (where he came from) could win $10,000! They could use it - we are full up with animals More...
27/Jan/11 12:15 AM
I could take you home Bryn. Good morningKaren and Shiela. Also all those still to visit.
27/Jan/11 12:15 AM
I will vote at a later time Vici. Bit late to do all the 'joining'.
27/Jan/11 12:18 AM
Good Morning, Bryn!
27/Jan/11 12:19 AM
Oh my! Bryn could EASILY win that photo contest!
27/Jan/11 12:20 AM
Thank you, thank you, June - hope you have a restful sleep!
Wondering how everyone's Australia Days were. The cannon fire and 30 minute fly overs were a bit disruptive to the tennis quarter finals, but hey, it was for a good reason!
27/Jan/11 12:22 AM
Morning all - I want this puppy!

Vici - I just voted ... thanks for reminding us. Good luck!
27/Jan/11 12:30 AM
Good Morning to everyone.

Vici - Lots of luck! i hope Petruccio wins!
27/Jan/11 12:37 AM
1:48. everyone.
27/Jan/11 12:38 AM
I voted for the sweet Petruccio, Vici!
27/Jan/11 12:48 AM
Good Maen, good people. Fast puzzle this morning.
27/Jan/11 12:50 AM

Pretty dog. Max wants her!
27/Jan/11 12:52 AM
Is there a recipe for Pavlova in the recipe book or one which anyone on site would recommend as definitive?
27/Jan/11 12:52 AM
I also am putting dibs on the dog - looks like my Buffy - my brother's dog who we babysat one time when I was a child -- Dave never picked up Buffy -- my family babysat her for about 16 years !! Buffy was a very good dog but a dumb one.
27/Jan/11 12:53 AM
Plum - Cockatoo Gail makes a fabulous Pavlova...I know from personal experience!
Thanks to all of you who are voting for our little Petruccio on the link posted above on post #5...he has 7 votes so far!
27/Jan/11 1:09 AM
Cute dog! What a sweet face!
(Almost as cute as Vici's cat, Petruccio - have you voted?)
27/Jan/11 1:09 AM
27/Jan/11 1:09 AM
27/Jan/11 1:10 AM
VOTE, VOTE, VOTE. Just a click a person and it will help the cause of animals who have no one else in the world.
27/Jan/11 1:15 AM
Petruccio got my vote too. Brings it up to eight.
27/Jan/11 1:18 AM
I watched (and heard) Obama's speech on TV.

He is a very compelling orator and exhibits philosophical vision.
However, I was a bit too overcome by his visions about 'the American dream'.

In UK we do not have a 'British Dream'.

I have found a reason why we do not have a More...
27/Jan/11 1:20 AM
Yes patriotism knows/needs no language..
27/Jan/11 1:25 AM
good maen from foggy Portland, Oregon.
27/Jan/11 1:28 AM
HI all! Interesting comment Rayray...
Yesterday's puzzle must have been dead easy as the inbox was overflowing with answers from Plum, Hal, Judy, Sarah, lonewoof, Captain J, GmJackie, Pahntom, Eve, and Greg who produced the following:
1. Fabric,
2. Thirst,
3. Alumna,
4. Define,
5. Astute,
6. Hijack.
27/Jan/11 1:28 AM
Phantom, not Pahntom! Same difference!
27/Jan/11 1:29 AM
Here's today's mystery riddle. I'm not sure how easy this will be for certain nationalities...answers to the map of the States inbox please!
"A punk who was caught holding up a filling station yesterday has confessed to several unsolved crimes," Inspector Winters said to Dr. More...
27/Jan/11 1:36 AM
Vici - I voted then spread the word through my real life facebook account.

Speaking of animal rescue:


See if you can spot the goat. That's a favorite pass-time in our house. We watch movies and then all call out "goat" whenever we see a goat. It's amazing. I have a list of hundreds of films that have goats in them.
27/Jan/11 1:40 AM
I can see Phantom having fun with the idea I have a "real life." I like my Plum of a life in Sudokuland pretty well. It requires no tax returns or other such unpleasantness.
27/Jan/11 1:43 AM

I didn't mean to select 3 of these but what the heck?
27/Jan/11 1:44 AM
Fiona what's hominy-is that grits (YUK)--and does it matter for the riddle?
27/Jan/11 1:50 AM
Old Hickory, the morning wake-up I song starts out with Goodmorning, goodmorning, goodmorning, so your greeting is prefect for me.
27/Jan/11 1:51 AM
Vibrant, your site said I was #11. Good luck.
27/Jan/11 1:51 AM
Ceri I think it's the same as grits, but no doubt the yanks will put me right on that one!
27/Jan/11 1:53 AM
Ceri, it is nasty stuff. It reminds me of a big kernal of corn that is as hard as rock and smells and taste spoiled.
Just my opinion. Man loves the stuff, but he is strange.
27/Jan/11 1:54 AM
An act of kindness, was bestowed on me this morning. Though it was no big deal, it has changed my attitude from ho-hum Wednesday to, Oh what a great day.
I am a big believer in Don't Drive and Talk, especially when my precious cargo is in the vehicle. Man knows I am driving from 7:30 to 8:20, More...
27/Jan/11 2:01 AM
Well, while I am here, might as well...
27/Jan/11 2:02 AM
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