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Easy Sudoku for 31/December/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Happy New Years Eve everyone!
31/Dec/11 12:00 AM
G'day mates. Here's today's '12 days of Christmas' daffynition:
Caroling (v): A recreational event undertaken by tone deaf people to remind you why you're glad when they stop playing Christmas hold music for every company in the world. Often attempted by the naive in hopes of finding other tone More...
31/Dec/11 12:00 AM
31/Dec/11 12:01 AM
1:33. Good night all.
31/Dec/11 12:02 AM
Won't need today - rainy.
Getting ready for New Year's Eve today.
31/Dec/11 12:15 AM
Chris, you get the New Year's Eve parties first!
Tomorrow's 'it' for us.
31/Dec/11 12:16 AM
Yep NYE here already.
31/Dec/11 12:18 AM
31/Dec/11 12:18 AM
How can another year have zipped by?
31/Dec/11 12:27 AM
So, Mr Cee.... Start the New Year out in style for us, will you???
We're counting on you!!!
31/Dec/11 12:28 AM
Oops - Good Maen all!
31/Dec/11 12:28 AM
Yep, Vici... It flew right by, it seems!
31/Dec/11 12:29 AM
31/Dec/11 12:30 AM
Kayo - You've got a little something...ah...er...right there...no, a little bit over...(love your smile)
31/Dec/11 12:30 AM
At least snowy, icy weather for New Year's Eve in Oz won't be an issue.
31/Dec/11 12:30 AM
Hi all
31/Dec/11 12:30 AM
Howz that for starters Ladies?
31/Dec/11 12:30 AM
Pretty good, Mr. Cee! What else for NYE?
31/Dec/11 12:32 AM
Hello, GannieMo! Nice to see you here so early in the day!
31/Dec/11 12:33 AM
In case I do not get back here in time may I wish you all the best year yet in 2012. Good health and happiness. A solid roof over your heads and enough food in your bellies to ward off ills. On the thermometer of life may your happy moments be high and your sad ones low.
Happy 2012 everyone.
31/Dec/11 12:34 AM
Are you ready for the race, everyone?
31/Dec/11 12:34 AM
31/Dec/11 12:35 AM
Thank you Mo
31/Dec/11 12:35 AM
What a wonderful wish, GMo! Same to you!
31/Dec/11 12:36 AM
I just received a précis of Val McDermids new book which begins
"My granny is a pirate!She's sailed the seven seas.She captured many pirate ships But was always home for tea!"
I wonder what will be written about this granny?
31/Dec/11 12:37 AM
Quiet one with family then Grandies are coming up for New Years Day.
31/Dec/11 12:40 AM
She danced the night away on happy feet.
31/Dec/11 12:41 AM
Grandies!!! Sounds like a perfect day, Mr. Cee!
31/Dec/11 12:42 AM
(If I knew you were near, Keith, I might have waited! Maybe!)
31/Dec/11 12:43 AM
Your favorite number has brought this site a lot of fun!
31/Dec/11 12:45 AM
Thx for that, Shiela ... it's my pleasure, even when I'm not here at the right time, but get to enjoy it later.
31/Dec/11 12:48 AM
13 and 22 in a blink of an eye...just like this year!
GMo - I was up on fb at a bit after midnight (PST) and think you were there playing, too. What time of the day would that have been for you?
31/Dec/11 12:49 AM
31/Dec/11 12:50 AM
What time is it now with you Vici? It is 14.51 here
31/Dec/11 12:52 AM
This Egyptian trip that Eileen took seems like the best! Although I'd rather be with Kathy and the penguins right now.
31/Dec/11 12:53 AM
It's 0605 here, GMo.
31/Dec/11 12:54 AM
So that would have been mid-morning for you. Should have popped on the chat to wish you and those furry kids of yours a good morning!
31/Dec/11 12:55 AM
Just came home from the Speedway...was a great night but SSOOOOO COLD!!! I made a trip home for extra coats and blankets. It seemed like the weather our northerners are supposed to be having bbrrr
31/Dec/11 1:08 AM
What's up with that, Meg? The world is topsy-turvy...temps in the 60's during the day here.
31/Dec/11 1:09 AM
Well - can I turn it?
31/Dec/11 1:10 AM
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