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Easy Sudoku for 28/February/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, all!
28/Feb/19 12:01 AM
2:09. Good Morning Wolf!
28/Feb/19 12:06 AM
1:50 Good night all.
28/Feb/19 12:28 AM
28/Feb/19 2:42 AM
Everybody!! Where is everyone?
28/Feb/19 3:24 AM
Usually hummingbirds are very territorial and fight to protect 'their' food. Great pic though.
28/Feb/19 3:45 AM
28/Feb/19 4:08 AM
28/Feb/19 4:11 AM
28/Feb/19 4:26 AM
We're watching it snow.... some more!
28/Feb/19 4:52 AM
The neat part about hummingbirds are their inquisitiveness - therefore they're quite content to hang out with 'humans', frolicking around people's heads while determined to reach the feeder!
28/Feb/19 5:02 AM
Hummingbirds are such fun to watch! One of my favourite birds!
28/Feb/19 5:59 AM
1:23. Good morning everyone.
28/Feb/19 6:02 AM
28/Feb/19 6:18 AM
all! Thank you all for the many birthday wishes. I had a wonderfully quiet day, with phone calls from all four grandchildren, one of whom is working in the UK, as well as calls from both daughters back home in Canada. Between texts, messages, e-mails and cards, I feel very appreciated.
28/Feb/19 7:42 AM
Hey, Wombat - how are your ant populations these days & is all the tile work finished as well as your new laundry room?
28/Feb/19 7:44 AM
What of all the Rid-Yourself-of-Ants remedies suggested did you find to be most effective?
28/Feb/19 7:45 AM
Snowbird - how's your cold these days? I can imagine it did not deter you b-day celebrations!
28/Feb/19 7:47 AM
Ohhhhhhhhhh - Keith?
28/Feb/19 7:56 AM
Um ... yes?
28/Feb/19 8:13 AM
28/Feb/19 8:14 AM
28/Feb/19 8:14 AM
Morning all, I would love to see hummingbirds for real.
28/Feb/19 9:29 AM
Hi Joyce, We have been quite immune from ant attacks for quite a while now. We used a combination of fly spray and surface spray and a right index finger to send them on their way. We didn't find any lines of ants so we couldn't make use of some of the suggestions.
The laundry is going ahead More...
28/Feb/19 9:31 AM
We have arrived at Eaton, Western Australia and are parked in my BIL driveway. Need a few days to recover from the constant traveling.
28/Feb/19 9:43 AM
Good maEn. Looks like
28/Feb/19 10:48 AM
Hi Amelia, I had never heard of Eaton so I looked it up ..I have of course heard of Bunbury and Australind (I remember a lot of discussion about some real estate proposal for there). Constant travelling is wearying and we always tried to stay at least two nights in any spot. It worked well for us.
28/Feb/19 12:32 PM
Hey Wombat, I really didn't need you sending those annoying little critters back my way! I'm glad you only had a few to deal with. We've only got a few here too, this time. At least they haven't started eating the paper towels yet.
28/Feb/19 3:17 PM
Hi, Amelia - have you no hummingbirds in Australia? I did not know this fact, so checked where there ARE hummingbirds, this is what I discovered:

Hummingbirds are native species of the New World and are not found outside of the Western Hemisphere except in a few zoos or aviaries. There are More...
28/Feb/19 3:25 PM
Hi Joyce, You are correct about there being no humming birds in Australia, but we do have a bird which closely resembles humming birds in appear and lives on nectar. It shows the same hovering behaviour. It does not migrate like your humming bird, but tends to mate for life. There is a Western More...
28/Feb/19 4:34 PM
Joyce, I entered Eastern Spinebill Images into Google, and there are zillions of them, but no movies of them fluttering, but there is a still of one fluttering and sipping away.
28/Feb/19 4:47 PM
Sorry Saltie that our ants have trekked up to your part of the world. They have short legs at any time, but after that trek they are probably so short that they would appear non-existent.
28/Feb/19 4:50 PM
Beer time, or staying with the nautical theme, a tot of rum time, or whatever you like to imbibe if those two don't appeal. I don't like to drink alone, so charge your glass and bottoms up.
28/Feb/19 4:53 PM
I can't leave before I claim a CP, but bye bye for now.
28/Feb/19 4:55 PM
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