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Easy Sudoku for 4/January/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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ok can we get the rest of the story?....dying to find out
it's Ibis or Flemish?
I think it times out after 3 min of no typing...weither you are in the room or notand you can't exit the room you have to wait for it time out to leave

So where is Mrs. D's post? Come on Marjorie. This is way too early for me but since I'm back to work today, I woke early. Did puzzle first, yeah. Very slowly though. Chat room only allows two people (?) By the time I get back to this tonight there be way too many pages to read.
the chatroom is very little!:) only two!
Morning....missed you last night in yahoo chat. Cut Dave off as he was entering I was signing off. Have a good day! Don't play too much at work!!!!! LOL Back in sup mode. ARGHhhhhhhh
she actually left her first post on page 8 and 9 of yesterdays puzzle...
she decided to take a nap she will post in a few...
slow today, nothing fell right for me.
off to medium.
have a good day
From Kent....where? What part of the world? Curious, my sister lives in Kent, Wa.
Hi Lynne..she was a chat Virgin...and now you all know I was her first!!!
WHOO HOO!!!!!!
Oh dear....sorry I can't go back through all those. Way, way, way, too many. I have decided to pick up only from the new puzzle AND do the puzzle first. I'll probably miss a lot but I will end up spending all my time in front of this computer. As it is this morning I have my cell alarm on so I'll leave the computer in time to get ready for work. Say Hi to her for me!
I'm the top of page two!!!! LOL
hi all!!

i'm new here! 03.11 - seems like the fastest i can ever make but doesnt compare to the times you guys post!! great site. helps me relax in the little free time i have
Georgia- Ok Will do when she wakes up...
Bugger Gone & lost it all over again
Hi Ice!!! Welcome! you time is great It took me over a month to get below 4 min!!! and now it just depends on how lucky I get when I start if the first number I start with pans out and I get all 9 then the puzzle usually goes pretty fast..
but some days it just never seem to go right
everything I send keeps coming back...
Timer went off. Didn't even try medium. Checked my emails Y'all have a good day/night. Oh...Cathy thanks for letting know about your daughter. Being a parent and what life deals you is hard but we make the best with what we're given. Susanne...there were days when my near 21 y/o da would drive More...
thanks for the encouragement!! hope i can get as good as you guys - especially on the tougher ones!
To Ice I'm sure you will...just keep trying...and remember if you post you will get faster...(proven fact)
Hi everyone. I've been to the medium and hard, but no-one is talking there. You easy people are much more sociable
Hi Gloria!...yes we are the chatty ones here!!!!
I seem to have joined yahoo as hhfromengland, but I'm buggered if I know what I'm doing with it! Perhaps I'll catch up with some of you there if I ever figure it out - thanks to fraz & Jim for replying to my half-a***d efforts!
icemaiden, Some of us never get to be quite as fast as some others, but sometimes the fastest is not the bestest!!
So are you hhfromengland@yahoo.com?
when I 'm walking my dog by a river I see some migratory birds: a canadian bernache( grey and black goose) and a duck with a red head. What does he be?
Looks like problem. Try again later. I MUST try to get some sleep. Yeah.sure!
As far as I know! If you email, that's where you send to; if you're on messenger you don't need the @yahoo bit - is that right, someone who knows what they're talking about?!!
truer words were never spoken!! its just that i'm very competitive by nature so i try to beat the best at whatever i do!! probably its not a very good trait to possess!!
HH here - catherine, what does the rest of the duck look like? A moorhen has some red on its head, and is black apart from a white tail which it flicks when it swims. Any other description, and I'll ask my husband. BTW, it's 'what is he' although here we'd usually say 'it' as we don't have masculine & feminine as you do.
Signing off for a while now, catch you later
4:12 !!! rubbish time but two ruggrats round my feet so ok i guess.
2:57!!! My best time ever... Got lucky today. Going out for a run - I need it.
tried to mail you but can't get through, what's after the yahoo bit??
dennist3 on yahoo
think I finally got through, can you confirm?
first day back brain not working
Forgot to set the timer, but it seemed like an easy one today. Everyone have a great day!
5:14 my mind wandered oh well. Hi to all.
fiona when are you going to Mexico?

Thought for the Day:

Do you wake up or open your eyes first?
Sorry Anne the screen of the chat is white! totally white! I don't know because it is! My computer or the chat. All the characters with an accent were suppressed! so we cannot chat in french! I go to walking my dog and my husband:))))xxx
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