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Easy Sudoku for 31/January/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Yeah recycled water is the way of the future, but I was listening to the radio on Monday, and of all the chemicals we ingest at this stage apparently oestrogen cannot be extracted out of the recycled water. That's OK by me, but it could be a problem for the other 50% of the population.
We drink recycled water now. Our water comes from the river and then is treated for us to drink. what do you think happens in rivers and waterways as it wonders along the country side.
yep your right, good guess! cows, birds, people etc all sorts of tish finishes in the river. It either treats More...
mmmmmmmmm how lucky are you with caramello koalas to enjoy. .... oooooooo I would kill for one at the moment. rotfl
welcome back, nice to hear your chatter.
Ca'mon over, ROSEMARY ... I'll share! And you won't even have to kill me to get one! Then we can take a nice, long walk to burn off the calories! I'd LOVE to get to know you over forbidden food and a delightful walk!
love to ... just a little busy at moment getting kids back to school ... oh and not sure when the next flights leave.
The water shortages are quite concerning. Florida is approaching similar situation. The water in the rivers flowing from the interior to the Gulf of Mexico, e.g., is increasingly used for commerical purposes and new residential development. Flow levels are decreasing at alarming rates. The More...

Thank you to all those who have wished me a happy birthday.
my water tip, i have a hose on my washing machine that goes straight out to the back lawn and i move it around after each load!
Absolutely brilliant butterfly...and Sarah Beth...I was thinking it was Mash as well...sounds like one of their plots anyway...
Nice to know no one is reading our mail.
Is the movie worth watching, outside of the fact a Norton is in it?
Liked this site so much the short time I been here that I decided to join.....hello to all! :)
Hi, SpadeScorpio! Welcome to Sudokuland!
welcome to the site. hope you get as much pleasure out of it as most of us do.
I thought it was a great movie Ed, when I first saw it. But then I saw it again recently and it really was cr*p.
Just got something that was wet, I think we call it rain today. and the temperature dropped to a mean freezing 58 degrees Fahrenheit. We're just above the amount of rainfall that would have qualified us for desert clime but not by much. A little sprinkle and the kids come scrambling back to the classroom.
Didn't see your last comment yesterday. Yes I have just started swimming again, and had the aircon going for quite a while. Don't feel too bad for ''she who must be obeyed'', she is doing the thing she likes best - working and keeping me in the style to which I am accustomed, (just kidding, but she More...
Greg, Come back and bug us! We'll keep you occupied!
I haven't watered my garden since the middle of 2006. Even with our hot weather and poor rainfall, I have only lost 1 or 2 plants. Before Christmas my grass looked like brown stubble but it is now lush and green. It doesn't take much for it to come back again. I do water my pot plants though. More...
To Karen from Ohio - yes, the butterfly is the emblem of Psyche, the Soul...less than four months before her own death, my mother asked me to read Ovid's description of metamorphisis - nothing is lost; we just change form.....
Victoria, excuse me, is this an Aussie thing, or did you just say that you water your pot plant?
Sarah Beth - not that type of pot plant - maybe I should have said potted plants. LOL
Greg, what, you a pain in the bum? I don't believe it.
Victoria, I tried to send a comment, but it didn't go through. Oh well.
Sharon from Old Toongabbie - Happy Birthday - I hope you are having a great day and being thoroughly spoiled by all your loved ones.
Sarah Beth - Oh well. That's the way the cookie crumbles. Don't you hate it when you spend ages replying and it won't go through - or you get the dreaded Database Error.
We may be getting some Autumn weather and rain sooner than expected. It's strange but both of my children tend to come down with asthmatic symptoms when the seasons are about to change. Both are quite wheezy at the moment and are needing to use an asthma pump more frequently.

Let's see
Kudos to the potograpjer! Beautiful creature. We are supposed to have 2 warm days then more cold and rain. It's rodeo time and typical weather.
2:38 Beautiful picture

I just realized, I could check in on the site while at work, maybe I'll remember tomorrow...

Wonder who's up to any trouble tonight?
a brilliant innings by Sachin Tendulkar..a century off 76 balls..kudos Tendu..What a knock!!and set a target of 342 to win this 4 th ODI..the windies were tamed..and thank you Bradshaw..and Emrit for a wonderful bowling!!
keep it up..
mAen All
Nearly knock off time here for me.
Haven't been on much at all as I have been busy working and also I was off sick as well. Have some sort of stomach bug. Not nice......
Anyway hope everyone has been well.
Re: the recycled drinking water... I reckon it is good, as the More...
sage = safe
Bianca - please do tell, what is 'sage' water????
whoops, sorry, we must have commented at the sage time!!
Happy Birthday Sharon from Old Toongabbie hope you are having a wonderful day x
So recycled water, does that mean we have to pedal harder through the puddles??
Attention All those who want to enter the next competition.
Go to the MORE page click on the Win Membership page and guess the date of birth, weight and length of Rose from Sydneys baby.
Karen or Rose can you give us all some details re due date etc that we can use as a guide.
And welcome to SpadeScorpio
Beautiful morning.
Rosemary - length?? - what about the gender ?
Deb Brisb - we also have water restrictions on the Gold Coast even tho our dams are at 90 something % capacity. Not sure what level but we are not allowed hoses connected to outside taps.
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