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Easy Sudoku for 27/December/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Kate ,had not heard of Wauk Ivory , looked it up on Whereis, you had a long drive there and back.
27/Dec/12 7:02 AM
Well look at that, turned the page and didn't know it.lol
27/Dec/12 7:03 AM
Sorry Heidi.
27/Dec/12 7:04 AM
Can I cp ???
27/Dec/12 7:05 AM
Yes I can .
27/Dec/12 7:05 AM
A young blonde named Babbette finds that her business has gone bust and with other serious financial trouble. Desperate, she begins to pray... 'God, please help me. I've lost my business and if I don't get some money, I'm going to lose my house as well. Please let me win the lotto.'
Lotto night More...
27/Dec/12 7:05 AM
Don't apologize, Amelia. I didn't want the TOPP. I set it up for someone who did want it. I'm surprised Karen or HalT didn't jump in.
27/Dec/12 7:13 AM
27/Dec/12 7:14 AM
27/Dec/12 7:14 AM
The weather is atrocious here... rain, sleet, freezing rain and snow all at the same time. I decided to spend the day inside as much as I can.
27/Dec/12 7:15 AM
3.43 what a stupid mistake! The lesson is don't do sudoku on your iPad, in bed, half asleep!
Beautiful oranges, made my mouth water
27/Dec/12 7:17 AM
Kathy/Maryland well you asked for it. We love puns!
We eat a rolled kelp which we call kobu and it's in the word yoroKOBU which mean joy! We have a sweetened black bean dish we call kuroMAME and mame means good health. We eat tazukuri, baby dried anchovies, roasted and coated with sweet More...
27/Dec/12 7:26 AM
That is great, Shosho! I'm going to have to think of foods that can be served that can signify a New Year wish of love, health, prosperity, happiness, etc. Hmmmm.

LOVE - my grandmother had a wonderful recipe for beef HEART and gravy that I haven't made in years....
HEALTH - Easy, More...
27/Dec/12 8:14 AM
Back again, from home, and just before I head to bed - goodnight!
27/Dec/12 8:43 AM
everyone. I hope everyone has enjoyed their festivities.
27/Dec/12 11:53 AM
We were enjoying a nice relaxing time walking the dog last night when a big dog escaped from its yard and attacked our little dog on its lead. Hubby just happened to be between the 2 dogs and is now laid up for 3 days with a nasty dog bite to the leg! Our Jack Russell's head was in the other dog's More...
27/Dec/12 11:58 AM
We have decided to buy a Lotto ticket this week, hoping for a change of luck!
27/Dec/12 12:01 PM
I'm just thankful that it wasn't any worse. The doctor said it was the worst dog bite that he had seen in a long time and would have been enough to severely maim or kill a child.
27/Dec/12 12:04 PM
What is that person doing with a vicious dog like that? It's obviously not sufficiently controlled. And the next person it attacks could possibly be a child. I hope it's owner does the right thing and has that dog put down. There is no room on this planet for a dangerous animal like that. Your husband could have been killed, Sacky.
27/Dec/12 12:55 PM
And I'm a dog lover!
27/Dec/12 12:56 PM
27/Dec/12 1:20 PM
Good Afternoon everyone.
27/Dec/12 1:26 PM
1:29. Good afternoon everyone. I'm a little late getting on the site today. After my slightly longer-than-normal run this morning (12km) and subsequent cooling down, etc. I was trying to secure a really nice alto saxophone from Sydney at a really good price (still waiting) then my eldest son and I More...
27/Dec/12 1:27 PM
Me too Heidi. That dog has come out lots of times before and has always gone back when we have sent it. The owners are responsible people and are deciding between confining it in a large yard and only having it inside with them and destroying it. I have every faith that they will ensure it can't happen again. I still feel sick though.
27/Dec/12 1:36 PM
Everybody. I'm glad so many seem to have thoroughly enjoyed their holiday.
27/Dec/12 2:56 PM
Sacky - I'm so sorry to hear about your husband being bitten by the dog. Did he have to get lots of stitches? You said he'd be laid up 3 days. I would think it could be even more depending up if the bite got any muscle tissue.
27/Dec/12 2:58 PM
They wouldn't stitch it yesterday, Dottie, because of the germs on the dog's teeth. They may choose to stitch it tomorrow when he goes back to get the dressing changed. It's quite deep in the calf muscle. Dr. said up to 6 weeks to heal. I reckon 3 days will be his limit. He was bored before he got out of bed ths morning!
27/Dec/12 3:06 PM
Hi Sacky - what a horrible way to spend Christmas! It happened to my husband, too, a few years ago when he was riding his bicycle to work - ripped his calf & almost pulled him off the bike! Had to have a tetanus shot, antibiotics, stitches... It had run at him before as well, & he'd seen it have a More...
27/Dec/12 3:23 PM
This dog had never been threatening and the owners were there. Tetanus and antibiotics and no stitches so far. It's a very scary thing to happen. When I walk our dog tonight it will be interesting to how we both feel. Got to do it though I'll be on my own.
27/Dec/12 3:28 PM
Kate, your husband should have good weather for his walk, though its a bit windy today. I have a friend who sometimes acts as a porter on both the Bay of Fires and the Cradle Mountain Overland walks. It's a good way to see the state as long as you are fit enough to carry 2 people's loads.
27/Dec/12 3:33 PM
Good night people of the world.
27/Dec/12 3:56 PM
Sacky - I hope for you and your husband's sake, it happens to be his left leg. Otherwise, you'll have to chauffeur him for the whole 6 weeks. I wish him well at the doctor's tomorrow and hope the pain isn't too great.
27/Dec/12 3:59 PM
Thank you, Dottie. Right leg but will probably only need to drive him for a week or so.
27/Dec/12 4:20 PM
Oh Sacky, what a horrible experience! Scary what animal attacks can do. Do be careful, carry a big stick! Use it as a walking stick until the needs come to use it as a club!
27/Dec/12 4:35 PM
27/Dec/12 4:36 PM
Loved my Overland trek last April. Just enough snow to make it interesting but weather wonderful for our 4 days walking with packs
27/Dec/12 4:37 PM
It's certainly a beautiful part of the country, Margo.
27/Dec/12 4:40 PM
Sacky, thinking of you, your poor hubby and your JR :(
27/Dec/12 5:56 PM
It's time to say goodbye...
27/Dec/12 5:59 PM
...to page 3.
27/Dec/12 5:59 PM
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