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Easy Sudoku for 27/August/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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27/Aug/09 3:35 AM
AWWWWW - He looks like a nice buddy!

Good Afternoon everyone. We just came home from Flint. We have stopped at Aldi's, found gas for 2.39/gallon, Water softener salt, and Sam's Club. Whew, now it is break time!!!! I think I am getting old, I feel like I have done a full day's work!!!! But everything is put away!
27/Aug/09 5:08 AM
Ooh, Debby. Gasoline at 2.39/gallon? That lets you put away a few bucks to order dessert at Clara's on the River. What will it be? (I want to know if you should tell the waiter to bring an extra spoon for me so we can share. )
27/Aug/09 5:16 AM
Hi Plum! We were amazed at the price and had to wait for our turn at the pump. We couldn't resist topping off the tank at that price!
27/Aug/09 5:26 AM
Plum - I hope you like chocolate!!!!
27/Aug/09 5:27 AM
Kudos to 30 year old school teacher Paula Stephanson from Belleville, Ontario, who swam across Lake Michigan (from Chicago to Michigan City, Indiana) in 25 hours and 38 minutes. She is only the second person to swim across all of the five Great Lakes. The first person was another Canadian woman, More...
27/Aug/09 5:28 AM
Hello Bobbi!!! I hope all is well down in your part of the world. Rick and I are heading down to Florida in October. We are keeping our fingers crossed that there will be no hurricanes!!!
27/Aug/09 5:29 AM
Oh Greg!!! I can't imagine swimming across Lake Superior! Hats off to that girl!!!!
27/Aug/09 5:31 AM
Sorry, that is Cathy in Hamilton (or somewhere down there in Southern Ontario where the weather is better!!).
27/Aug/09 5:31 AM
Happy Dance!
I was able to figure out Glenn's puzzle!(at least I think it's right)
Now people, I only have one answer to MY easy, simple, SHORT, brain teaser. Surely those who have answered Glenn's massive tome can figure out mine!
It's 2 lousy lines for goodness sakes! Get on with it!!
27/Aug/09 5:46 AM
Can I dance too?

I'm gonna, with or w/o permission...

27/Aug/09 6:03 AM
CG, I've seen the animal quiz berore, and still failed, miserably.
27/Aug/09 6:05 AM
Well Kathy, I'm sure it's just a matter of time before folks send you answers for your riddle.
27/Aug/09 6:06 AM
That's okay Jerry. We all know you're a "professional" dancer AND a "professional" pot-stirrer.
27/Aug/09 6:09 AM
Hello, everyone! I feel as if I've been banished to Siberia. Jaime has been hogging the computer the past few days. (And he is NOT a computer person, so you wouldn't believe all the moans, groans and yelling!) But he's matching a winery with a distributor for a finder's fee, so I have no problemo! If the deal goes through, we might splurge and buy a second computer! LOL
27/Aug/09 7:03 AM
Plum - I got your message, and I am getting very exciting about meeting up with all you Michiganders! Clara's sounds terrific. Can't wait!
27/Aug/09 7:06 AM
"excited", not "exciting". See what happens when you don't spend enough time on the computer? You forget how to type!!!
27/Aug/09 7:07 AM
27/Aug/09 8:11 AM
Is everybody here, from the States, aware that Teddy Kennedy passed away?
27/Aug/09 8:15 AM
to all, it is almost 5:30 and we are waiting for the contractor to show up.
27/Aug/09 8:18 AM
Morning - as usual body is up, brain still lagging. I'll go have some breakfast, and see if that helps.
27/Aug/09 9:27 AM
We are here in Oz, Heidi. That sad news has been front and centre on every newspaper, TV and Radio News, news websites etc since it happened yesterday.
27/Aug/09 9:30 AM
1:56 Good morning everyong.
27/Aug/09 9:34 AM
everyone! not everyong.
27/Aug/09 9:35 AM
I don't know, Anne ... I'm quite proud to be an ong ...
27/Aug/09 10:32 AM
I'm still in classes for writer's workshop. And I should be writing my final draft right now since I will be reading it to an audience tomorrow. I don't think that I'm brave, I just stuck my
27/Aug/09 10:32 AM

Little problem if you go to Vietnam..."ong" is the polite form of address to a man, as in 'chao ong.'

27/Aug/09 11:08 AM

or more correctly, Chào ông
27/Aug/09 11:11 AM
Good Morning everyone
27/Aug/09 11:24 AM


"Ông is the term to address elderly men (aged around 50). Bà is the term to address elderly ladies (aged around 45)."

27/Aug/09 11:31 AM
Hi all
27/Aug/09 11:40 AM
I think I would take exception to being called elderly at those ages. I don't think people are elderly until they are around 70.
I had a great aunt who was in her late 70s and used to talk about going to visit the old people in the nursing home. As a teenager, I found that pretty amusing.
27/Aug/09 11:42 AM
Now everyone who is around 70 will be taking exception to me calling them elderly.
I'm sure elderly is a concept of the mind. Most days I feel quite young and wonder why my body can't do the sorts of things my mind suggests I should be able to do.

27/Aug/09 11:45 AM
Victoria, my grandmother was the same way. She would drive across town everyday to sit with a lady that could not get around by herself. Grandma said you have to take care of the elderly. My grandma was 80 at the time and the woman she cared for was 87.
27/Aug/09 12:02 PM
Similar but simpler problems to Glen's yesterday, for those a little more mathimatically callenged.(I be ill)
+ BB

and slightly harder (send more money)
27/Aug/09 12:10 PM
Oops I am spelling challenged
27/Aug/09 12:11 PM
Good Afternoon All, cannot stop back to work for me.
27/Aug/09 12:31 PM
I had foot surgery today for a bunion, and I'm grounded for about a month. Hope to be able to start skiing early in the season..!
27/Aug/09 1:10 PM
Puns for the educated:
1. The roundest knight at King Arthur's round table was --
--Sir Cumference. He acquired his size from too much pi.

2. I thought I saw an eye doctor on an Alaskan island, --
--but it turned out to be an optical Aleutian.

3. She was only a whiskey More...
27/Aug/09 1:11 PM
I've been liking the contributed math puzzles. Haven't done the other sudoku pages, but taking little breaks during the day to have been saving my sanity. Glenn went away before getting my (correct) answer. I'm sending vdV my answer. And Kathy -- well, I can't figure a math answer so it's probably a trick of some sort. Just haven't put my brain into gear for hers yet.
27/Aug/09 1:14 PM
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