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Easy Sudoku for 28/August/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Teacher - for godsakes give them detention....
Ibiza is a small island lying 90 km off the East coast of Spain, in the Western Mediterranean. It is part of the Balearic islands.
Ibiza is only a two hour flight from most major European Capitals and a four hour Ferry ride from Denia or Alicante on the coast of mainland Spain.
Most of all..in Ibiza any time IT'S PARTY TIME
Kathy - just googled Ibiza and it is a small island east of Spain in the Mediterranean. That is all I had time to do - off to bed so I can grade all day tomorrow and tomorrow night after an interview.
oops - nal beat me to it - much more informative, too.
GANNIEMO - Congratulations on your great round of golf today! I'm happy for you & celebrating, too. Just so happens we picked a bottle of French wine for dinner. It was a blend of 70% syrah & 30% grenache labeled Cuvee des Amours 2001. Very delicious! It was a gift from someone. We'll probably never ever be able to find it again.
... and now....
Good maeN everyone
till tomorrow.
KATHY/Valrico: Time 9:55pm, hope I can get a word in edgewise between the purples and the pinks!!!!! That's very kind of you. My mom lives in Largo, about 10 minutes from St Petes airport. She's quite freaked out by impending hurricanes/tornados, having been IN the one in Port Charlotte a couple of More...
Ed It looks like you were sidetracked by the kids conversation. I just want to say that you and Bert had a thing going on regarding music. Different genres seemed to be coming forth yet the common appreciation of music was quite apparent. Bert apparently has not seen your musical choices, but she More...
NAL & JAMIE - boy, you guys are quick!! Ibiza sounds great to me. Do they have sun, sand, & waves there? We are worried about our oceanfront beach house at Fripp Island. As if it's not bad enought that Ernesto is headed toward Tampa, the track is also predicted to pass through the coast of SC.
KATHY: hah! you answered my wine question to Ganniemo while I was writing! ED: Ibiza sounds great. When shall I book my flight?
Yep, everything seems to be back in order on the site ... the puzzle, the emotions, and some awesome, sorely-missed posters! All is well in Sudokuland.

'See' you in a couple of days. We are headed up into the High Sierras for a few days of backpacking at 10,000'. DEFINITELY no Internet up there! Be kind to each other, and I'll be interested to read your posts when I return. XOXO
KATHY: do you have someone in SC to keep an eye on your house there? My resident weatherman told me at dinner Ernesto had been downgraded...but maybe not?

I was there for a short time in Dec 1969. I recalled the time when I saw the article in Sundays St. Pete Times. Section T page 8. I recalled the time, the events are more than fuzzy. Let's say clear as mud.
Hoping all that now seem to be in the track of Ernesto will be ok. Prayers for safety are with you in Fl, Mississippi, Cuba, the Keys or any other area not mentioned that may be tracking this or any other bad storm... may the wind blow far over you and out to sea, may land and people fair well. Peace be yours!
Celia: E-mail me at baysbestbev@tampabay.rr.com
I have meet Kathy and Suzanne, both are very special ladies as you seem to be.
ED - would it be okay if Celia writes to your baysbestbev e-mail & gets my e-mail address from you? Pleas epost it for her if that's okay. Thank you.

JUDY - have a great time up in the High Sierras. Please be careful! We'll need all the cheerleaders we can get for the Mich. game next Sat.!!
soz for being the 1 for bad news but you have to make them a bit harder plz
Now that's amazing - ED gave his e-mail address to Celia before I even asked him to. Now that's a perfect example of the kind of cyber friendship we can find here. Thank you, Ed.
Gath, I think you need to do a little ///ing ol' son. The animals have been pooping in the back yard again.
Kathy, Ed: you guys are awesome!! I'll be in touch!!
2:25 Good Morning everyone. Had a full weekend and couldn't get on the site on Saturday night.
CELIA - our beach house is co-owned by 13 families so we take turns being able to use it different weeks. I'm not sure who is scheduled to be there this week. Could be very bad luck for them? We're keeping our fingers crossed that neither our FL house nor the SC house takes a direct hit. Hope your forecaster is right about the downgrading. We'll watch the weather report again at 11:00.
But don't get rid of any of my rubbish. They are collectible items you know. Collect all my postings and get, absolutely free, an engraved set of beehive coffee mugs.
Hi Anne, how was the roast?
bert, I like real jazz Miles, Trane, Ornette Coleman, Monk. Big on blues, classical, everything, some opera, not as much as Barb.
My ten island albums would be Dylan-Blonde on Blonde, Miles Davis-Kind of Blue, Pink Floyd (most anything) The Band-The Band, Procul Harem-Salty Dog, Incredible More...
to GannieMo - good onya on your golf win. It feels good having a win now & then. I look at it, 'you win a few, you lose a few' when I play badminton, especially as we have a few young guys playing who are quite good.
Re today's comments on cyber friendships -- isn't this just a modern version of the Pen Pals of yore? This is more instant than traditional correspondence, but same principle. Communicating with someone who starts out a virtual stranger, who you might never meet, but who you become 'friends' with. More...
ED: I got to the site LATE today & am just reading comments. Hubby & I and some friends from high school saw/heard Henry Rollins & band and X a couple of weeks ago at the House of Blues in Chicago. (I know Billy Zoom from high school. We used to trade instruments in marching band.) It was a great show. Sorry you had to miss it.
Hello Beehive, a roast lamb! who could complain, especially as it was cooked by a man and I didn't have to cook it.
I haven't read the comments over the past couple of days except briefly last night and it appears that you are in deep trouble again. Shame upon you!
ED, thanks for the smilie! I've just emailed you. Cheers...
Celia, you said a mouthful. I have always loved to write... 'had pen pals before computers ruled the day, and some of those ties were stronger than familiar oak. Kathy and Ed demonstrate how caring extends well beyond words on this site. They offer to ACT to protect your mother. I see so much love in that... In fact, I see God in that... because it's larger than life.
JULIE: I have seen them individually, but not together. At the house of blues no less. Good for you. I don't miss many, but family is much more important. Henry Rollins, Lou Reed, Tupac, Bob Marley, David Bowie, Dylan, Van Morrison they lead the rest follow.
bert, Not too many nicer things have been said about me. I'm most humbled.
2:20 - All quiet in the ant colony with both mini ant and baby ant fast asleep! Ree P had her baby boy on Saturday 26 August, weighing in at 8lb 2oz and 51 cm. I believe that Bert from bwi is the winner of the competition! Well Done!
Congratulations to Ree P and daddy on the new baby boy. Does he have a name?
BERT: nicely said. You'll have to hop on a plane to FL to meet these lovely loving people ... or to Ibiza!! (if I recall from earlier comments, bwi is the airport, right?)
and congrats on winning the comp.
Prayers and good thoughts for our Florida and SE USA friends. May your families and homes be secure. Hugs.

Congrats, BERT!

Thanks, KATHY. My backpack is stuffed tighter than my clothes after Thanksgiving dinner! Hope I can carry it up 2000' of elevation, and then down again! Yikes!
Good bye.
Hi Everyone,

Got rid of some of the rubbish, hopefully that makes it a bit easier.

Bert - Congratulations, and if you could send me an email, I'll sort out your prize.

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