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Easy Sudoku for 3/February/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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03/Feb/11 12:22 AM
Congrats, Vici!
(Hope Petruccio won, too!!!)
03/Feb/11 12:26 AM
What is beyond frozen? I am a Southner, which means I am hot. Not a Northner, where you expect cold.
03/Feb/11 12:26 AM
If a dame is hot, does it mean she is a southerner??
Or, all southerners are hot??
Whatever, Karen is HOT..thats the bottom line..
03/Feb/11 12:30 AM
Sue made a comment on page 5 yesterday about wanting propane. Well, there is a downside to propane, like when you run out, when the gage says you are over half full, then you call the gas man and he says he can be here next week. Then you wait an hour for you hubby to get home and another hour for More...
03/Feb/11 12:32 AM
A beautiful young New York woman was so depressed that she decided to
end her life by throwing herself into the ocean.

But just before she could throw herself from the docks, a handsome
young man stopped her.
"You have so much to live for," said the man. "I'm a More...
03/Feb/11 12:32 AM
I just saw a report on T.V. about Ingham in Qld, where Susan lives. Lots of damage happening already and the cyclone hasn't even quite reached there yet. I do hope everyone is as safe as can be.
03/Feb/11 12:32 AM
hehehe, No Appy, I supposed to be HOT. Not this frigid stuff.
03/Feb/11 12:33 AM
Anne it looks awful; I can't imagine what Susan and the others are going through at the moment.
03/Feb/11 12:36 AM
Happy Groundhog Day. May all the worldwide weather problems abate and give us all a warm, sunny day for a change.
03/Feb/11 1:01 AM
Yasi has crossed the coast at Mission Beach. Hope all are safe ♥
03/Feb/11 1:02 AM
Thinking of all those experiencing the cyclone in Q and the snowstorm in the US. Just checked the ABC website http://www.abc.net.au/news/events/cyclone-yasi/

There's people who ignored the directions to leave and who are now regretting it. 6 x 60 yr olds in an apartment block which More...
03/Feb/11 1:38 AM
TV news still covering the cyclone - but stating the obvious "can't see the waves because it's dark". You think? At midnight?
03/Feb/11 1:45 AM
As someone noted a few days ago ... one has to wonder about how all of this fits in with the Global Warming thingie ...
03/Feb/11 2:07 AM
Well, I have made it out to the street - and I have no place to go until Friday - now just waiting for the city to work on the street - I wish I had a snow mobile - it would be fun to be out playing in the snow -- in for a rest now -
03/Feb/11 2:12 AM
radar pictures are very interesting - 30 states were affected
03/Feb/11 2:13 AM
max wind at Ingham is listed as 170 k/hr
off to bed--can't think--I'm doing preparation for our courses which start soon but it's 1.44 am here and it's hot but who cares by contrast to cyclones and blizzards.
03/Feb/11 2:15 AM
Hey, Mary ... I'll pick you up on our Polaris! Feeling the need for speed, Girl? Zoom, zoom! Wanna catch some air? I'll bring some lemons from our trees, and we can make lemon slushies!
03/Feb/11 2:17 AM
This is not the day to conserve energy. It is not the day to turn off electricity and make the announcement on the television which runs off electricity. Also, if the electric company says they will have power restored in 30 minutes, they lie. Took them an More...
03/Feb/11 2:27 AM
People in Florida, please go knock some sence into my step-BIL. He annouced that Florida is going to have a cold front come through and knock the tempts down to 80F. The man actually had the nerve to say brrrrr.
03/Feb/11 2:45 AM
Hope all our Queensland friends are safe, as well as those over here who are snowed in. I've also been wondering and worrying about Wagdy. Has anyone heard from him? The last I knew, he was in LA with his son and family.
03/Feb/11 2:46 AM
Jane he posted, I believe yesterday. He is still here, but very worried about his famiy back home.
03/Feb/11 2:48 AM
Seems, most of us are experiencing extreme weather conditions. Don't know about you, but I am so happy we can come in here and share.
03/Feb/11 2:49 AM
Thanks, Karen. I really need to keep up with what's going on here. Hopefully, I'll be able to spend more time in Sudokuland now. I've missed you all!!!
03/Feb/11 2:53 AM
everyone from "it's also cool and windy in SW Arizona" But it is all relative. We will get up to 59F today.
03/Feb/11 2:56 AM
Supposedly Punxsutawney Phil emerged from his tree stump at dawn today and did not see his shadow, signaling an early Spring...
03/Feb/11 2:57 AM
I haven't been around much lately. Does anyone have an update on Wagdy Kamel from Cairo before they cut off the internet?
03/Feb/11 3:01 AM
Karen, Re:run out, when the gage says you are over half full.

In many areas, Butane is blended in with propane. Especially in warmer climates, and or during the summer. Butane "boils" at a much higher temperature (31.1* F.) as opposed to Propane (-43.8*F.) As a result when the More...
03/Feb/11 3:02 AM
03/Feb/11 3:02 AM
According to my little squares, Colo Jim, just a mere 6 more weeks, until Spring.

Good thing about living here in Texas, I know this cold stuff will only last a few days, then I continue to complain about the heat and wonder when I can turn on the A/C units.
03/Feb/11 3:02 AM
Dave, Last I heard Wagdy was in the LA area on an extended visit with family there. He is, of course worried about family "back home".
03/Feb/11 3:04 AM
A Cool morning here. 27° F. (-2.8° C.) Blue sky with a few clouds…
03/Feb/11 3:08 AM
Coffee's done, Help yourselves...

I'm off to do chores.
03/Feb/11 3:10 AM
Jerry, somewhere in my little brain cell I knew that, but when I was freezing and clothless child was saying she was cold, kind of, sort of, don't think about things like that.

For some reason, my girls do not believe in wearing clothes. Have no idea where they got that from.
03/Feb/11 3:12 AM
Dave did you read my post to Jane?
According to Wadgy's last post, which I think was yesterday, he is still here in the US, but worried about his family back home.
03/Feb/11 3:15 AM
Wadgy has been returning posts offered on personal page, fine in CA but very worried about daughter and family back home - wishing for prayers
03/Feb/11 3:22 AM
Change of subject from the types of weather we are experiencing.
Mommy tale.
Since, the weather is cold, I am letting Max stay in. You should have seen the look he gave me when I pushed him out the door this morning.

Well, Thing II was walking across the living room and Max was behind More...
03/Feb/11 3:42 AM
Oh, that dog thinks he is a couch dog. Need to change his thinking.
03/Feb/11 3:43 AM
Since, I am down here, I will keep going.
03/Feb/11 3:44 AM
At the moment, don't know if I should throw the girls outside or the dog.

I really like my little corner, over here, out of Max' way.
03/Feb/11 3:45 AM
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