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Easy Sudoku for 31/October/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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I will leave now
31/Oct/13 7:23 AM
Hi Sue!
Hello everyone from page 1 & all those who visit page 2, etc!!
31/Oct/13 7:31 AM
Covering all bases, eh Kate?
31/Oct/13 7:33 AM
Of course, HalT, isn't that the norm!!
31/Oct/13 7:36 AM

Good Morning everyone.
31/Oct/13 8:01 AM
Good morning every one. Another ripper day forecast here. Can't go outside though, until I've cooked lunch for the in-laws.
31/Oct/13 8:11 AM
Sacky, Lunch is 3 hours away, even on Daylight Saving Time. Getting a bit ahead of yourself aren't you?
31/Oct/13 10:54 AM
My goodness, Sacky. Getting a bit picky, aren't we?
31/Oct/13 11:32 AM
That was meant for G-h.
31/Oct/13 11:33 AM
All's well. Had a bit of housework to do also.
31/Oct/13 11:34 AM
If I had one thing that is picky about the house sitters it would be the fact that they used up all my plastic bags!
31/Oct/13 11:36 AM
Tassie is going light weight plastic bag free from tomorrow. I have been collecting supermarket bags for the last 4 months, because they are just so handy. My entire stash has gone! 4 months worth in 2 weeks! My giddy aunt, or as Mr Cee would say - 'stone the flaming crows' -what were they used for?
31/Oct/13 11:39 AM
Morning Everyone ♥
31/Oct/13 11:41 AM
Sacky, Lunch ??
Still to have breakfast here
31/Oct/13 11:43 AM
Sure am Rolanda. Hubby has never lost the early ruse habit of being brought up on a dairy farm. In- laws like lunch 12 on the dot. They're not invited until 1, but they are always early.
31/Oct/13 11:52 AM
Ruse = rise
31/Oct/13 11:53 AM
I will be having early lunch here today, am off to the movies this afternoon. 1.20pm session. being picked up around 12.30.

Sacky how was your holiday away, how did the husband go, did he enjoy himself.
31/Oct/13 12:19 PM
A lovely holiday, thanks, Rolanda. I'm hoping it's just the start of something bigger in the future. Time will tell.
31/Oct/13 12:27 PM
31/Oct/13 12:31 PM
Just bathed the dog. I swear that I am now wetter than he is. Flea free too.
31/Oct/13 12:40 PM
You or the dog (fleas I mean)?
31/Oct/13 12:42 PM
Who's 'flea free', you or he?
31/Oct/13 12:46 PM
It's definitely a question worth asking!
31/Oct/13 12:48 PM
Geez, Sacky, Ya shoulda known I was trying to come up with something. I do type slow you know.
31/Oct/13 12:48 PM
You put it so much better than me DoA. It was worth the wait!
31/Oct/13 12:52 PM
Perhaps Grass-hopper is too busy scratching to answer.
31/Oct/13 12:53 PM
I think that I shall refrain from commenting on the present direction that this conversation is heading and go to bed.
Night all.
31/Oct/13 12:59 PM
I also want to know who all is flea-free in G-h's household!
31/Oct/13 2:25 PM
Karen, and others - If my refrigerator was haunted, it should have known to wait until today to die! My new fridge seems to be cooling just right at the factory settings. I've been using my instant read thermometer to check both the fridge and the freezer parts. I've totally refilled the fridge More...
31/Oct/13 2:30 PM
Ice cube trays, Dottie? You Do have your priorities straight!
31/Oct/13 2:44 PM
Sure I do, DOA. No water line to fridge so I need ice for my iced tea that I drink all day! My fridge is on the opposite wall than the sink and my house is on a slab. So it would be a major investment to run a water line for an ice maker. And I didn't want to buy any more bags of ice that I More...
31/Oct/13 2:53 PM
My stand alone freezer is so jam packed that I can't fit anything more into it until I move some of the items back into the fridge freezer.
31/Oct/13 2:55 PM
Parents Page is fixed.
31/Oct/13 3:05 PM
good maeN! Pretty princess! Bedtime here! Night all!
31/Oct/13 3:29 PM
31/Oct/13 3:41 PM
Good night people of the world.
31/Oct/13 3:42 PM
OH, who am I kidding?
31/Oct/13 3:43 PM
How could I ever sleep, this far down at the bottom?
31/Oct/13 3:43 PM
There are just some things, that would give me a restless night.
31/Oct/13 3:44 PM
Bye bye page 2.
31/Oct/13 3:44 PM
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