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Easy Sudoku for 30/October/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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all, Is no one here yet?
30/Oct/18 12:02 AM
1:43. Good Morning, all!
30/Oct/18 12:04 AM
Where is Wolf, or tom? Can't believe I was here first!
30/Oct/18 12:04 AM
Oh! Good morning tom. Glad I'm not the only one awake this morning.
30/Oct/18 12:05 AM
all in Sudoku-land have a good day. Its now bed time over here for me.

I think Wolf may have other things on his mind at the moment

30/Oct/18 12:11 AM
30/Oct/18 12:13 AM
everybody and goodnight
30/Oct/18 12:20 AM
I am off to take advantage of early voting in a few minutes. But, first things first. I have to walk the visiting grand dog. Actually, it's more like she's walking me. She is one big, strong dog. I am certainly getting my exercise this week.
30/Oct/18 12:21 AM
I'm sure he does Arachnid. Such a sad time for so many.
30/Oct/18 12:23 AM
2:03 Good night all!
30/Oct/18 12:24 AM
Morning. Busy for only 38 minutes into the day.
30/Oct/18 12:38 AM
Overcast... very overcast, in fact. Kinda matches the headlines today.
30/Oct/18 12:58 AM
to all those who sent congratulations for my sister on her wedding day! It was a poignantly beautiful moment when the groomsmen pulled the ring out of a package of Crackerjax!!! Appropriate since they'd known each other since second grade.
30/Oct/18 1:05 AM
About half the people came in costume to the reception - as requested. The bride and groom were dressed as Minions! Just imagine 78 year old Minions!!!
30/Oct/18 1:08 AM
Considering your own size, Kathy, why don't you just saddle up that ''big, strong'' grand dog and ride her?!
30/Oct/18 1:11 AM
I think this is going to be a fun 'second chapter' in their lives! They deserve it! They both cared for spouses dealing with lingering illnesses - Alzheimer's & cancer. I'm glad they re-found each other!
30/Oct/18 1:15 AM
Great idea, Judy!
30/Oct/18 1:16 AM
30/Oct/18 2:37 AM
30/Oct/18 2:45 AM
Well this Wednesday is when Aileen and I meet up with Tricia!! For you awesome Aussies, Thursday! Boy, when Tricia get back home she's going to be discombobulated because she'll lose a day.
30/Oct/18 2:47 AM
I remember coming home from Japan, I noted that I arrived an hour before I left!
30/Oct/18 2:48 AM
I dedicate this post to Keith!!! 22!
30/Oct/18 2:49 AM
Got back just a tad late. Thx shosho. May it give you luck.
30/Oct/18 3:09 AM
Love that Bow River. I've visited it many times when I'm out West.
30/Oct/18 5:51 AM
Morning all, lovely photo, looks so peaceful.
Looks like we are getting a sunny day, not a cloud to be seen.
30/Oct/18 6:53 AM
There is a web site www.similarweb.com which provides information about other web sites. I did a search for www.sudoku.com.au. It showed where visitor traffic comes from.

Most visitors to this site are from the USA, next are the Aussies and thirdly come the Canadians. That was no surprise More...
30/Oct/18 12:57 PM
Very nice view of this beautiful river thank you for sharing this wonderful photo!
30/Oct/18 1:25 PM
Thank you Doug W for the stats... nice to know who are your neighbors...well... sort of neighbors if we stop counting the miles away Have a good night or day all!
30/Oct/18 1:29 PM
Good maeN, good people. Jumping onsite to send in some of my tardy 3&4s. It may take me a couple weeks to get caught up. Haven't read to catch up comments yet. Just want to make sure I have something in Wombat's inbox tonight before I go to sleep.
30/Oct/18 1:41 PM
I'll look forward to hearing from you Plum. Cheers Wombat.
30/Oct/18 1:48 PM
Thanks Doug, We obviously have some fans in Romania. Wouldn't it be nice if they posted some comments. Not reading or writing English might be a problem. After all you don't need English to solve sudokus.
30/Oct/18 1:52 PM
Unless your numbers are: I, II, III, IV, V... etc.
30/Oct/18 2:06 PM
Hello, Wombat. Answers to two 3&4s sent. We still have a week until we are supposed to get our lightning fast internet hooked up.
30/Oct/18 2:08 PM
I've had enough beer. And it's bedtime. Night all.
30/Oct/18 2:08 PM
HalT pushed me into the 33 spot and I wasn't ready with a drink of the day. I suppose it would have to be something 'pumpkin spice' flavored in honor of the season.
30/Oct/18 2:09 PM
We had a large family visit us last week so I made six deep dish pumpkin pies. Two we enjoyed for dessert with our guests, one had a gluten free crust, one was a gift for them to take home, and one was for us for the weekend. The last one I baked crustless and froze in portions so we can use the cooked, spiced pie filling as a 'pumpkin spice' flavor additive for other treats.
30/Oct/18 2:16 PM
I am still installing replacement window weather stripping. I finished cleaning off the old stuff and installed the new kerfed bulb strips last week. The polyflex V-fold compression strips were delivered today. I hope to get it all finally done tomorrow, which should be a warm-ish and dry-ish More...
30/Oct/18 2:21 PM
I've also repaired and/or replaced weather seals on two more of our exterior doors. Meanwhile Burl and the girls have been collecting and stacking our winter supply of firewood. Winter seems determined to visit Michigan early this year, so the pressure has been on to stay ahead of the snowfall. More...
30/Oct/18 2:25 PM
Autumn has been unusual this year. Despite the unseasonably cold weather many of the trees are still green! We usually have cycled through a colorful 'fall' and are looking at tree skeletons by Halloween.
30/Oct/18 2:29 PM
Interesting solve today. 1, 3, 6->9 then 2/4/5 in any order to finish. BOPP
30/Oct/18 2:40 PM
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