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Easy Sudoku for 4/January/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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From Kent...where/
I think that should be antIcipation, oh well does'nt matter???
were you able to read what I wrote in the chat b4 it died?
Sorry, catherine, I forgot to add my reply to your question. My eldest son got his driver's licence yesterday. He still goes to school, but loves driving my car. We are in the middle of 6 weeks of school holidays now.Yesterday, the motor did not even get to cool down, because he thought of many More...
WOW Nice time!!!
about your arms? yes. Then Itried to send a mess. back saying at least typing is a little easier??
I thought I told you two no fighting! Now you've broken the chatroom! Are you satisfied?

No TV for the rest of the day.
Are you still on here? or have you gone to bed?? as it would be at least after 2am there??
yes typing helps....much better than writing....
We did'nt do it(pouting)! did we Dennis? we are friends!!
WE were good....promise...see...(smooch on cathy's cheek) we are friends!!!!
It's okay I don't watch a lot of TV anyway, I prefer my Puzzles and reading or talking to people?? or just talking to everyone here!!
cathy, apart from the heat, things are good. Actually, it's been a lot cooler, only around 30/86 degrees since the rain. I'm using the school holidays to try and catch up on the things that never get done, like mending, my kids' diaries etc. (I've kept a diary for each of my kids since 1995 when I More...
I have fixed the chatroom. Use it wisely, children.
Know exactly what you mean?? It's amazing how much we all tend to put on the back burner?? I try not to do that anymore. Having my two youngest made realize how much I had missed out with my older four, as I was always doing something other than the most important thing. Being a Mum!!!!
Thanks!! going to try the room again???
Getting easier everyday OOH! YEAH!!!
I'm off to feed my face.
I now try to do any work straight away so that leaves me time for my family, and I always make sure I have time for me! learnt that one the hard way?? It was about 9yrs ago 4 kids, single trying to do everything for them? and ended up extremely ill, not quite hospitialised, but nearly, scared the living daylights out of me.
Hi everyone,

Heaps of problems with the Chat site. Biggest problem seems to be that it locks up when too many people go to it (so the page never loads, etc).

I have made some small mods to it (added an exit button, increased the users allowed in the room from 2 to 15), and will try More...
just thinking the same, hubby getting the little darlings lunch for them!! Looks like our brave Sailor has gone off to bed??? if so Night Dennis and Marjorie!!
4:31 for me today! H*ll of a day at work though....I think everyone saved up all their problems from the last 2 weeks then dumped them on me this morning. Will have to request some walls & a door on my cubicle so can lock myself in. Off to do medium! Cheers everyone!
Dont remember Paul being a trekkie but Pete from Port Douglas was.
Hi all & thanks Fiona we could have been way way way distant cousins who knows?

Can Gath explain how the chat room works as many of us have not used one before? Is there a time limit in it? I got out going to home but it didn't log me as being out
Hello! How is everything tonight? Think I'll try the chatroom...
3.06 not too bad
224 comments again today to read you are all such chatterboxes
Cathy pleased daughter is okay and medicos can help now you have a diagnosis.
don't think chat room is for me would have to start screaming if I got locked in there!
how are you today, hope children got off to school okay without too many dramas. ours still have four weeks more holidays yet. bet they will be bored in another 2 weeks with nothing to do.
2:50 WOW anytime I break the magic 3 is great. It doesn't happen very often for me.
I know Postmaster if you read this, smack on the wrist from you because I read & commented before doing puzzle. Got my rewards first, then this time as a bonus. Ha! Next time I'll be good
suzanne, it's only 1.20pm here? it's confusing at times I know!! and rosemary my two hormones are at their G/parents for at least a week so I get a little respite from the inevitable 'I am bored' routine that goes hand in hand with kids and school holidays??
we now have a chat room???!!!

update please??
It's really good all you have to do is click on the link below Beta chatroom, then you just have to type in your name and your in!! then you can talk to people in real time instead of the time delay we have on here??
click on the 'beta chatroom' below the 'submit comment' button. Your user name has to be less than 10 characters, then click 'log in'. It tells you at the top how many people are in it. The exit button didn't work for me but just click on 'home' at the top to get out - that will bring you back to the home page of this site.
Any news on the pendant? Someone told me to ask St Anthony for help once & it worked. I know it may sound silly but now when I lose something I always ask St Anthony to help me find it & I always have. I'm not religious nor a Catholic so I don't know why this has always worked for me but things have always turned up usually within 2 weeks. Can't hurt to try.
don't you just love the four puzzles in the paper plus the original at the front we are so spoilt!! and Tedy are read your comments on hard yesterday very naughtySmmmaaacccckkkkK for you but LOL too!
5:20 Getting better I guess. LOL Nice picture!
Thanks for that suggestion Lynne, greatly appreciated and I will try it! now have to go deal with tiny black ants invading my bathroom again??? Arrrggghhhh! hate the smell of fly spray makes me feel sick and gives me headaches be back soon???
Hi everyone - like to say thanks to Betty and Mike for introducing this game to me - unlikely they will see my post but thanks anyway. Happy New year everyone!
hope that means the rain is on the way if the ants are heading inside!! or maybe it is too hot for them outside too.
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