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Easy Sudoku for 3/October/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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woo hoo 3.20
And A cute Kitty to boot
To one and all. What a beautiful, sunny day1 Enjoy this time in your lives. Make every minute count! Bad things going on these last few days in our schools. There was another shooting of schoolgirls today in a rural school here in Amish country. Three dead! Hoe sad.
Things sure have changed, MAMACITA! When I was a child, I always felt SAFEST at school! How about you?
Yes, school was always a fun place. So far there are at least 7 more who are injured, and may die. This is really getting scary! How can parents safeguard the children? We know life is not promised, but...something has to change in our society.
1:18 -- my best time ever!

As usual, cute cat
Killer Kat waiting to pounce!
JUDY - I have four more matches to play this week before we leave on Sat. I have lined up subs to fill in for me during the two weeks I'll be gone. How were your family birthday parties over the weekend? Did you learn to hula??
Good Monday mAen, all!

Lizbaby4--great to 'see' you and your kids on Tough today!
Lizbaby4 - You had a long wait to get your girl! How does she cope with 3 big brothers? Know you must have a very busy household. I'll be visiting my oldest daughter, her husband, & 4 kids this weekend. You mothers of 4 have to have LOTS of energy & patience. Bless you!!
Very funny, KATHY! This body don't hula no more! Could possibly end up in traction! Little girl parties are so different from those of little boys. Instead of wrestling and shouting, 4 and 5-year-olds sat around in Hawaiian attire stringing leis, quietly limbo-ing, and scarfing down fruit! The More...
Hi Kathy and Judy! Just passing through before I go into Word to type up something -- and here you are, so just saying hello. Between the two of you I have my emailed question answered: when you(Kathy) are leaving for SC/NC or, it looks like NC/SC.
Thanks for that picture Judy, I needed that! I can see the eyes of the guys over the fence. Hey, Wha's the prob with your ol body...I can not only hula, albeit not well, but I can also limbo....just don't ask how low I can go.lol Kathy, I know you will have fun with your family. Safe trip to you and Rob.
Oh, MAMA, now THAT is a frightening picture! You, in festive dress ... lower ... and lower ... and lower ... under the limbo bar ... gyrating to the music! Don't strain anything, Girl!

Hi, CELIA! Lots of fall color up your way?
JUDY, fall colour is just starting. Almost overnight! I notice it most when I drive out to Stouffville for my riding lessons.
KATHY, got your email, thanks!
Hey, I just started doing these soduku puzzels and thought I understood them... I was printing them out and doing them on paper and getting them finished... but I just went on and filled inmy answers online and it said it was wrong... I keep checking my answers and they are different fromt he ones they give, but they still work out 1-9 across and down... are there multiple answers to the puzzles?
JESSICA: While there are some sites that offer puzzles with multiple solutions, all puzzles on this site should have only one solution. Something has to be off! Good luck! :)
oh... I just looked up instructions and realized you also have to make the 1-9 fit in each 3x3 section... wow... ok, so no wonder it was so easy, :P
Don't make fun, I've just found these things, LOL.
Stay with it JESSICA ... it gets easier ... and we won't laugh ... tee hee ...
I don't generally time myself on sudoku. I care more for actually solving the puzzle than doing it in a certain amount of time, and I don't see myself entering any sudoku competitions any time soon.

Anyway, I try to solve Easy puzzles by filling in all the 1's I can, and then all the 2's, More...
Notice that a lot of people watch House on TV. Good program, that. But did everybody realise that the guy who plays House in that program is the same guy who always played the tall foppish wimpy guy in the Blackadder series. He was the Prince (or King, maybe)in one series and the Captain in another.
Hey kathy! My girl was well worth the wait. I thought I had my last baby before I turned 40 (about 2 months before I hit 40) and low and behold, got pg about 3 years later. The boys love her to death, and abuse her just like they abuse each other; such sibling love! I have 3 older More...
Good afternoon to all!
3:58 wow... under 2 minutes is pure madness!! You guys are the bomb!
This was a great puzzle. Didn't time it, since I'm at work;) It's 84 degrees and georgous out. Need to get the short and tank tops out again.
Since I have not seen any jokes in a while, I'll have to post one myself!
An eighty-one year old man was walking through the dark forest and hears a small voice crying 'Pick me up! Pick me up!' He looked around and didn't see anyone, so he begins walking again, when he heard the voice pleading More...
Hugh Lawrie is his name Baz and he is a fine comic. Not sure if about House though; well acted and well written but isn't it essentially the same plot each week? Maybe it suits people to pretty much know the outcome. P
Like TV itself: no thought involved.
Didn't put the timer on, but it must have been RIDICULOUSLY easy today!!!!!!!!! It only took a blink of an eye. No number had any other possibility. I don't like them too hard, but today was way too easy. Otherwise have a good maeN you guys!!!
Jessica from Nashville - is your last name Simpson by any chance?
Hi all. Don't always comment on sudoku page as i am usually on page 5. My best time ever but not good enough to brag about. Have a wonderful day all. Not the cutest looking cat.
The outcome of all TV shows is obvious. It is how they get to that out come that holds the interest!
No Baz they are not. Sport for instance. Which is part of the reason for it's popularity. Did you ever watch Carnivale? Where was the obvious outcome? Can we have a Reality Celebrity Sudoku starring Baz, Ed, Mamacita, Suz, Billy, Andre? Beehive to be overseer.
2:26, maEn. Hard day, off to snooze. have a Blessed day or evening.
5 minutes...meow??
1:56 PB!! a CAT...again!!??
1.37 WoooHooo
the puddy cats are back
have a great day/night one and all
wishing you and Rob a great break
I love House as well. Another favorite is Tony Shaloub in Monk, but Reality Celebrity Sudoku would be a sure-fire hit.
Cannot believe we have woken up again today in Australia to another shooting at a school in Amercia! more innocent lives lost ...... should I raise the gun laws debate....???? mmmmmmmm .....
Kathy, Judy and Mamcita..just had to comment re: hula. I took two years of hula when I was about 10..(I lived in Ohio, go figure) I can still remember my routine to 'Little Grass Shack (in Kealakakua, Hawaii)' and when full of enough Mai Tais, and if persuaded, will sometimes perform it. LOL More...
Rosemary: Gun laws don't work, based on our recent school shootings here in Canada, and our mega-dollar gun registry program. The best thing would be to ban the manufacture of weapons in general and send all nations back to bare-fisted fighting. I can see it now, US versus Iraq in a boxing match to resolve all conflict. Dreaming I guess!
Rosemary from Wangaratta,
Yes, and teachers should have firearms training and be required to be armed at all times when in school. Same for airline pilots.
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