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Easy Sudoku for 29/March/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Just joking. Like the Simpsons though. Don't tell anyone.
Gotta be careful now, we will have the punctuation Nazi upon us
3:28 Got all excited at all the cute baby comments till I realised it still isn't my Jennifer...someday soon! This little one is sweet though.

Have missed most of the education debate but as an ex-teacher, my 2cents is that we need a national curriculum, some form of discipline that doesn't More...
Baz: What in my post indicates that I was addressing you?
oh, and I taught High School Science and Physics for several years (7-12) in both public and private systems in NSW... some differences, but a private education is not the fix some parents seem to think, where they still take no responsibility themselves for their children's moral, ethical, social, More...
'I especially get sick of teachers expecting parents to educate their kids'.yes even i feel the same,though i dont mind guiding my girl in her home works.and so humiliating some times when you see the credits given for the work done, 'coz its the parent who would've done the job mostly as the More...
my my made a mistake its so obvious!!
i dunno much abt the overseas education,but in india its sort of catch 22 situation.both the parties blaming the other, the teachers and the parents i mean.i think there shud be a change in general attitude from both the sides and the children shud be stopped from being jeopardized at the end.
oh god why iam so shaky today ...
wiil i pass?grammar!!
Ian, perhaps the reference to sloppy spelling and language. Can't get any sloppier than mine!
hi Baz.. how are you?
well i dont get to see you as iam not on line during this time.happy you got away from larry safely!how is juliet?
ap Yeah good. And haven't heard from J for a while
With all the sadness and trauma going on in the world at the moment, it is
worth reflecting on the death of a very important person, which almost went
unnoticed last week.

Larry LaPrise, the man who wrote 'The Hokey Pokey,' died peacefully at age
93. The most traumatic part More...
A joke from you Baz!!!! How out of character. I didn't think you liked jokes.
Just watched on tv that the Government are trying to enforce kids into Community Service. They HAVE to be joking. How can you force people to vollunteer? Another grab for cheap labour
That was no joke. They couldn't keep him in ther. How traumatic would THAT be!!!!! Shakin'it all about all over the place!!!
By the way, I like jokes! But only good'ns
I hope your comment was tongue in cheek because if all you got from school was the basics like English you had better go back. Your comment was hardly understandable
2:28 easy today
Was wondering if you got the photos - there seems to be a problem with my hotmail acoount - don't know whether they got through?
wow! Baz on the soap box and on fine form today! Interesting comments on teachers and parents, my tuppence worth as both a teacher and a parent isn't worth posting, but good to see comments from both sides of the fence on here.
Louise, thank you Lisa is an fine example of what is wrong with the whole education situation.
IMHO electronic media has a lot to do with the whole grammar/ spelling problem. Most of the SMS communications from my children need an interpreter to understand, and I have no hope of SMSing More...
I enjoyed the Hokey Pokey joke... Thank you !
I'm incognito

you've got a spam filter in your e mail . Just check if my mail has reached.
Where are you? Waiting for a mail from you.Reply.
Bad boy. You are keeping me waiting.
Don't take my scolding to heart-but just keep in touch.Missed you.
Ah I see Baz!!! You like the hokey pokey one so much you thought it was worth repeating only four days after Mike O'B from Maryland posted it?

I will forgive you this time as I know you have been unnerved by Cyclone Larry...

You see...repeats do happen when one doesn't read the comments everyday That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it....lol
good one Deb, you got him
Anyway they are still fun to read even if for a second, third, fouth, fifth, sixth....
I agree, Bluey!!!!!!!!!!!
To ap.....sorry I didn't answer you earlier..

Mark is doing really well, thank you.
Baz have you seen Bill Bailey (the comedian) do the hokey pokey as a tribute to kraftwerk... in german...?
Actually, Deb from Brisbane & Baz - I posted that joke a few weeks back, so it's really old hat!!!
Fiona & Catherine from France - a photo of the demonstrations in Paris made the front page of our newspaper this morning. Captions said there were more than 1 million protesters throughout France. Hope there are no major problems near you!
Mel - yes, I got the cute photos & sent an e-mail right back to you. Hope you got it. If not. let me know & I will resend.

sbosky - I also sent an e-mail to you since my return from NC, but as of last night had not heard back from you. Now that your address is in my Address Book, none of More...
2.57 with two mistakes. Must be getting tired.

Hi all, don't get on here much latley.
Hope you're all well.

To all those that got Larried, thinking of you. Take care.
hello is it today or tomorrow
I guess it is today
good maen all
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