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Easy Sudoku for 3/February/2011


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Submitted by: Gath

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Now, he thinks my girls are his chew toys.
Gotta go save the dog.
03/Feb/11 3:46 AM
Be blessed today, good people. We didn't lose power, so we have been able to keep track of Yasi and the US blizzard track. The heaviest snow veered north of us. I read that with Yasi they anticipate some danger in the morning when people will naturally want to go out an assess damage, but there More...
03/Feb/11 3:46 AM
Karen and Jerry, Thank you for the update. I will send him a PM.

03/Feb/11 3:50 AM

Thought for the day:

If you make something idiot-proof, someone will just build a better idiot...
03/Feb/11 4:03 AM
Yasi has been downgraded to Cat 4 - still a wild wild one though.
03/Feb/11 4:04 AM
Like that thought, Daplap!
03/Feb/11 4:44 AM
Could possibly keep it as my thought for today.
03/Feb/11 4:45 AM
If I can get the other one out of my head.
03/Feb/11 4:46 AM
Other one - It's hard to soar with eagles when you work with turkeys.
03/Feb/11 4:48 AM
Can you tell that someone here in my workplace (not my department) has pi$$ed me off!!
03/Feb/11 4:49 AM
Why has the electric company decided to conserve energy today? Couldn't they do it on a day, when the weather is like in the 70's and I am not home.?
03/Feb/11 5:17 AM
I hope, as the sun rises down under, that there won't be as much destruction as feared from Yasi. Queensland has suffered too much lately.
03/Feb/11 6:07 AM
HAPPY here. The sun is not out here, so with any luck, the local groundhogs are predicting an early Spring.
03/Feb/11 6:09 AM
Good afternoon to all! Nice photo Chris. I'm sure it looked much better seeing this in person.
03/Feb/11 6:18 AM
Poor weather being experienced everywhere. The snow storm that started down Texas way has finally caught up to us here in Canada. Ottawa has between 15 and 20 Cms. of white stuff so far, and it is still falling from the heavens, with wind chills of minus 30 C. At least we are better prepared to deal with this type of weather then many of the places that got dumped on in the US of A. Take care all!
03/Feb/11 6:23 AM
Special thoughts for all those being battered by Yasi. God bless and stay save.
03/Feb/11 6:25 AM
03/Feb/11 6:27 AM
To make amends for my blonde male joke....

A gorgeous young redhead goes into the doctor's office and said that her body hurt wherever she touched it.
"Impossible!" says the doctor. "Show me."
The redhead took her finger, pushed on her left shoulder and screamed, More...
03/Feb/11 6:34 AM
Boy is it bright here, that ground hog would definitely see his shadow here. I went into the kitchen, I was almost blinded, the bright sun reflecting off of the snow sure hurts the eyes.
03/Feb/11 6:47 AM
We are a tropical 16º. Hard to believe at that temperature the show is melting.
03/Feb/11 6:48 AM
Kevin is out shoveling snow, was working on our drive then when our 80+ neighbor started on his drive everyone went out to help him.
03/Feb/11 6:51 AM
Harry and finally started a fire in the fireplace. Helps heat the house and looks great also.
03/Feb/11 6:52 AM
Last one then I need to go cut the chicken for dinner, I know it's early but want to get it done so I can read some this afternoon.
03/Feb/11 6:53 AM
Sue there is hope. We do not have the white stuff, though there is ice. I did some involuntary ice skaking this morning on the porch. Anyway, we went from 12 or 14 degrees to now a balmy 19F. The weather guesser, who is so smart said it was cold outside, and we should have a high of 24F, this afternoon.
Oh, Boy.
Sorry you have to go into that room.
03/Feb/11 7:19 AM
Man found a great deal on turkeys, during the holidays and decided we needed some small ones for during the year. I do good, eating turkey at Thanksgiving and he wants to eat more turkey.
Anyway, he prepared one Sunday, oh joy, and said that way I would not have to prepare food this week. We had More...
03/Feb/11 7:26 AM
What? You don't like turkey?
03/Feb/11 7:31 AM
hehehe, no I do not care for turkey. Turkey is for Thanksgiving.
03/Feb/11 7:53 AM
Karen - now you will appreciate a heat wave of 40°. Hate to tell you it is already 50° out & blue sky with puffy clouds - no rain in the forecast for the week. Love your story about the dog & thing. Thanks for reminding me I still have a smoked turkey breast in the freezer & a half loaf of cranberry bread from Christmas.
03/Feb/11 8:11 AM
The weather channel's Jim Cantore in Chicago this morning. Check this out (about 40 sec.)

03/Feb/11 8:14 AM
Judy: Just for you -


03/Feb/11 8:31 AM
03/Feb/11 9:03 AM
Daplap, great comment about the 'better' idiot. Building on that do you know that half the people (by definition) must be below average intelligence!!
03/Feb/11 9:06 AM
Susan from Queensland and her family are safe and well, not too much damage to her home.

So far no reports of serious injury or death!!

Amazing and wonderful!!
03/Feb/11 9:31 AM
Hope I didn't speak too soon.
03/Feb/11 9:35 AM
You did say "so far", Suzy. That won't jinx it.

Eve.... I loved that Jim Cantore video! I grew up in Wisconsin, and NEVER heard of thunder and lightning during a blizzard. Apparently, this was Jim's first time, too. I can only imagine the full effect of thunder echoing off the snow.
03/Feb/11 9:39 AM
My prayers are with those who are suffering in the blizzard (may they stay safe - on through the weekend), those that are affected & have been affected by storms & cyclones in Queensland & of course those in Egypt suffering through the riots. Stay at home, be safe.
03/Feb/11 9:50 AM
Mrs S & I had coffee and cake with GMAJackie in Hobart last night. She is in good spirits but not enjoying the chilly summer we are having in Tasmania. Her hosts took her to see wombats, echidnas wallabies etc yesterday.
She was concerned about Grasshopper in Queensland but I told her, that More...
03/Feb/11 10:19 AM
Eve, how is it possible you are warmer than me? You are way up there in cold country. I missed our high of the day, was snuggled deep into my covers, all nice snuggly warm.

Saylze, thanks for the update.
03/Feb/11 10:28 AM
Will the little girl born at the relief centre during the cyclone be called Yasi or would that be tempting fate.
03/Feb/11 10:40 AM
Until I saw it in print, the way our news readers were pronouncing it, I thought we were in for a game of Yahtzee. Most inappropriate.
03/Feb/11 10:42 AM
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