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Easy Sudoku for 30/November/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Hope everybody's happy and doing well.I love these puzzles and this site is the best!!
Beautiful poem Loza , and with Anne's joke and AP's one liners I've been having a good chuckle and I haven't got past the first page.It's been a nice cool morning but supposed to heat up this afternoon so got a bit of gardening done .Enjoy your day everyone.
so will many people from Perth be at this Xmas do?
Col, I missed your post yesterday but I have now seen it. We will be arriving after lunch on Saturday and I will suggest a pub dinner to my wife. About the lounging on he beach thing, I was indulging in a bit of fantasy and stirring up Greg a bit. We have been visiting Anglesea every year for at More...
Awfully late for my first post of the day. Absolutely beautiful picture.

ap, I'm left handed, love spacial puzzles except jigsaw, do Sudoku slow enough I don't even bother timing, and (Nurn) I clasp with the right thumb up.
Greg, my reply to you disappeared into cyberspace. I shall wait a while and then send it again.
hi there..morning to you all..well some more titbits abt the lefthanders or southpaws as they are known
chk this site if you are interested..i enjoyed reading it..
and if you want to know more abt the lefthandedness and associated articles,like scientific,myths,celebrities,their work essays on them ..et al,(if you happen to have enuf time on hand,any hand left or right!)go to this page..
http://www.42inc.com/~estephen/facts/lefthand.html#s cientific
Greg, thank you for your kind invitation. I know the beaches around Kingston but I don't enjoy clearing the snow to find some sand. Actually, I enjoyed your weather but I have had enough shovelling snow to last the rest of my life. Thanks anyhow.
Nurn - I tried the hand clasp thing and my left thumb is on top and when I tried changing it around it felt weird, but that is the only left thing about me (I even have to right feet - lol)
Has anyone besides Gath, joined the Company he is promoting?
(The link for making $$ at the top of this site.)
Just curious to see if there are any other takers. I'm still debating myself.
Checking back on everyone. It's 9:30 PM Central Standard Time. Liz, my thoughts and prayers have been with you all day - words don't suffice here. Take care all.
I went in and read it anew, but haven't gone into it yet because I'm at work. May check at home later.
Hey Anne, Gath has fixed up your page, can get onto page 2 now with ease
7:09 - and I thought I did pretty well! Oye vey.
Thanks Rola. I only tried a while ago and it wasn't fixed. Thanks for letting me know.

Thanks Gath, you're the best.
Thanks Gath - I'll send you the whole joke when I go home for lunch because the e'mail had a picture with it which is quite funny.
Can I delete the couple of messages I had to send to myself to get into the second page?
Gath has just told me that I have been admitted as a member. Woo Hoo! Now how does this thing work?
Hugh - you know what they say about great minds thinking alike.
Another beautiful picture. Thanks to the photographer.
Hair Today, No Her Tomorrow

‘I’ve been upstairs,’ she said.
‘Oh yes?’ I said.
‘I found a hair,’ she said.
‘A hair?’ I said.
‘From a head?’ I said.
‘It’s not mine,’ she said.
‘Was it black?’ I said.
‘It was,’ she said.
‘I’ll explain.’ I said.
‘You swine,’ she More...
Goodness me Loza - I hope you didn't have to type that all out. Very good, though.
Ian, come on, hurry up. We're all waiting to visit you at your place. Don't forget to get the interior decorators in before we visit.
Ian, I think you go up to the top right hand corner and Join in. It's so long since I've done it, that I'm not too sure.
Anne I did type it out - found it in a book of poems so no choice - but i did that some time ago... i think there may be a typo somewhere that i forgot to correct, even, a 'bit' instead of a 'but'.
BUT I just pasted it today tho!
Hey Anne, did Ian ask you for permission to go on Holidays...what about his job the ironing and dusting!!!! I've got used to Ian coming and doing the chores, how are we going to manage????
Loza - you did an excellent typing job.

Rola - I gave Ian a few days off for a bit of R&R as long as he spring cleans my place first. After all the parties I've been having, it needs a good sprucing up.
Okay, that alright, he can have a few days off. Your parties are great, hmm yes the place could use a tidy up!!!!! lol
Hi, ho, Hi, ho
It's back to work I go
Hi,ho, Hi, ho, Hi, ho, Hi, ho
Oh, No, Oh, No Oh, No!!!
dont butterfly's come from CATepillers? heheh
Hi! Ho! Hi! Ho!
I'm back at work, Oh, no
I'd rather be at home, I would,
Hi Ho Hi Ho
Hey Jude♪♪♪♪, I've been playing your music and yet you've never shown...whats the matter did I get it wrong? The fridge is overflowing and the wine is chilled to a 't'...and yet you I didn't see. You rsvp'd and set me back, you just wait for your wack. I've got places to go and people to see, yet I still expect to see you in my place!
that was 2 eazy n i bet allllll u little hotties will agree wit me mwah i love u allllll
Thanks Anne, at least I've been able to sign in. Now to explore the goodies.
Good Ian, hurry up so we can visit you. I've already got a welcoming gift ready for you.
Anne, I can't wait, but I'm still trying to work my way through the barbed wire entanglements of Yahoo. I'll get there.
Shelley from Perth - there are about 8 or so people coming so far to brekky... would love to see you there too!
Getting money is a must!!!!
just arrived in Perth...anyone heard from Billy?
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