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Easy Sudoku for 28/March/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Yes, I know Ed comments incognito now, but I still like the real Ed best! Keep hoping we'll see our SA picture here one day......... I'll make it back to the chat room one of these days.
A duck walked into a pharmacy He asked the pharmacist 'Do you have any

'No, but the grocery store two blocks down sells grapes.' he replied.

The next day, the same duck walked into the same pharmacy and asked 'Do
you have any grapes?'

'No, two blocks down More...
Glenn, I think that matchup is a very likely possibility! Maybe you're pulling for George Mason & UCLA then????

For all you tennis fans, I can report on the Nasdaq 100 for you instead of you reporting on the Aus. Open for me! On TV right now is Maria Kirilenko (seeded 20) vs. Maria More...
A woman has twins and gives them up for adoption.
One of them goes to a family in Egypt and is named Amahl.
The other goes to a family in Spain; they name him Juan.

Years later Juan sends a picture of himself to his birth mom.
Upon receiving the picture, she tells her More...
To Kathy, I live in Warwick,Pa. Thats not too far from New Hope,Pa. Its north of Philly, but is an easy drive. You asked how old. Well, I'm older than dirt, or at least old enough to be looking forward to my 50th anniversity in April. I have 3 beautiful grands- all girls and they are 27,17, and our More...
Whoops.... it looks likeI'm so old that I forgot how to spell 'anniversary'. Guess thats what being married so long does to a person. ha ha
2:58 - First time I've broken 3 minutes -this must be an easy one ; )
Mamacita - I just knew I liked you! You're older than I am! Just kidding :), not too many here are! And almost 50 years married - that's a great accomplishment! What is the date in April? Will try to remember to send congrats then.

Is your oldest granddaughter married yet? More...
I get to start a lot after you guys, as I only do sudoku in the evening after all the work is done
Larryville, Kathy, Cinji, I too, was at KU'81-'82. I want to many games in Allen Fieldhouse in a previous life. I always look forward to March Madness to watch KU play! So disappointed this year.
Good Monday mAen, all!

Kathy(Valrico)--count me as one of the UCLA fans!

Sarah(UK)--loved your 'Badtimes' joke and your duck joke (I am a pharmacist)

Well, off to my 8th day of work (get 2 days off starting tomorrow), so will catch up on the archives then...

Ah...I've found the secret to being liked! Make sure you are the oldhead in the group. HA! My date is the 14th. Good Friday this year. Now I can't gamble on that day. I don't know what I was thinking when i picked my wedding date. No, my oldest grand is a lifetime student. She's now in San More...
Whoa! In your face!
Hi sarahoz - another Jayhawk fan!! Who would have thought there would be so many here? Maybe we'll have more to cheer about next year. There's a big alumni group here in Tampa that gets together at a sports bar to watch the games. It's way downtown so we've only been once, but it was fun to put More...
Bit disappointed today. Nobody is lining up to chat to me on Skype!
I always prefer to watch the games in Ks, even at a bar. I married someone who went to the 'other school'! I have convinced him to cheer for KU if they aren't playing KSU. My Aunt once told my oldest that red and blue make purple! LOL
2.44 with slow touch pad
New to this site. Is Kathy in charge?
Mamacita, I love your attitude. I would like you even if you weren't older than me - ha ha!

sarahoz - so many state college rivalries! KU & KSU, Mich. & Mich. State, Florida & Florida State, etc., etc. How old are your children? Where do they want to go to college? More...
DaddyO- no, but she could be:)
No daddyO - it's just that I've been away for awhile, & I do get carried away sometimes - sorry! I'll take a break & let someone else carry on the chatter. Bye for today.
We love your friendly chatter!!
3:02 might've been faster if I wasn't watching the simpsons at the same time <.<...>.>
To Deb, I have seen many of people described in your post. When I was working in retail a customer had one of the cashiers in tears because the kitchen towels she was buying were coming up with a price of $1.25, the lady hollered at the cashier, saying she was being cheated and she want the sale More...
Good mAen to all citizens of Sudokuria---from a surprisingly non-rainy Oregon!

...ora et labora...
4:40 - Okay, so I'm the slow, careful type!

Glenn - you look GOOD! Allow me to remind your wife that she's a lucky gal.

Love the jokes and the chatter. Take care, everyone.
Thanks! I check for you in the chatroom from time to time to give you my e-mail address but haven't found you there. I'll keep checking. She also lived in Sydney for a while so I got Victoria and NSW mixed up in my previous message.
Kathy From Valrico, FL - you forgot one rivalry; UM vs. everyone else in FL.
Good maEn everyone.
2:03. That's worth a mixed emotion. Best time yet, by far! BUT, so close to being sub 2:00. Argh.
Amicus verus est rara avis
~ A true friend is a rare bird.
2:55 sub 3 mins for me!!!
Deb I have a few memories of strange retail experiences too. One day in a cafe I asked for a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich. The assistant looked at me blankly at first, then with a smile put a slice each of cheese and tomato on a grill while she buttered some bread.

Twice I have been More...
I missed out on the BBall excitement; didn't know how the hawks had fared. My eldest niece had 'rock chalk jay hawk' among her first words, right after 'airplane' - and that was in England! I was here in 81-82, too, but the really weird one was 88. My foreign brother-in-law was here, and it was More...
Ian from Boston where have you been no chatting for ages
hope all is well
Timer 00:03:34
2:01. that was too easy
Gath - is it possible to request a specific day for the display of a photo?
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