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Easy Sudoku for 29/May/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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29/May/09 12:45 AM
29/May/09 12:45 AM
Yes, but I missed the first post. Leave it to Shiela! Did you have a good b'day?
29/May/09 12:46 AM
Just plain dumb luck beating you out of first, Plum. Sorry!
A wonderful birthday, Plum!
Still celebrating as of last night with sons, DILs & grandsons. That's what happens when you are 'gone to the races' on your birthday! You get to stretch things out!
29/May/09 12:52 AM
all - another glorious day - birds are singing & critters laying around or strutting through the yeard - wonderful day to be alive.

Glad to hear that Jill is relieved of her load with a better bundle than in the photo.
29/May/09 12:54 AM
I can't see very well. I need a big-print edition
29/May/09 12:59 AM
Billy, congratulations! Wishing you two a lifetime of love and laughter!
29/May/09 1:02 AM
We could start the party here plum and then move on to where ever the fancy takes us.....or we might be invited.....POP......there I've started the first bottle so charge your glasses and here's to a fun Hen Night....wonder if it is too late to get the Chippendales?
29/May/09 1:06 AM
"Hello, Possums!"
29/May/09 1:07 AM
Possums are SO much cuter than Opossums! The 'possums here are only good for target practice. They kill poultry and carry a disease that kills horses.
29/May/09 1:19 AM

I'll have some of that champagne, Mo!
And if ANYONE could find the Chippendales, it would be you, my dear!
Off to leave messages on several pages.....
29/May/09 1:21 AM
Chippendales? Ha, we're so casual and kid friendly around our house that chippendales are also known as Rescue Rangers.
29/May/09 1:26 AM
I don't have any Chippendales (or the Thunder from Down-under group)...but here are a couple boys I can bring along.
...and some more drinks - we need lots of drinking! More...
29/May/09 1:30 AM
Good idea V V Your first choice of man should certainly attract andré
29/May/09 1:32 AM
Speaking of which, one of my daughters once had a surgeon that looked like the evil scientist Professor Norton Nimnul. OMG I had to constantly keep from laughing at the poor man.
29/May/09 1:34 AM
I'm not up to dancing at the moment or in fact drinking so shall I lead the singing? You by my side, that's how I see us. I close my eyes and I can see us. We're on our way to say "I do". ........
29/May/09 1:34 AM
Vici - I'd have a hard time choosing which was the "Best Man." It may take me a while; open another bottle of champagne.
You know, George Clooney and I have almost identical birthdates. We could have gone to school together. We could have had crushes on one another... How is it that More...
29/May/09 1:40 AM
GMo, you asked if I was still up for partying for Billy. I would be, but in less than an hour, I have to take off for home, and won't be back in touch with the site for 5 or 6 hours. Doesn't billy's own page seem like a nice spot for a party, even though I won't be able to participate much.
29/May/09 1:42 AM
*copious tears* Need more kleenex, but if I step away from the computer, I'll need to start cleaning, so off to clean. I'll look in again in a little bit.
29/May/09 1:43 AM
Keith I'm sure we will keep going so check in when you get home. BTW when I was in CA in 2000 I visited Muir Woods and in fact still use a book mark I bought there.
29/May/09 1:49 AM
Here's some more bubbly Plum...none for you, Keith - not while you are driving!
Mo - you absolutely would NOT want me singing along...but I'm good at lip syncing!
29/May/09 1:49 AM
OK Some chicken is on the bar-b, I've just cut a fresh lettuce from the garden, and put another bottle in the cooler.
29/May/09 1:55 AM
How about a little food to absorb some of that booze? I've brought along a server, too.
29/May/09 1:56 AM
I suggest we warm up here and let the guests arrive then move on to Billy's place later, when the champers is getting low, Billy always has G & T, somewhere.
29/May/09 1:57 AM
Oh Kathy for servers I was thinking more on the line of a topless Chippendale or 2 or 3......
29/May/09 1:58 AM
I hope CG comes along with his now famous beaver tails
29/May/09 1:58 AM
I'm in line for a beaver tail. At least I can have that now, and join in on the bubbly after I get home. A toast to billy!!! May her marriage be happy and solid for many years to come.
29/May/09 2:14 AM
CG has been promising us a piece of tail for years ... but he never seems to come through!
29/May/09 2:15 AM
We can always rely on you Judy. Did you bring a glass?
29/May/09 2:16 AM
I daren't ask what else you brought to the party table?
29/May/09 2:19 AM
Good mAen to everyone.

Billy - Congratulations. May you have many happy years together!
29/May/09 2:21 AM
Just a positive attitude and a joy for life, GMo!
29/May/09 2:22 AM
Miscellaneous thoughts on the recent state-of- the-site convo:

First, since I understand there has been some question about this, I am not Ian. But my real name is not Glinda (I mean, really… Glinda?).

The site has indeed evolved in the oh my has it really been four years since More...
29/May/09 2:31 AM
By my reckoning Glinda, that was about 3 cents worth.
29/May/09 2:38 AM
Seeing as you girls are bypassing we Sudokuist males in favour of some professional hotties, maybe you could also provide us with some dishy birds?
29/May/09 2:40 AM
Well said, not really called Glinda, Glinda.
We have a tree in our garden called an I'm not really fig tree. We thought it was last autumn and did everything to save this little sappling. It has turned out to not be a fig tree. One day we may find out exactly what but until then ....I'm not really a fig tree tree
29/May/09 2:41 AM
Rayray, you have us! You need professional hotties when we are here? CG and Keith are happy with us, I hope. But whilst on the subject just which professional hottie were you thinking of.
29/May/09 2:43 AM
But did you bring along a glass Judy?
29/May/09 2:45 AM
Actually it would be better not to go into the details. I might fall into direpute !!!
29/May/09 2:48 AM
rayray - BYO
29/May/09 2:48 AM
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