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Easy Sudoku for 27/May/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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TO DEB from Brisbane: Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy your holiday.
I believe the term you are refering to is Renal Agenisis. The medical field is much more careful with antibiotics these days, so there shouldn't be a problem with the teeth. Prayers for the little guy...what a tough way to start in this world!
Now, now folks,....... or should I say children....don't send a child in when the situation calls for a full grown WOMAN/man.....conje...fornic....lay...ge tting...being....?????hmmmmmmmm Let's get it right or its not worth all of the chatter....lol
Warm and wonderful day!
I'm sure you are aware, the President Bush joke, was a true story. What a guy.

Thank you for the kind words.

Hey y'all. 3:43 tonight. Is that a sunset over a snowy farm?
MAMACITA: You are so funny, Little Mamma! You always wrap up every discussion with your own unique brand of succinctness! So, along the same lines ... did the bubbly work?? :)
I must agree with you after I looked the word up, Mamacita has a unique brand of succinctness.
Barb said doesn't it bother you that you have to look all these words up. I said h**l no it never prevented me from getting or being -----.
ED: As well it shouldn't. Words aren't always necessary. LOL
Have a Great Victoria Day weekend all you Canadians. We Canadians also get a long week-end.
3:25 - Great way to have a Saturday morning coffee.

To all the linguists, grammatists, conjugatists, I think there are local dialects for such things.

In NT, the correct past and present tense is 'bin'; I bin___, you bin__, he bin__, (she is also he bin__)we bin__, they bin___... though what Bin Laden would think of this I'm not sure.
Ed from Florida:
I just read the archives, and I too wondered about that song on 'Conviction'. I was trying to find it on-line but thus far, I have been unsuccessful. I did, however, read that NBC is cancelling the show for next year. Just when we were starting to enjoy it.
Judy, do you remember the song 'imagination'? Use yours! lol! Bubby is good!
TO FI: Ooh, ooh!! I want to conjugate in NT!! Um-m ... where is 'NT'? Lot of that going on there? :)
Ed; Tell Barb that I admire the scholarly approach. When in doubt, check it out! Super job Ed!
Judy go to the chatroom.
Susan/Ingham - Did I pass the test? As you can see, I do read the comments, even pressing more. I believe that is Susan 1 - beehive 1.

Deb - My eldest, though not born with one kidney, was born with 2 ureters coming from one of his kidneys causing reflux. Luckily it was picked up very early More...
Um-m ... WHO is asking me to go to the chatroom? I'm going to have dinner but will be back in a while ...
nothing wrong with the picture all is well love sudoku
To Judy from San Diego;It was hard and I needed tutoring the first year and summer classes while working but the second year went smoothly.My sons went to a special program called TAMS. They council the gifted and start college at 16. There were even a few 14 year old students there. They all are More...
Aileen...try this site (ww.simicajun.org) and you'll get an idea. We haven't been in the past two yrs as we were out of town, but we have always enjoyed it. Lots of good food, people, booths and music
Sorry everyone :-{ don't like bragging. I am proud of my sons accomplishments though.We helped 3 other boys in Sherman go to Texas Academy of Math and Science and 2 are at MIT and one is at Southern Cal.Also one of my sons friends rode to Alaska last year to match Adam. He didn't say much about it More...
JEANNETTE: You AREN'T bragging about your kids ... I asked! Where did they go to college?
Happy Birthday to the two of you(Deb and Dave) and many many more.
It not bragging it's being deservebly proud, as you should be.

Artist-David Gray. The song Slow Motion, from the 2005 GREAT album Life In Slow Motion. If you like that one get A New Day at Midnight. He's Irish with a stunning voice and great writing ability.

They started at TAMS at University of North Texas then Adam went on to get a Physics degree in Austin at UTAustin at 19 years old.Now he is in Electrical Engineering Grad School getting his PHD.Almost done and working as an intern this summer. My middle son is in a double degree at UTD (University More...
One exceptional fact about my sons is that they have either received scholarships or paid their own way so far without any loans. We help a little but not much.They are very independent and frugile.

Judy: Are you referring to me as a lower life form? If so, thank you. That's the nicest thing anyone's said to me all week.

P.S. We taught them NO credit cards!!!
Jeannette; Hey when the kids are smart, talk about it! The saying goes, 'if you've got, Flaunt it!' and your family certainly seems to 'have it'! The test comes in using it. With the other accomplishments that have been made, it seems that they are on the right road here also. Great goings for the More...
There are many people on this site that I would be honored to meet. I have had the pleasure of meeting Suzanne and Kathy. Hopefully I will meet more.
Wonderful stories, Jeannette. Thanks for sharing.
IAN: I have no idea of your preferred method of procreation. Don't ask, don't tell! My comments were directed at no one in particular. But whatever makes you happy, my friend!
Frugile??? Is that the American version of frugal?

It's a good thing Ed and Judy are at opposite sides of the country.
I went to a zoo the other day
There was only one dog in it
It was a s**tzou
After re-reading comments, I realise I may have been rude to some people by not replying to their comments. Well time to put it right.

Heather/Mississauga - Thank you, but we can all look after our own interests and make it a little bit easier if there is some form of convention.
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