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Easy Sudoku for 4/November/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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04/Nov/08 12:31 AM
Or maybe everyone is busy eating the muffins. Can't type and chew at the same time, eh?
04/Nov/08 12:32 AM
Jill, we haven't started the port yet, hope to do it within the next week.
04/Nov/08 12:35 AM
Help Sudokugurus. I have just spent 10 minutes bumbling around the site looking for an answer. How many posts does it take to be classified a CP?
04/Nov/08 12:42 AM
While you are at it - - How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?
04/Nov/08 12:43 AM
Jill, it use to be 5 in a row to be a cp'er. Did the owl ever decide how many licks?
04/Nov/08 12:45 AM
Thanks for the info Linda. I think the owl says 3 licks. But he cheats and has a big crunch!
04/Nov/08 12:49 AM
everyone. Finally cooled a bit over night. 62 on my covered patio this morning ... as the sun rises over the mountains ...
04/Nov/08 12:51 AM
Gotta go... I'm hearing more thunder!
Don't want to fry my computer!
04/Nov/08 12:51 AM
FIVE (5) Jill ...
04/Nov/08 12:52 AM
Out on the patio in your shorts this morning, Dave??
04/Nov/08 12:57 AM
And Jill, no one acknowledged your winning of the race.
I think we may need a new definition for CP ... When a person dominates the page with more that 30% of the posts, they should be a CPer ... JILL
04/Nov/08 12:58 AM
Judy! put the binoculars away and quit peeking at dave in his shorts on the patio!
04/Nov/08 1:00 AM
Don't need the binoculars, Linda ... Dave is bigger than life!
04/Nov/08 1:03 AM
No thunder and lightning here, but it's raining. Glad to have most of the yard cleanup done yesterday--patio furniture away, hard top on the Miata, but I've still got geraniums blooming in windowboxes. Now I'm off to Jill's with a pot of coffee, which will keep me out of the mischief going on between Dave and Judy.
04/Nov/08 1:04 AM
YES!! I need to make an avatar with me on the patio, in my shorts, reading the paper, having my breakfast.
04/Nov/08 1:06 AM
04/Nov/08 1:07 AM
Maen Judy ... off in the hallway lurking around the computer room door ... heh!
04/Nov/08 1:08 AM
And traumatizing the neighbors??
04/Nov/08 1:08 AM

there it is ???????
04/Nov/08 1:09 AM
Can't wait to see it Dave! I bet Judy will be standing in front of me blocking my view though MOVE OVER JUDY
04/Nov/08 1:09 AM
Especially your little grandson ... How is Zeke?
04/Nov/08 1:10 AM
Quit shoving, HYB! Ouch ... she pinched me!!
04/Nov/08 1:11 AM
Time for me to take a shower and get ready for work, check back in a bit
04/Nov/08 1:11 AM
04/Nov/08 1:12 AM
Take that Judy ...
04/Nov/08 1:12 AM
Only if you're offering, Dave ...
04/Nov/08 1:14 AM
(crosses her arms, sticks out her bottom lip and stomps off to take a shower) HOB, you better apologize by the time I get back or I'm gonna, gonna, ummm, gonna, well I'll think of something!
04/Nov/08 1:14 AM
Musta scared them off
04/Nov/08 1:33 AM
HEY - you girls behave or I'm gonna have to give you both a TIME OUT!
Dave - oh my!
04/Nov/08 1:33 AM
Judy is the one that needs a time out, NOT ME! She started it by oggling Dave in his shorts! So there!
04/Nov/08 1:41 AM
Judy and Dave, where did you two go? I certainly hope that Judy isn't holding him hostage with her wiener stick!
04/Nov/08 1:43 AM
I'm here but Judy is lurking ... Thought you had to go to work Linda. I have to as well. (playing with my model airplanes)
04/Nov/08 1:55 AM
Hi VV ... didn[ mean to ignore you. You know how those girls are though ...
04/Nov/08 1:57 AM
didn"t (did not) didn't
04/Nov/08 1:58 AM
I have to leave in about 1/2 an hour or so, just getting ready. Maybe you should fly one of your planes over Judy's house with a camera attached to the bottom and see what our lurker is up to!
04/Nov/08 1:59 AM
Sounds like a fun job, Dave!
Have good days at work Linda and Dave...
I'll keep an eye on Judy - try and keep her out of trouble...but then, who am I kidding!
04/Nov/08 2:01 AM
on that task Vici!
04/Nov/08 2:03 AM
I hate this shift, never know wheter to eat lunch before I go or have a late lunch or early dinner!
04/Nov/08 2:04 AM
Good mAen to all of you.

to Margot .
04/Nov/08 2:06 AM
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