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Easy Sudoku for 28/May/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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28/May/09 7:50 PM
I have been a member for almost 3 years. During that time I have only ever been an occasional contributor, for several reasons. They include a busy life in which I don't wish to spend hours reading and posting comments. I do the puzzles at some time during the day, than get on with my life. I know More...
28/May/09 7:50 PM

(irony or sarcasm?)

28/May/09 7:51 PM

But Judy, (and thanks for the recommendation about Bendigo Pottery), why have we created an atmosphere which makes you feel as though you're 'breaking into a private conversation?' I think that's worth exploring. I once enjoyed, and learned from, the diverse viewpoints that were expressed here, but now there aren't any.

28/May/09 7:54 PM
Ian I looked at the supporting membership criteria and if you pay by paypal which I would it becomes an automatic debit every 6 months.
28/May/09 7:58 PM
Easy to stop though
28/May/09 7:59 PM
This philosophy's gone a bit too far.
My sheep are wondering who they are.
They trot in circles; are confused:
dazed and tranced, they're not amused -
one put a bolt-gun to her head;
'though the gun's now safely in the shed.
Unaccustomed to deep thought -
and now More...
28/May/09 8:09 PM
I think some things that are overlooked during the 'posting' and 'not posting' debate is the age and occupation of the people concerned. Some of us in our retirement years are able to post at anytime and are not usually constrained by outside appointment (except for the odd visit to the medic More...
28/May/09 8:09 PM
I had one of those in a restaurant recently, Rayray .....oh I mean a bony, weightless chop!
28/May/09 8:12 PM
Ian, I guess it's in part that those who contribute frequently seem to form friendships and to know a lot about each other's lives, interests, etc, so that much - but not all - of the interaction seems personal. Perhaps I should have used the term "personal" rather than More...
28/May/09 8:14 PM
Judy, I always enjoy when you post. The 'personal' section came to life for me when I last visited Australia and was invited into the homes of both Anne and Billy. Very brave on their part but we formed friendships which continue today but mainly off-site. We also met others with whom we are still in contact.
28/May/09 8:19 PM
Ian, I have been re-reading this page and you ask why newbies might feel they are breaking into a private conversation. It is not just newbies, I have many times posted a comment during a discussion which goes totally unremarked. I have felt as if maybe I am the only one seeing my post, as if it is More...
28/May/09 8:30 PM

Good question, Judy. Why do people feel the need to dominate a public place with their own private discourse, blocking out all others?

28/May/09 8:45 PM
Thank you for that comment, GannieMo.
I'm happy to acknowledge that my responses are a consequence of who I am and the choices I make - and one of my choices is not to talk much about my everyday life and personal matters.
28/May/09 8:45 PM
Regarding that bony weighless chop at the restaurant - It must have been from a philosophical sheep. And if Lamarck (as opposed to Darwin) is correct; and also if 'we are what we eat'; your brain power will have increased from its juices - that is if you had the patience and strength of jaw-bone to gnaw round the chop with your own chops.
28/May/09 8:55 PM
Another possibility is that we are just a load of BOFs - maybe it's that possibility that's worrying Ian?
28/May/09 8:57 PM
Yes GMo: I have phases when I think I am being totally and systematically ignored. You have become kind of cyber-invisible - you are left feeling you have flipped into cyber-cyber-space.
28/May/09 8:59 PM
Invisible in a world of manically-whirling electrons
28/May/09 9:00 PM
Ouch! One of those electrons just hit me in the back. Why doesn't the thing watch where it's going? Oh! I forgot. I'm invisible - probably because electrons don't have eyes (or "I"s come to that)
28/May/09 9:04 PM
Hell! I must stop! - I'm CP-ing - most impolite.
28/May/09 9:04 PM
Ian, I doubt if people intentionally block out all others, even though it might feel that way to some. My own life would be a misery if it was so restricted that I spent as much time as some do conducting conversations on this site. However, as I said before, others are in a different situation and More...
28/May/09 9:07 PM
Well said Judy, and now I must overcome this vertigo and get to dead heading the roses. We had some strong winds the night before last that removed the petals from all but the most robust bloomers.
28/May/09 9:16 PM
Congratulations to Jill and Baby. I'm going to have to wait til morning to find out the details. I'll be on here bright and early.
28/May/09 10:01 PM
1:53, everyone.
28/May/09 10:04 PM
Good morning! Congratulations to Jill and baby! No word yet on the details? Glad they are doing well!
28/May/09 10:11 PM
One thing I have learned about myself from these guessing dates of birth and gender of baby competitions is that I should never ever set myself up as a fortune teller. If the competition was for the wrongest guess I would have won every time.
28/May/09 10:19 PM
Ohhhh! We have a new Sudoku Baby!!! Congratulations to Jill, Mr. Jill and Baby Jill! I am looking forward to hearing the statistics! I am also glad to hear mom and baby are doing fine!
28/May/09 10:29 PM
Unbelievable amount of posts for a Thursday!
I think some people that discover the site probably are not the type of people that are into 'networking' aka chatting. I am married to a man who loves doing the sudoku's with me - we print them out and challenge each other to the hard puzzle most More...
28/May/09 10:29 PM
Whew! What a busy day here. I have no questions, no answers, and I do have to get to work. Kids showing up for final exams in about 30 minutes.
28/May/09 10:29 PM
Have a great day Jamie.
28/May/09 10:31 PM
elsie - I would have to disagree with your husband. I don't know how working mothers have time OR energy to do much of anything else. Enjoy away.
28/May/09 10:31 PM
Thanks, Gail. Now I am off. Back midmorning Texas time. Maybe I will have something enlightening to say.
28/May/09 10:32 PM
Ian, I sometimes comment on these pages but I more often 'chat' on SA pages. There are a few people (one joined in April) who are relative newcommers who are happy to chat on SA.
Even when I am with a group of friends I listen more than I participate in the conversation. We are all different. Also things change in our lives so time spent here can differ as time goes by. Interests change also.
28/May/09 10:59 PM
A good dialogue today. I was also an early member on the site put the ability to comment was there when I started doing the puzzles, and it was the puzzles that attracted me to the site. It was several weeks before I finally posted a comment and then it was under a false name, as I had these fears More...
28/May/09 11:04 PM
My everyday life took me away from the site for hours but, while I was away, one of our really new members, Issabee, posted. It is nice to see that. Judy and Elsie - good comments. I, for one, am in a different position. I am older, retired, a Grandmother and I have time up my sleeve many days More...
28/May/09 11:09 PM
I visited the site just for the puzzles for a whole year before I joined. I used to think that people who spent their spare time "talking" to virtual people probably didn't have real lives. I never thought I'd get "hooked" on the internet, and look at me now! I've been a More...
28/May/09 11:26 PM
Ian, Although I work full time and have a life away from the computer, I do visit the site most mornings to do the puzzles and have posted recent pics on my page. I tend not to comment unless I have something of interest to say. And!! Tonight I have something to say Tomorrow I will fly More...
28/May/09 11:29 PM
And Mo - I know what you're talking about regarding posting a comment and getting no response. That happens to all of us, but I realize that not many people have the time or inclination to hang around and follow the thread of every conversation, so it really doesn't bother me when one of my More...
28/May/09 11:31 PM
Jaz - what great news! I am so happy for Billy!
28/May/09 11:33 PM
I will tell her Jane, she is very excited and he is a lovely man. She will have a hand tying ceremony with 12 females - Her Mum, 2 Daughters and 9 of her close friends. I am very honoured to be one of those 12 females. Knowing Billy's personality she has organised a Fun time over three days. If it wasn't for this site I would not have met her and other special people in my life now
28/May/09 11:39 PM
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