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Easy Sudoku for 28/October/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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C'est la vie. I'll do it.
28/Oct/15 10:10 AM
I am watching the World Series in a mirror, so left-handed and right-handed are reversed. If they ever run the bases, it will be the wrong way around.
So far no one is on base. Watching TV in a mirror is weirdest for weather, with California on the right side.
28/Oct/15 11:16 AM
Oh, home run, in reverse!
28/Oct/15 11:18 AM
Got up to see it the right way around when they showed it again.
28/Oct/15 11:21 AM
Sarah, you're weird.
28/Oct/15 12:13 PM
28/Oct/15 12:27 PM
No, Hal, I am clever. I can watch TV while at my desk if I'm willing to see the image reversed. Mostly I don't even bother looking. Of course, mostly my television is not on.
28/Oct/15 12:34 PM
Canuk Greg, I want a recount. I still like my #10 answer. Even though I used part of the clue as part of the answer....and I agree that your answer is better...if you do a slow-motion rerun, could you not give credit to 'doze and dozer'?
28/Oct/15 2:16 PM
Night all.
28/Oct/15 2:30 PM
My mother called to complain that she wants to see the end of the game, but, as it enters the 13th inning, she is falling asleep. It's almost one a.m., five hours since the game began. What is a Mets fan to do?
28/Oct/15 3:44 PM
The commentator just said it's the longest Game 1 of a World Series in 111 years.
28/Oct/15 3:46 PM
That would not fit in my closet.
28/Oct/15 7:07 PM
Hubby left for Ohio on Sunday and should be leaving there today. He went alone. We thought about sending a kid or two but figured it would be better if he went alone. He definitely made better time that way.
28/Oct/15 7:13 PM

Today in Summary.........

Easy – Sydney Harbour. And under the bridge is Blues Point Tower. Stayed there a few times.

HalT – Definitely first today............270901ROCT15

Joe – From Noo Joisey has discovered that he has More...
28/Oct/15 8:30 PM
World Series Baseball. Rd 1 Royals 5 d Mets 4 in 14 innings.
28/Oct/15 8:45 PM

Why this game last so long?
28/Oct/15 9:05 PM

there's a 'did' missing from my last post.
28/Oct/15 9:06 PM

And now a capital 'T'. Must be getting weary.
28/Oct/15 9:08 PM

Perhaps I could blame my keyboard!
28/Oct/15 9:09 PM
The game lasted so long because it was tied at the end of the usual nine innings and it took until the 14th inning for anyone to get another run.
28/Oct/15 11:52 PM
Unless Hal stops eating breakfast or whatever he is doing, it looks possible that I might have LPOTD. That has surely never happened before, so I doubt it will happen today.
28/Oct/15 11:58 PM
My mother did stay awake until the end of the game!
28/Oct/15 11:59 PM
I might add that bases were loaded at the end of the game, but only the first run was needed for the Royals to win.
29/Oct/15 12:00 AM
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