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Easy Sudoku for 3/November/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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03/Nov/10 7:10 AM
Mission accomplished - bye!
03/Nov/10 7:11 AM
Suzy - Little Plum's 10 years old, so the clerk wouldn't have given her papers, but Little Plum didn't realize that, so she made a preemptive comment.
In turn, your post reminds me of the time I was 14 and was seated with my family in a finer restaurant in Toronto. The waiter included me More...
03/Nov/10 7:19 AM
I'd hate to be Mr. P coming out of the shower. I'll bet CP has her glasses on before she chucks that travel alarm at him.
03/Nov/10 7:22 AM
Good grief, Fiona!! I'm hyperventilating here! My grid is not cooperating! I have grid failure! If I stay up all night I might be able to figure this out....
03/Nov/10 8:20 AM
Hello, I haven't time to read all the comments I have a busy day ahead and it will be late this adternoon when I get home. SIL Teresa is arriving this afternoon, yay. Have a good day everyone.
03/Nov/10 8:22 AM
Good morning all!
For some reason I've been so amused by Daplap's French translation joke especially:
Repondez s'il vous plaid ..... Honk if you're Scots
What do you think, Fiona? Good permanent name for your inbox!
03/Nov/10 8:53 AM
Oh dear, I was behind the times, still with my horse-racing avatar. Now I've gone retro!
Have a nice day all.
03/Nov/10 8:56 AM
"nine letter word which could describe someone evil" ... But "Fiona" doesn't have nine letters ...
03/Nov/10 9:00 AM
I tried to post earlier and the site wouldn't let me. Can I get though now?
03/Nov/10 9:08 AM
Oh Dunlap...I love you.
03/Nov/10 9:09 AM
03/Nov/10 9:10 AM
Kathy, you must need Little Plum's grid (already sitting on the coffee table because we're reading the book series "39 Clues") and her mom's brainy help. Working together we finished it in mere minutes.
03/Nov/10 9:15 AM
(BTW, I found the definition rather strong for the answer.)
03/Nov/10 9:17 AM
"nine letters that could describe someone evil..." Hmmm, 'Judy Diego' works for me.

I can't get the Smilies to work.

03/Nov/10 9:44 AM
Obviously it was working, I didn't see them.
03/Nov/10 9:46 AM
Neither is Judy or Kathy (9 letters) and CP definitely isn't. And I refuse to tell you how many in my full name!
03/Nov/10 9:46 AM
I was very good, didn't throw the clock at him.
03/Nov/10 9:47 AM
Just pulled the covers back over my head and grumped at him!
03/Nov/10 9:48 AM
And then, I got up and made him (well, me, really - his was a bonus) a nice cup of tea.
03/Nov/10 9:49 AM
And it's lucky I didn't kill him on Sunday when he apparently killed my new laptop - seems he was pressing the wrong switch to turn it on. Works fine!
03/Nov/10 9:50 AM
2:14 Good morning one and all!
03/Nov/10 10:33 AM

Alright, math lovers......

Expand (a+b)^n.

No need to send answers to a special box. The solution, in all its glory, will be posted tomorrow.
03/Nov/10 11:08 AM
Good Morning...

Summer has come early to Perth, Hot as here.. heading for 36C/96.8F currently 30C/86F and it is only 9.00am.
03/Nov/10 12:07 PM
That's ok, Rolanda - just watched the weather forecast for tomorrow. Perth'll be 10 degrees cooler.
03/Nov/10 12:40 PM
Thank Goodness CP..
03/Nov/10 12:48 PM
and some rain ... best to remember not to blink then, or I will miss it.
03/Nov/10 12:50 PM

A real man is a woman's best friend. He will
never stand her up and never let her down.
He will reassure her when she feels insecure
and comfort her after a bad day.

He will inspire her to do things she never
thought she could do; to live without fear More...
03/Nov/10 2:48 PM
Good mAen my friends.
03/Nov/10 5:40 PM
Hi everyone.
Phew bit hot over your way Rolanda.
A real man? Is there such a person?
03/Nov/10 6:24 PM
Where are you Gerry? I miss seeing the postie bike avatar.
03/Nov/10 6:24 PM
Well here you go again V.V. Talking to yourself.
But I do this so well I must admit.
03/Nov/10 6:25 PM
Extended myself a bit much this arvo.
I washed the car.
03/Nov/10 6:26 PM
A cp and off I go to get the evening meal.
03/Nov/10 6:27 PM
Nice pic for Easy today.
03/Nov/10 6:42 PM
Hi All, especially those that go out to work and have to give 100% or more -

Using Fiona's 1-26/A-Z table (and adding ! = 9 and $ = 19):

BULLSH!T = 103%
A$$ KISSING = 118%
03/Nov/10 7:24 PM
G-day All.
37ºC,not quite 100F.Humidity only 40%,U.V. Extreme 15.Another Balmy day in Paradise.
Hi V.V.,just lurkin'about.Has any-one said your Avatar may be upside down?Lol
03/Nov/10 7:45 PM
Hi Neil and Gerry.
Phew hot where you are too Gerry.
Of course my avatar is upside down Gerry.
I am from down under you know. Lol ehhehe
03/Nov/10 7:59 PM
How is the bike going Gerry? All parts working now?
03/Nov/10 8:00 PM
Ohhh keep going V.V.
03/Nov/10 8:01 PM
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