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Easy Sudoku for 27/August/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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KIM: I think that I read not too long ago that car racing is the number one spectator sport in the World. Yeah, I guess that would count!
Divya From India: Good Maen to you!
Ok I am leaving still need to go to CPA(cereal posters anonymous) sooooooooooon.
JUDY WOW I didn't know that.
Mud Bogging and tractor pulls sound like sports to me! -
Don't leave us now! -
I still have not heard of a single Canes fan other than yours truly. Am I the only one in Sudokuland?

No wise comments from the rest!
Have a little trouble saying 'Goodbye,' KIM?? Tee hee!
Ok, then I am a cereal sports fan!
Good Maen...
chores await...

sports fans -
Yes I am JUDY. I get ready to leave and another comment pops up and I just have to say something about it, it is a real problem for me I guess.
Hi: my name is ____ and I am a CP
Ok, NAL made it off so I can do it too.
Have a great day everyone!!! Maen!!
Love Kim
You know what it is? WE HATE CHORES!
lol you didn't make it off NAL!!
You got it!!!
This is it, I am going!!!

Duplicate bridge -- a great mind sport!
Welcome, Pette! It took me about 8 months to make my first comment; now, they can't get me to shut up!
Favorites: Pro football--the American kind with my Patriots playing!
College basketball--Shockers (Wichita State)
Baseball--Red Sox, of course (not doing great right now, though)
Auto racing--Indy type
Football/soccer--any team any of my former students are on!
Judy...I grew up in San Diego (La Mesa) and remember when the Chargers came to SD. I still have a soft place in my heart for them. But I moved to the Bay Area as an adult to go to school and work, so quickly became a 49er fan, back when they still played at Kezar Stadium.
Kim...thought you would be into tractor pulls. LOL You would probably be a great driver.
Dont Drink and drive
Good Saturday Maen, all!

Nal/Miami--my son's local basketball team is the Hurricanes, so the 3 of us have UM Hurricanes T shirts that we wear to his games

Otherwise, we are UCLA Bruins fans since both of the adults met and graduated from there
and my mom is a diehard Los Angeles Dodgers fan.

About the only thing she misses about LA since we moved her down to OC is our going to see her Dodgers play (I liked their nachos with cheese sauce, salsa and jalapeno rings)!

Personally I think that in this picture there should be an uncommonly attractive male surfing and another uncommonly attractive male life guarding him.
A little light in the loafers Bob&Fred?
AILEEN: Like the Bruins ... Trojans are another matter, eh?? :)
Judy/SD: I should have said, our two favorite teams are the Bruins and 'whoever is playing USC'!!!

2:38... good mAen all

to glenn: congratulations! you are my beacon of hope for the future !
South Carolina football. We got Steve Spurrier now. And to any football fan from Buffalo, you drafted Ko Simpson this year. Keep an eye on him. He's the best free safety I have ever seen (and he's from my hometown of Rock Hill). Jonathan Joseph (also from my hometown) went to Denver (I think). He's also worth watching. They made defense football exciting last 2 years at USC.
3:03 for a time, not great but i'll take it. For me, favorite sport....cycling!! Just got back from a 51km (30 miles)ride this morning.
Done 02:57.
Hey everybody...let the games begin! I am a real Phila sports fan....way down deep. As a Philly fan we have a love/hate thing going with all of our Pro teams. We cheer them, we jeer them and we always seem to come near...however we also always seem to hear 'wait until next year'. Nevertheless, My More...
Good mAen everyone. Hope you're having a great weekend.
Welcome to the newbys, good to have you aboard. Hey Chalkboard, We can't shut you up because you have so much good stuff to say and held it in too long...lol. Gregg: Congratulations on breaking the two minutet mark. Bert: We have to try and hook up when your 'skins' meet my Eagles. I have many More...
Never have liked watching sports very much except for the free ones that my children participate in. However, I have always like to do sports of all kinds. My favorite was swimming which, unfortunately, I don't do any more because of shoulder problems. That's the problem with doing them too much - your body wears out!
I'm with you, Martha, about watching sports. All except golf, which I play as often as possible and when its raining I enjoy watching how it should be done. In fact must get to bed soon as I have an early tee off in the morning in a competition sponsored by a major insurance company. So keep your More...
Fear the Turtle UM is University of Maryland. The other UM (Miami)is a great team but the slogan 'Fear the Turtle' has to count for somthing.
Jim, with UM College Park right down the street on Rt. 1, I 'fear the turtle' all right. The traffic congestion is fierce.

Mamacita, Skins/Eagles... 'sounds like a plan!
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