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Easy Sudoku for 31/July/2013


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Submitted by: Gath

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31/Jul/13 2:48 AM
Good afternoon to all! Does anyone know where tis photo was taken?
31/Jul/13 3:00 AM
Happy 30th to you and your better half Jamie!
31/Jul/13 3:01 AM
jamie and Mrs. jamie.
31/Jul/13 3:28 AM
Happy 30th, Jeanie and Jamie.
31/Jul/13 3:55 AM
Mmmmmm ... cheesecake. I'm gonna have to make some for tonight.
31/Jul/13 4:50 AM
Thanks, CG, Serena, HalT - we just had a GREAT lunch at a nice local restaurant. I must now get busy trying to make ready to leave later today.
I hope to get better at visiting the site after I return. I miss you folks.
I didn't have cheesecake for lunch, but I did have a FABULOUS chocolate, raspberry tart - delicious.
31/Jul/13 4:59 AM
31/Jul/13 5:12 AM
Happy 30th to Jamie and Jeannie!
31/Jul/13 5:13 AM
Still overcast here. If it is raining, it is only drizzling. Thanks for the boat. I need to head to the milkbarn to see what I can do.
31/Jul/13 5:14 AM
Happy 30th to you and Jeanie,
31/Jul/13 5:15 AM
We had all our rain last night.
Some how I slept with the thunder and lightening.
31/Jul/13 5:19 AM
Bad thing is the humidity is very high and the cool weather is gone.
31/Jul/13 5:20 AM
31/Jul/13 5:28 AM
Mr. and Mrs. Jamie!!!
31/Jul/13 6:04 AM
It is still cool here, but extremely humid. I brought some things from the milk barn to the garage, and rearranged in the milk barn to reduce the effects of the water. (Got stung-twice- for my efforts. He will not sting again.) I took a shower and washed my hair. I could have sworn I dried off, but you couldn't tell it to look at me.
31/Jul/13 6:35 AM
Serena, I will get to your poozle when it gets light enough here for me to find my good glasses. Until then I will have to squint through the comments using my $5 emergency pair.
31/Jul/13 6:44 AM
Congratulations Mr & Mrs Jamie.
31/Jul/13 6:47 AM
Congratulations Mr and Mrs Jamie.
31/Jul/13 7:03 AM
Happy birthday, Cathy. Have a wonderful day.
31/Jul/13 7:04 AM
Sorry I'm not around much at the moment. I'm getting some help in the garden from a friend who is between jobs and I don't seem to have any spare minutes. I'm making the most of it and he's happy he's occupied and is learning new things too! It's a win win! Yay!
31/Jul/13 7:07 AM
Morning all,looks like an old black and white photo except for the date.
Happy Anniversary Mr and Mrs Jamie.
31/Jul/13 7:11 AM
Thanks for all the thoughts - it has been a quick 30 years!
31/Jul/13 7:34 AM

Well Jamie, you're retired now so slow down and enjoy. Happy anniversary to you and your good wife.
31/Jul/13 8:17 AM

Posted this yesterday so just in case you all missed it........

Rita Hayworth and the Bee Gees......enjoy


31/Jul/13 8:20 AM

Posted this too for Hal. The Swift is just that.....swift. They are an odd shape because they use 'wave piercing technology'. In the photo I posted yesterday the ship is complete and unencumbered.

A bit more info on a later vessel which as you can see is pretty More...
31/Jul/13 8:25 AM

Remove the space before 'fastest'.
31/Jul/13 8:26 AM
Peter, I have passed that on to family and friends since you sent it to me. It's a great video with fantastic editing to coordinate the dancers (especially Rita) with the music. I have had several responses from folks who love it. Thank you.
31/Jul/13 8:26 AM

Hey DoA, reckon you might be right.....think we'll have to go with a missile or two.

31/Jul/13 8:28 AM

No wuckin' furries, Greg. Glad you/they enjoyed it.
31/Jul/13 8:29 AM
Hello everyone!!
31/Jul/13 8:32 AM
Well, dag-nab-it people you have done it again.
You know when one person on site does something, one or several must follow. Like when one gets a cold, there are several that follow, or when one buys a home or a car, several will follow. And you know how for years now, I have told someone, More...
31/Jul/13 8:32 AM
Now, I beg you, any of you, please win the lottery. I would much rather follow that path. I really, do not care for pain.
31/Jul/13 8:34 AM

I' tryin' Karen. I'm tryin'.

You'll certainly know when I do.......
31/Jul/13 8:47 AM

......and a few XOXOXs for your finger.
31/Jul/13 8:47 AM
Thanks Peter. The Swift boat info was interesting and the Rita Hayworth/Stayin' Alive video was great.
31/Jul/13 9:17 AM
Well, here we are again...
31/Jul/13 9:17 AM
At the bottom of a page...
31/Jul/13 9:17 AM
And no one else is around...
31/Jul/13 9:18 AM
31/Jul/13 9:19 AM
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