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Easy Sudoku for 28/January/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Oi, oi, oi!
28/Jan/14 6:05 AM
And a CP!
28/Jan/14 6:05 AM
Serena's puzzle is easy if you have enough jars and pencils in the cupboard.
28/Jan/14 6:20 AM
I got my mpm to the doctor for her first physical under Kaiser care. First had to get her from the nursing home where an orderly had to help me get her into the car. Then to Kaiser facility where all the nurses and orderlies were busy with patients so the manager of the facility had to help me! Always go for the top ranks!
28/Jan/14 6:23 AM
Then the reverse for going home! But I have to say everyone in both facilities were not only gracious but downright kind and helpful. The people at Kaiser went out of their way to help me over the rough spots saying they didn't want to be paid until all matters were straightened out even after I offered. I hear of HMOs getting too big and impersonal, but I've had the opposite experience!
28/Jan/14 6:26 AM
28/Jan/14 6:27 AM
Yes, I've been trying to get everyone to talk to the others and I've failed there at times but each time people were apologetic and made arrangements to make things easier for me. I know I've groused about being put on ignore but I understand the volume of calls so . . . I'll still grouse but be understanding.
28/Jan/14 6:29 AM
Jamie, I don't want to 'count' the preservers. I just want to eat them!
28/Jan/14 6:56 AM
Family site - no comment, Greg.
28/Jan/14 7:45 AM
Not sure if this kitty is naughty or thirsty.
28/Jan/14 8:03 AM
Good morning everyone. High fire danger day across the whole state today. Most places over 30 today with string gusty winds. When Kathy and Jane get here, everything will be dry and brown.
28/Jan/14 8:09 AM
Hello everyone!
Left for the River Wednesday evening when P got home from work. Came back yesterday. 11 dinner guests on Saturday evening - after some very warm days ended up with a cool one Saturday, so we pulled the clear wet-weather blinds down & still had dinner on the veranda!
28/Jan/14 8:09 AM
Hi Sacky - fingers & toes crossed that there'll be a bit of rain to green the place up & it'll then be beautiful Autumn weather - sunny but a bit cool in the evenings!
28/Jan/14 8:13 AM
Hubby is packing up early from his fishing trip. Lake Burbury was not good fishing, unlike Peter's trip to Lake Pedder. He talked to 6 other groups of fishermen and only 1 fish had been caught over 3 days. Most unusual!
28/Jan/14 8:13 AM
Welcome back, Kate! I missed you.
28/Jan/14 8:14 AM
We went to Wiseman's ferry yesterday and thought of you Kate. The cicadas were quite vocal.
28/Jan/14 8:15 AM
Watering and housework are on the agenda today. I don't think there'll be fish for tea though.
28/Jan/14 8:15 AM
Hi Sacky!
That's definitely an understatement, June!!! It was like having 101 F111s doing small circles above us all day & evening!!!!
28/Jan/14 8:34 AM
Hal - To answer your question, Chris recently greeted everyone at 12:00 and announced that he had completed the Easy Sudoku at 7:25am. By my calculations, he took 7:25 to complete it.
28/Jan/14 9:01 AM
Yesterday I visited the Platypus House at Beauty Point, on the Tamar River. The platypuses wouldn't stay still enough for a photo, but the very tame echidnas did! I've put a couple of pics on my page. It is a very unique animal. It has a cloaca like a bird, lays eggs like a reptile/bird, has More...
28/Jan/14 9:11 AM
Sorry for the lecture, but yesterday's visit was fascinating!
28/Jan/14 9:11 AM
Kathy - I was barracking for Li Na and 'Stan The Man' too. Unfortunately, both victories felt a bit hollow because their opponents did not play the best tennis that we all know they are capable of doing.

I particularly liked those outcomes because there were new faces on the Podium. It's More...
28/Jan/14 9:21 AM
Me too, Doug. It's time for some new names to be in the limelight.
28/Jan/14 9:46 AM
Doug & Sacky - I agree completely. I nearly always roo( almost said that wrong word), I mean barrack, for the lesser known or ranked player in any match. I like seeing new faces have a turn to be the winner!!
28/Jan/14 9:54 AM
Sacky - did you see the Australian animals in my FB post for Australia Day? Do you suppose the top left creature was supposed to be a green tree frog? I read that they are spreading rapidly through eastern (I think?) Australia, but it doesn't seem like they deserve to share the spotlight with the More...
28/Jan/14 10:02 AM
Sacky - With poisonous Platypuses lurking in the rivers and jack jumper ants ready to attack at any moment in the scrub, I hope that Kathy isn't having any nightmares regarding her pending trip to the 'Apple Isle'. I wonder if she is also expecting 'Tasmanian Devils' to spin around at high speed and to devour everything in their path?
28/Jan/14 10:15 AM
My surgery is set for Thursday, so I hope I will be excused for not posting a disemboweler on Friday (Saturday).
And possibly for the following 3-4 weeks.
28/Jan/14 12:06 PM
I don't know, Doug, but we also have our annual invasion of scorpions in the house at the moment. I have killed of 6 inch man and 2 jackjumper nests, so they'll be a bit safer in the yard. Haven't got the snakes around the dams under control yet! They need to be afraid, very afraid. Jane is More...
28/Jan/14 12:08 PM
Good luck with that, Halt. I hope all goes well. I'll excuse you and who cares what the others think!!
28/Jan/14 12:09 PM
Sounds good to me Sacky.

Wait! I'm talking about being excused, not about the scorpions, snakes, drop (?) bears, and Peter.
28/Jan/14 1:08 PM
Got to watch out for dropbears, HalT.
Just Goigle to get images. Here's an explanation for you.
28/Jan/14 1:28 PM
Gotcha Sacky. Kinda like the North American jackalope, I suppose.
28/Jan/14 1:46 PM
So I understand.
28/Jan/14 1:56 PM
I have to take some tests tomorrow, pre-surgery stuff. So I'm going to bed. Night all.
28/Jan/14 2:19 PM
Sacky - Well done. That is the most comprehensive web site that I have seen regarding those pesky drop bears. I hope you have lots of vegemite on hand for your visitors. If you scroll down to the comments at the bottom of that web site, there is a photograph of a drop bear in action.
28/Jan/14 2:32 PM
Everybody. I hope you're all staying warm. I am now that the HVAC repairman was here this afternoon! We're currently at 1 F and we'll be lucky to get that warm tomorrow. And just my luck I have to go out tomorrow.
28/Jan/14 3:07 PM
It's great isn't it!
28/Jan/14 3:11 PM
Ooooh the timing . . .
28/Jan/14 3:16 PM
getting there . . .
28/Jan/14 3:16 PM
28/Jan/14 3:16 PM
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