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Easy Sudoku for 31/October/2007


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Rosemary the best way is what a friend of mine did - dressed as bugwoman or spiderwoman & went with the kids!
31/Oct/07 10:31 AM
We are going to our first Halloween party in 30 years. Our puppy, a minature dachshund (it is his first birthday on Halloween) he is going as a hot dog and I am going as a bottle of ketchup. Should be a great time unless tropical storm Noel spoils it.
31/Oct/07 10:31 AM
She's in the halloween pictures I just added to my page!
31/Oct/07 10:32 AM
Dave and Keith: He does sound a little like Dylan doesn't he Dave, but as Keith said, Dylan was a poet and sold his sound through his words. It didn't hurt that Joan Baez sponsored BD on stage in her prime, but he will be studied as a true protest movement poet for years to come.
31/Oct/07 10:33 AM

The mind is struggling to boggle. A dachshund is a pretty small dog already. How big is a miniature dachshund?
31/Oct/07 10:35 AM
Rosemary, I think many people take the children to organized trick or treat events. A lot of shopping malls and different organizations do special events. Our local zoo (which is very small) does "boo at the zoo" for the children and it is very popular.
31/Oct/07 10:38 AM
I hope you are all having an amazing day/night where ever you may be in this wonderful world of ours.
31/Oct/07 10:42 AM
31/Oct/07 10:44 AM
Ian, a regular dachshund weighs anywhere from 15 to 30 pounds. My miniature weighs 12 pounds.
31/Oct/07 10:44 AM
Rose/Sydney, WAY back when I was a kid (lol), we went unattended door to door for candy. Now it rarely happens to see children going out for trick-or-treating with out adult supervision. Most kids are seen in big groups, going door to door, while a cluster of parents wait in the driveways and chat with each other.
31/Oct/07 10:56 AM
Sheila/Malabar, Florida: I think you should get a page so you can post a picture of your mimi hotdog! Just don't let Judy near it with her weiner stick!!
31/Oct/07 10:58 AM
Bob Dylan put into words for the first time the damage our way of life does to the planet. Think of "Blowing in The Wind" which was picked up by Peter, Paul & Mary (aka Pitzy, Poo & Magpie) and sold squillions. It was mind-blowing for we free-spirited, young people of the 60s who were going to change the world. He made us all much more aware.A bit of a hero/legend is BD.
31/Oct/07 11:00 AM
to Dean
to all
31/Oct/07 11:16 AM
CG, I don't think Judy could catch him even with her weiner stick, he is way too fast!!

Tree Sheila I couldn't have said it better, most of us in the 60's who thought we could change the world thought Bob Dylan was a hero. So many of his songs brought tears to our eyes and swelled our hearts with hope.
31/Oct/07 11:24 AM
31/Oct/07 11:40 AM
have a fun time.

Dean--hope you're having a great day

Good evening everyone else.

31/Oct/07 11:45 AM
Angie/Wisc We used to go trick or treating all over the place way back when by ourselves, nw we're lucky to get 30 trick or treaters and we live in a huge neighborhood.

Bob Dylan was the beginning; he generated hits by Pete Seeger, Donovan,etc, etc and wrote a lot of the lyrics for the More...
31/Oct/07 12:02 PM
Cyndi, that can go both ways. Either you live in a neighborhood of people whose kids have outgrown trick-or-treating (therefore there are none to come knocking), or all those families around you have to hit a different neighborhood because no one is home to hand out the candy.
31/Oct/07 12:18 PM

Ah yes, Rod McKuen, the poet. And Paris Hilton, the actress.
31/Oct/07 12:19 PM
If you can't be a good example - then you'll just have to be a horrible warning.
31/Oct/07 12:23 PM
Aaah, memories. Where has the time gone? Ashamed to admit that I had just about forgotten Pete Seeger. Thanks for the memory jolt, Cyndi. You know I might even dig out all the old LPs later. Wish I could easily get them into my computer but think I have to buy some special board or something. Who would have dreamt that all our fabulous LPs would become ancient artifacts so soon.
31/Oct/07 12:24 PM
Bob Dylan can't sing the same way Willie Nelson can't sing - and I'm a big fan of both!
31/Oct/07 12:27 PM
I've gone Trick or Treating in recent years with a wine glass in my hand! Works quite well. You don't have to go to many homes; it is fun & socially acceptable. Be sure to be in costume.
31/Oct/07 12:28 PM
Do you think our old LPs are actually worth something? Wouldn't do me any good anyway, 'cause I think I gave them all away three years ago when we downsized.
31/Oct/07 12:29 PM
Hello all! Just a quick check into the site to check out what's been happening lately. I know I have been away for awhile...but partying takes up a lot of time! It also takes a lot of time to keep Linda in line...someone has to do it!
31/Oct/07 12:31 PM
PS - I wouldn't suggest wearing the pumpkin costume in my avatar.

Kate - glad you enjoyed the photo on my page. Nature at its funniest.

31/Oct/07 12:35 PM
Keith - glad you are home safe and sound and that you two had a good time (you lucky dog).

Dave - Sun came up and the rain stopped. I'll clean the leaves up once they are all down -
getting there fast.
31/Oct/07 12:35 PM
It figures, I come back and no one is here!
31/Oct/07 12:35 PM
Welcome back Libby.
31/Oct/07 12:48 PM
Libby, my impression is that can't really be done.

Jane, I've seen boxes of old LPs in junk stores at 50 cents apiece, and nobody's buying. Not many people own a turntable any more. I still do, and have gone to the effort to figure out how to transfer LPs into my computer's media player. It is, however, very time consuming. And, what you said about Bob and Willie, very well put.
31/Oct/07 12:48 PM
... keeping Linda in line that is.
31/Oct/07 12:50 PM
Well, thanks to Daplap, I've gotten hooked on the 16 x 16 puzzles. Talk about time-consuming! I'll be signing off now - have a couple of hours to put in on this week's jumbo suduko. See y'all tomorrow!
31/Oct/07 12:56 PM
am enjoying our get together in the naughty corner .... anyone else want some fun?
31/Oct/07 1:01 PM
Eve...we were happy to hear about the rain. Before we left, we planted 11 trees. We did lots of deep watering but watched while you had 11 days without rain and 70 degree days. We should be ok though.
31/Oct/07 1:03 PM
How big is that flat screen TV in the Naughty Corner, Rosemary?

P.S. You really, really deserve to be there today ... :)
31/Oct/07 1:04 PM
Dave ... Oregon can really go 11 days without rain? :)

That's funny ... my back hurts a lot more when I play golf than when I play racquetball.
31/Oct/07 1:09 PM
every one!!! (Just had to use that smilie. Some smilies have a once a year usage, bummer!)
31/Oct/07 1:11 PM
to Col's hubby, Dean
Hope your day is great with a and lots of !!
31/Oct/07 1:12 PM

you have direct access to the naughty corner ..... come on in and check out how BIG it is
31/Oct/07 1:13 PM
I remember a few ago, the teachers at my school coordinated our costumes to befit The Wizard of Oz. I dressed up as Dorothy and my class pet, Flopsy the Lopped ear rabbit dressed up as Toto the dog. The teacher who dressed up as the tin man got into trouble with his wife when he More...
31/Oct/07 1:15 PM
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