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Easy Sudoku for 30/June/2008


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Submitted by: Gath

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I would also like to have a chair on the dock with a drink in one hand and no one else around. I have to keep my boys from killing each other today. Younger one bit older one, older one punched younger. My husband says that is normal for brothers. I think I need a black and More...
30/Jun/08 3:37 AM
I am getting some housework done, but just seem to be lazy today even though the sun is shining and there is a nice breeze. I am thinking about going to the local hardware store and looking for a clothesline. After chatting with Mickey and GrannieMo I miss mine and would love to hang sheets out today!
30/Jun/08 3:38 AM
Linda, If I tried hanging out the wash, I would have to rewash it. We are expecting thunderstorms almost every day this week.
30/Jun/08 3:41 AM
Tami, it isn't just boys, son, now 23, and daughter, now 19, would do the same thing when they were little. They grew out of the hitting stage, and now just like to tease each other. The way I would discpline them is to make them sit across from each other in chairs, knees to knees, but not More...
30/Jun/08 3:42 AM
Tami, we are too, but so far no waterworks!
30/Jun/08 3:43 AM
My brother and I used to fight alot. He would never hit me back. He knew dad will kill him for hitting a girl, and his younger sister. I was a brat at times because I knew he wouldn't hit me.
30/Jun/08 3:47 AM
My son never really hit my daughter, just a love tap again here and there, she could always take care of herself, she will start law enforcement school this fall if that is any indication as to her strength
30/Jun/08 3:57 AM
I think I will go and vacuum the cottonwood fluffs out of the screens, check back in a bit
30/Jun/08 3:59 AM
Tami, my FIL would put boxing gloves on my hubby and his identical twin brother and send them down to the basement. After a few minutes neither could refrain from laughing and thus end the feud!
30/Jun/08 4:23 AM
Linda, my Mom did the exact same thing with my brother and me!! AND the same outcome! We'd end up laughing like crazy. Tami, my brother could never hit me back either (rather unfair if you think about it, but my Dad made that rule, too)
Thanks for the memories, ladies!
30/Jun/08 4:24 AM
On the other hand since I was the oldest I was in charge of my little brothers. I have been a babysitter since I was six! Oh the stories I could tell of what an older sister could do to brothers and none of which included violence. Once I hid a brother's bed in the closet!
30/Jun/08 4:26 AM
I'm watching my grandson playing in the play room. The long hair chihuahua finally decided that I was safe and didn't need to be followed around and barked at! Either that or he's just worn out from his vigilance!
30/Jun/08 4:29 AM
Tami your thunderstorms are crazy. You could be driving on the I-95 with blue skies and suddenly a very heavy storm with bucket loads being dropped (forget the concept of rain drops) slowing traffic to a crawl. And a few minutes later you see blue skies again as you drive out of the storm!
30/Jun/08 4:31 AM
As soon as I get back home I'll post pics too!
30/Jun/08 4:32 AM
And of course, CG another cp!!!
30/Jun/08 4:33 AM
This just proves that Shosho can cp all over the country!
30/Jun/08 4:41 AM
Shosho, I remember as a child, it was raining on one end of the street and not the other. Florida rain is CRAZY. Thanks for all the funny stories. My husband once hung his younger brother from the garage door.
30/Jun/08 4:46 AM
Hello all! Shosho, glad to know you made it safely back to NC. How long will you be there before you fly back to LA? Hope your son & DIL enjoyed their time alone while you took care of Brandon! I'm sure they'll be more than willing to have you do that again next year! How long is your son's tour in Iraq supposed to be (no guarantees, of course)?
30/Jun/08 4:47 AM
While I was at Amy's I was playing with Sten & his Tinker Toys when a fight broke out between Dane & Asa. Sten chuckled & said to me, "I love it when they fight." Ah, sibling rivalry.
30/Jun/08 4:52 AM
Hello all! Still dark in here...almost 5:00am...bad dream woke me up... Glad I can find fun ....and good news in here...
Going to work soon ...Have a good day /night !
30/Jun/08 4:59 AM
So, Shosho, you got to experience those short squalls. Fun, aren't they? In a 1 hour period, I've driven through 4 of them, with sun shining in between. Then there are those downpours that only cover about an acre or 2. Usually, I get to watch the neighbors get rain, and we don't.
30/Jun/08 5:16 AM
The sheep are tagged and loaded, and I leave in 1/2 hour to deliver them. There was one young ewe that caused all the trouble. She was the first one I tried to load, but she got down on her belly and crawled under the trailer (a 9" gap) and escaped. It took another 15 minutes to More...
30/Jun/08 5:24 AM
Ooooh, Heidi, don't that!!! I am identifying with that ewe!!!
30/Jun/08 5:51 AM
Kathy, I have until the 9th of July before I go back west! My DIL says that my son will get the 4th of July weekend off and so we'll be off too! Don't know where but I know I'll enjoy the treat! Went shopping today and saw a blouse I thought I'd get. It wasn't until we were driving home that my More...
30/Jun/08 5:54 AM
And Kathy/Maryland of course "have computer, will cp!!!"
30/Jun/08 5:57 AM
Kathy/Valrico, my son WILL BE BACK IN FEBRUARY! Caps more for me that anything. Hopefully he'll decide he'd rather not do this again and go back to his old MOS and move back to California! At least that what my DIL and I hope!
30/Jun/08 6:00 AM
Oooh, ooh the naughty part of me is saying another cp!!! Ok after this I go to the NC ahhh, Naughty Corner, I'm already in North Carolina!
30/Jun/08 6:01 AM
At The Cemetery
A man placed some flowers on the grave of his departed mother
and started back for his car, parked on the cemetery road.
His attention was diverted to a man kneeling at a grave.

The man seemed to be praying with profound intensity, and kept
repeating, "Why More...
30/Jun/08 6:12 AM
Good afternoon to all! Super photo, and we have seen it before but I can't remember who submitted it.
30/Jun/08 7:11 AM
WELL DONE SPAIN!! What a great match you played!
30/Jun/08 7:12 AM
SHOSHO, I knew you had it in you young lady! I just hope you are never off the computer for two weeks solid! By the way. I thought Brandon was wearing a tiarah too in Jane's photo, but then I realized it was just hit hair stiking up.
30/Jun/08 7:15 AM
Hey, Shosho, if the tank fits, wear it! For me, with my upper arm dingle dangles, I'm afraid it's "tanks for the memory".
30/Jun/08 7:23 AM
Shosho - glad you are having a great time. I always wonder how they can have fires in Florida with all the humidity.

Off to Britt to work - sold out concert tonight.

Great pics today.
30/Jun/08 7:29 AM
Well, the well behaved sheep have been delivered, and the new owners are thrilled. I do think that 5 jet black sheep on a fresh green pasture look good.

Sorry Shosho, I've already made the appointment for that devil in sheep's clothing. She WILL taste good!!
30/Jun/08 7:37 AM
Its 22.45 sunday the 29th june here in the uk and iam board any one to chat to out there
30/Jun/08 7:47 AM
Bar bar black sheep have you any wool?
30/Jun/08 7:48 AM
Heidi, once the word gets around to your other sheep, I'll bet the rest of them will be better behaved now!
Shosho - teeny does not necesarily have to refer to age does it? Having stood next to you now I'd say you qualify as teeny, & I qualify as giant!
30/Jun/08 7:50 AM
Heidi, I don't know about Lamb burgers, but I have a leg of lamb awaiting its turn in my "Weber Kettle".
30/Jun/08 8:07 AM
Although I love lamb chops, I'm with Shosho on this one. SAVE THE LAMB ON THE LAM! Let's go vegan this week!
30/Jun/08 8:10 AM
Jerry - sounds delish! Do you cook the whole leg or do you butterfly it first? We often butterfly them because they cook faster that way!!! But no matter - I'll be right over with my bib on! I'll even bring some wine!
30/Jun/08 8:13 AM
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